Off The Dome – Wrote Myself A Check (Jim Carrey Story)

The Song “WROTE MYSELF A CHECK” from Off The Dome was INSPIRED by actor Jim Carrey. He wrote himself a check for 10 million dollars before he went to become the superstar he is. We believe that he spoke his success into fruition, all by believing in himself.

That is the message we strive to send out to the world. Everyone has their moment. What better moment to have then to see yourself accomplish a personal goal you have. It all starts with speaking it into existence!!

Go do yourself a favor and WRITE YOURSELF A CHECK!! You will thank yourself when you accomplish your goal. Use the download link to download/print your own check! Go to and print your check now!

Louie Da 13th ‘Heartbreak Avenue’ | @Louie_Da_13th

Louie Da 13th an up and coming hip hop artist hailing from Queens, NY is here to debut his new project ‘Heartbreak Avenue’. This is definitely an album that you don’t want to miss out on!!!

Like many Louie took the COVID-19 quarantine and complete shut down in the greater NYC area and made the most of it. Always having a home studio setup meant more than ever and allowed Louie that creative outlet he needed to complete the project in just a matter of days!!

So make sure to follow Louie Da 13th on all your favorite stream platforms and follow him on social media today. You won’t want to miss what he has coming next!!

Download/Stream via Spotify HERE

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Hip Hop Movement Launches Podcast (News)

Ron ” Bee-Stinger” Savage former member of the New York State Democratic Committee, Civil Rights Activist, and owner of the Hip Hop Movement, launches the official Hip Hop Movement Podcast.

Ron Savage continues to innovatively push the Hip Hop Movement forward and expand the brand. With its channel on ROKU TV exceeding over 28,000 streams, it’s now time to launch a podcast. The official Hip Hop Movement Podcast will range from societal issues, interviews, special guests, music, and more. The Podcast will be streamed on major platforms including Spreaker, Spotify, Deezer, Podcast Addict, and iHeartRadio.

“The Hip Hop Movement began at the birth of Hip Hop with no official capacity use, just a name people used to be part of this new trend called Hip Hop decades ago. In 1990 I gave it elements, the six elements to be exact which are consciousness awareness, civil rights awareness, activism awareness, justice & political awareness, and community awareness in music.”

For more info on Ron “Bee-Stinger” Savage and the Hip Hop Movement streaming channel on ROKU TV and the new podcast, please connect below.

Ron “Bee-Stinger” Savage

“Hip is the Culture Hop is the Movement”

Owner of the Hip Hop Movement Servicemark

Hip Hop Movement (R)

Hip Hop Movement Steaming Channel on ROKU TV (Stream the official Hip Hop Movement on Roku & Amazon Firestick by using the Fiverr service at or type hip hop movement in its search bar)

Mike G – These Things (Single)

Lubbock, Texas based artist Mike G shares “These Things” off his debut album ‘No Dead End.’

With over 129K streams, “These Things” proves to be a favorite in the streets, on charts, and of course on fingertips of DJs worldwide. The cinematic production along with Mike G’s lyricism and relatable anecdotes, are sure to motivate people to succeed in life. If you want to be the man you need a masterplan…

Mike G went from sleeping on floors to changing his reality, push play to be part of that experience. Stream “These Things” and connect with Mike G below.

@therealmikeg.muzik on Instagram

@therealmikegM on twitter

TheRealMikeGMuzik on YouTube

Tipzy (@TipzyTweetz) – “Vain”

A brand new release from a brand new artist.”Vain” is a melodic Trap record about peers being jealous of other people’s successes and accomplishments. Tipzy has fused his various tastes of music such as Trap, Rock, Pop and Hip-hop into his own genre, The 19 year old artist Hails from Pawtucket, RI while the producer Jody is based in Denmark, Europe. Blending the modern trap & Hip-hop sounds Tipzy glides with his catchy melodies and flows worthy of repeat.

Song Link:

New Single: ‘Who I Am’ by @Emannakins

Emanuel Akins or better known in the music industry as E-Mann from Chicago is here with his newest single release “Who I Am’ which brings awareness to fathers rights and fathering their children.  E-Mann’s goal with his artistry and musical talent is to make relatable conceptual music that can resonate with many of people, things that go on in every day life.  Enjoy this new single from E-Mann and find out who he really is!
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E-MANN photo shoot 2020(1).jpeg
Emanuel Akins is known for his work in producing along with singing and rapping.  The versatile artist goes by the name “E-Mann” and has built a buzz with an alternative hip hop and pop sound.  He started making music around the age of seven years old while working with his cousin, developing a sound that defines each other.  Music has always been a part of his life since battling depression, anxiety and dealing with family issues.  He grew up mostly in the western suburbs and moved continuously in Illinois currently based in Elgin.  Emanuel expressed himself by writing poetry, and inspiring others to relate.  He is currently working on mastering his sound and releasing his first album called “Release Myself”.
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E-MANN Photo shoot 2020 2.jpeg

Drea Dominique – “Waiting” Ft Inkmonstarr

Today R&B/Pop singer Drea Dominique returns with her new love ballad, “Waiting” ft Inkmonstarr to follow up her recent  success online with posts on a range of Hip-Hop and R&B websites.

Branching away from her Bad Girls image, Drea Dominique delivers a love ballad that is sure to grab the attention of those who can relate to the struggles of being in a relationship with someone who keeps you waiting.

“Waiting pretty much is about the guy always leaving the girl waiting. The guy is on the grind busy and doesn’t have time, while the girl is waiting, getting frustrated and not going anywhere,” Drea Dominique said. “The way the song goes, it sounds like I would wait a lot longer than I really would. But it’s a very melodic and a very sexy ballad. It has that familiar sound and I could hear it in a lot of places, maybe P-Valley someday?”

While right now fans just get the single, they can look forward to Drea Dominique doing some acting in the visual and also a guest feature from Inkmonstarr, who adds some extra street hustle to the song.

“The video is done, it’s pretty much me setting up a date night and I cook for him and I’m in the lingerie and I got the roses out and I’m doing the bubble bath getting sexy for him, but he’s hustling doing a drug deal and at the end its surprise, you will see what happens” Drea Dominique joked. “It doesn’t actually show me cooking, but I’m putting salads out and I’m boiling water and setting up the wine glasses. I was gonna make him some kind of pasta dish but he showed up late.”

After filming the visual Drea Dominique empathized with women who may be in that situation explaining what it’s like to be involved with a street hustler.

“If you are messing with a guy that’s a hustler and he’s getting money then you are waiting a lot. That’s what it is, but you want to hold your man down, especially if you got a guy in the streets – he doesn’t have time to be cuddled up. The majority of girls these are after the hustlers in lots of different industries and they don’t have time so you gotta get with them when they have time, they aren’t on your schedule, they are on the dollar’s schedule.”

Often remembered for her role on Bad Girls Club Season 9Drea Dominique is not shy to the spotlight having been a model in videos for Snoop Dogg, The Dream, Baby Bash, Robin Thicke, and others.

Oya Baby – “Super Thot” (Music Video)

Co-signs from megastars are like a fast pass to the top in Hip Hop for any uprising star. Oya Baby, born Oyaneicy Moya, a 25-year-old rapper out of Carol City, had her pass stamped by multi-platinum megastar, Flo-rida that just took her under his wing as his new protege. And with the vouch, she is a triple threat act with a resume that includes touring with the biggest names in Hip Hop like Pitbull, Lil Wayne and Bad Bunny. Today, she standouts on her own as the next big thing in music with her new visual, titled, “Super Thot.”

For the debut, Oya Baby reworks the popular late-90s hit by Noreaga and The Neptunes, “Super Thug” with a refreshing new approach. In the Alex Acosta-directed video, Baby introduces herself as an undeniable thirst trap, supported by less to nothing on and a crew of some of the baddest women you will ever see, wet and wild.

Between the shiny things and bikinis, Oya Baby delivers a couple of sultry and attention-grabbing lyrics about what she has in store for the game. Flo-Rida struck gold with this one. This is a moment, Oya Baby has been waiting for her whole life.

“I’d be lying to say I wasn’t nervous to tell the world what my next move was, but I couldn’t keep it a secret no more,” says Oya Baby. “I’m officially an ARTIST!! My love for music & entertaining gave me so many opportunities then some, but I ain’t even scratch the surface. I have so much music & content on the way! I can’t wait for you all to see what I’ve been working on DAY IN & DAY OUT despite what’s been going on in the world. So thank you In advance for all the support on my next journey. Stay tuned & catch this vibe.”

“Super Thot” is coming soon on all DSPs. Find out everything on Oya Baby on Instagram.

Get to know Oya Baby now with “Super Thot.”

Dj Iceman And Kept See-Beat Lessonz

Dj Iceman is back with another project for the year and he brought his friend and mentor Kept See along for the ride.
Kept See who is a prenominal emcee, got into production when he couldn’t find beats that were up to his standards. and over the years he has proven to be a top notch producer as well. Dj iceman having retired from a 30+ year dj career didn’t know what to do next creatively and Kept See suggested he get into production. reluctant at first it took a bigger push from Kept for him to get going and he hasn’t looked back since. both has had numerous placements with artists and on tv/videos and have torn down quite a few shows together. they are both members of the Wu-Tang affiliate groups GGO nd Dirty Clanzmen. This beat tape is a celebration of their friendship. on Kept See’s end, it is a passing of the torch to his student (he’s not retiring anytime soon) and on Icemans part its a homage to his mentor. each have 5 tracks on this album showing off their unique styles. Kept See’s lush, polished sound with crisp drums and flowing samples. and with Dj Iceman, you can see Kept Sees influence but his style is more rough around the edges with that Brooklyn feel to it.  The love of Hip-Hop can be heard in each track and its good to see that there are still some producers out there that embody the essence of true Hip-Hop.
You can reach Kept See and Dj iceman through their social media for beats and verses

Check Out The Album Below   

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