Cameroon born and DMV based Rap artist Chase Royale today delivers his new intoxicating single “Whole Slab.” The song is built upon the back of instantly catchy, stick in your head production from D’Artizt as Chase lays out his plans for Rap domination with a flow sounding like a mash of DMV and authentic New York Rap.

Young Devontee lives his life without boundaries or limitations, dominating his craft every step of the way. The Jamaica West Indies born actor turned rap artist translates his musical passion into innovative lyrics over fresh beats, making him a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop. Catch him on Big Heff’s Streets Most Wanted Tour in the west coast starting in June 2018.

Born in Jamaica West Indies now a citizen of Canada residing in Toronto with Vancouver ties, Devontee initially flourished as an actor, but soon felt he needed another avenue to purely express his creativity. “The difference between rapping and acting begins at its origin. Acting is stimulated by the mind, rapping is stimulated from the heart and transferred to the public unselfishly,” says Devontee.

In 2010, the lyricist creatively incorporated social media into his hit single “YouTube Girl,” by starting a contest to find the hottest women in and out of the country, giving them the spotlight in his music video. Drawing attention to beauty is just one side of the multi-talented artist. His lyrics paint vivid pictures of the struggles of becoming an entrepreneur in a world of recession, a real life topic both his male and female listeners can relate to. “Rapping is a huge part of my life,” admits Young Devontee aka AirCanada as he reminisces about his childhood performances for his family, dancing like Michael Jackson when he was just 4 years old. “Yeah, I was that kid that used to get paid off my moon walk,” he laughs.

Now, with the attention of a national crowd, Young Devontee prepares to release his new mixtape “While You Wait”. Devontee will turn heads with a hot new sound guaranteed to make his loyal fans proud and garner new supporters. “While You Wait” is the new, next big thing. I’m just focused on music right now. No features on the project, because too many people depend on others,” notes Young Devontee, regarding featuring too many other artists on a body of work he’s worked so hard on.

Devontee makes it clear he doesn’t want to change the game but add to it as a living example of a new generation of creators of music. Taking a step behind the scenes, the Toronto resident is now co-directing all of his music videos, putting his acting knowledge to use for his music. Signed to Forever Young Entertainment and pushing the “Young Devontee” brand. He is knocking down his competition one opponent at a time. With an undeniable, multi-faceted talent and skills that supersede the recording studio, Young Devontee is truly the total package. Prepare to be impressed with his new single “Jewler” and his Ep which will drop sometime after the summer titled “Summers Over”.

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Oysrus drops his new Single, Out Here ( Produced By Stravdine and follows up with a hot visual to match his fresh new single he’s hitting the net hard with his video single and more music on the way ?

He is working with Philly own’s PHAMOUS PHRILLZ DJ No Phrillz From Ledgendary Official Street Radio who has been heavily involved in pushing his brand as well.

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Coca Vango released his Motivational Purposes Only mixtape earlier this year and now he’s back with an official music video for his “Yesterday” remix featuring Trouble and Jacquees. Directed by BPace Productions.

“Life will throw you some strange things,” says Indianapolis native Devan Dumes, better known to rap fans as DBo. “What defines you though, is how you get up after that L.” Last year DBo made waves nationwide with his Deliberation project. His stated objective is to make a change in the world by counseling youth at risk and encouraging them to think twice before perpetuating reckless acts of violence. Today Mass Appeal premieres the visuals for his new song “Pain In My Heart” from the forthcoming mixtape Jail Talk 710846. The song is 100% real life bars that convey hard-learned truths. “Tell the truth they only need you when you leave,” says DBo on the heartfelt track.

Detroit tween Brooklyn Queen takes her squad “To The Top” with a lively new dance visual accented with moves from popular Los Angeles choreographer Guy Groove. This song will appear on Brooklyn’s upcoming project via BMB / 300.

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DMV lyricist Semore Buckz thrills with his storytelling on “Out The Projects” produced by Wonderlust Beats, a new track from his upcoming project One Connect Away.

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Hitha makes a bid to become pop’s newest young star with
debut single ‘Standing up with Pride’

SAN RAMON, CA – Pop music is ready for a new, young starlet, and Hithais ready to answer the

The 13-year- old from San Ramon, California has made a name for herself online by launching impressive covers of some of today’s most popular hits on her YouTube channel, but now she’s ready to announce herself to the world with her own music with the release of her first single “Standing up with Pride.” The song challenges other young people, like herself, to overcome the self-doubt that often comes with teenage years and to pour every ounce of confidence into whatever endeavor one might choose to pursue. Its upbeat pop tempo combines with Hitha’s pure voice to deliver what’s sure to be one of the hottest hits of the summer.

“Even though we all may have many activities and things we care about in our lives, this song is about putting forth your biggest passion and going for it,” Hitha said. Like many teenagers, Hitha has found the demands on her time overwhelming, from homework to peer pressure, sometimes it just seems like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Standing Up With Pride is a single which addresses this and gives listeners of all ages a message of hope – that by focusing on what you want to achieve in life, you can use a positive mentality to overcome any hurdle.

Hitha said the song is one that she knows many people will be able to relate with – not just other teenagers like herself – because it touches on themes that are true for all ages. She also said she hopes the upbeat, positive vibes of the song will be attractive to anyone who listens to it and perhaps spread some joy throughout a world that often seems joy-less.

“I hope that I become known as the positive little girl who loves to write and perform,” Hitha said. “When people hear my music, I want them to know that they can always count on themselves to figure out what their true passion is, and then put in the hard work and practice alongside their talent to get the achievement they’re looking for. There’s always a positive ending if you try hard and don’t give up.”

Hitha wrote and sang “Standing up with Pride” and is working on a few more singles to be released later this year. But “Standing up with Pride” is her main focus right now. It’s slated to drop on all digital distribution sites on May 14, with a music video for the song also scheduled to release on her YouTube channel that day.

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Check out the latest video release from A.Dash The title is “Breathe” and it features Naty Nevix. This new heat rock was produced by ILLA Noize and is featured on the Versatile Epiphany Album by A Dash. You can purchase the entire project on iTunes or In The Google Play Store. Make sure you like, comment and subscribe to the youtube channel if you enjoy the content.

Texas artist SpaceBoiFresh and LA artist DeuceStacks team up for this fire new track “Wine Sippa”. Footage was shot in Austin, TX at SXSW during their recent performance trip.

Mixed & Mastered by @prezescargo
Cover 📷 :@kaitlynkohn
Cover Design: @pacificcoastflyway
Executive producers: @deucestacks @spaceboifresh @prezescargo

Wine Sippa ~ prod by @prezescargo
shot & directed by 🎥 @davidempy & @3ctdmedia