@franch33zeworld Different


New York recording artist Francheyez asks the burning question of why he’s so “Different” via a self-shot video using only his Samsung S6 Edge. Opting for a simple black and white performance visual, the Bronx emcee sways the attention away from the glitter and gold and draws focus to the lyrical content within. The video also gives off a strong New York underground accent, along with the simple video effects. This serves as a prelude while Francheyez readies his debut project, “Face of the Francheyez”, for a winter season release. Press play and dare to be “Different”.

@HiTommySwisher Aggressive


Riding the tsunami of attention his current project “It’s About Time” received, Atlanta’s Tommy Swisher provides a highly energetic visual for “Aggressive”, dabbed in 8-bit video game edits that are sure to entertain. ISM provides an excellent beat specimen for the rising artist to flex over. Vsnary Kingdom once again delivers a solid release. Check out the Street Fighter II style of Tommy Swisher’s “Aggressive”.

@DEEDAY504 – “Who Woulda Known”


New Orleans go-getta Dee Day continues his potent string of releases leading up to his forthcoming project, #72Dreams. “Who Woulda Known” the Louisiana rapper would one day position himself into a force to be reckoned with and then drop a song detailing it in song? It’s evident that Double D did from the very start. Catch the wave alongside Dee Day on “Who Woulda Known”.