Do you want to be on a song with multi-platinum selling artist Kuniva of D12? This competition, we’re offering an opportunity, possibly TWO (it’s up to you). After intense searching, and figuring out the proper move, we decided on Kuniva. Why not? He’s part of a multiplatinum selling group, has strong solo albums, incredible rhyme skills, a
couple videos in rotation at the moment, and a future solo album in the works!

Producers will submit beats they want to feature on a song, and rappers / singers will send a song of theirs to be judged. Not only will the winner receive an original song with Kuniva, but a marketing / promo package as well. Among the websites promoting are: front page,,,,,, and many more. This
marketing promo package is worth over $1,000.

**CONTEST ENDS MAY 29, 2017**
**1 song is a $50 submission fee, 2 songs is a $75 submission fee**

To enter the competition, send $50 via PayPal to and send your beat or song to the same address with
“Competition” in the subject line.

If you decide you would like a second chance at this deal, then send $75 (TOTAL FOR 2 SONGS) via PayPal to and send two songs or beats the same address with “Competition” in the subject line.. There is a maximum of two submissions. We will be posting good submissions on our site throughout the competiton. Good luck, and hope to hear from you soon!

1 Song Submission

2 Song Submission:

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