In this section, we will list websites or important people that work closely with us.

Bill Novoa
Owner of
Booking Agent / Show Promoter / Entrepreneur / Your Main connection for anything Hip Hop Related.
Connected to websites, publicist, industry artists, industry managers, DJ’s, promoters, booking agencies, and a anything you can think of.
(570) 470 – 0981
Personal Facebook Page Official Page

Marissa “MJ”
Journalist & Promoter for T.H.E.M
Recordings at
Journalist and Co-CEO at
Journalist at Indie Hip Hop Magazine, Radio co-host for Lyrically Fit Spotlight Show on UTM.
Ceo at MJS Hip Hop Connects
MJ’s Writers Block
(609) 756 – 6377

Derek Lemire
Get Money Music
Get Money Music Facebook Page

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