[Single] Wesley Rayshad – Blue Hunnid Faces (Feat. Gino) @WesleyRayshad

Wesley Rayshad just released his new track ” Blue Face Hunnids ” & he’s ready to hit the ground running! Wesley is an upcoming Rapper/R&B artist born & raised in the 478! He was brought up in the choir as a child and since then music has always been his medicine and meditation. Wesley Rayshad stays with energy in his music. Wesley is currently cooking up multiple projects and he’s coming out with a mixtape in EARLY 2019(Make sure you ready for that). “Music is my art and I take my material seriously!” is what he says. So, expect some big move soon. The pressure is coming.

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[Video] Anthony Dupree – ISOLATED @_AnthonyDupree

Anthony Dupree – ISOLATED Available Now Directed by Ron Vann Dam Music Producer: Sedale Johnson Crew: Luna Visions Model: Sonia-Evette Cabreja Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Anthony D. Walker, Jr. comes from a city where talent is scarce, crime emerges, and has a history of having young people hiding behind a desolate future. Walker knows the importance of uplifting his community, uplifting humanity, and exemplifying good character .Growing up in a community full of disparity and poverty, Walker would just like to be an example to his community and inform them that dreams do come true, faith is real, and all things are possible through Christ. Walker wants to dedicate all of his future blessings and endeavors in regards to his career to the late Johnny L. Walker and the late Dr. Emma Burgess.

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[EP] GrapeSoda Henderson – Fantana Grape @Thtgrapesodaboy

Grapesoda Henderson Comes back with another classic project which is titled “Fantana Grape”, which entails the laid back smooth style of GrapeSoda Henderson. Grape brings back the nostalgic feeling of Snoop Dogg in “Gin and Juice” with a mix of modern day flow. With the help of superb production from super production duo “DopeNorTeria”, this project is in its own right a future classic. Whether you’re causing down i-20 with the top off or feeling wavy like Fantana Grape, this project has the mood for every situation. “Fantana Grape” is one of those projects that will grab your attention from beginning to end.

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N i G H T S – Boyband @NiGHTS_official

Pennsylvania musical two-some N i G H T S recently dropped a 2 single EP entitled “Mojo / Boyband”. The second track, “Boyband” leans more towards a hip-hop feel, rather than the pop/edm feel that NIGHTS fans are accustomed to.

The Philadelphia-based duo, N i G H T S is here to create a new wave with its smooth Electronic R&B style. “Never have I heard something so unique, yet so familiar at the same time “. The combination of airy vocals, versatile production, sexy songwriting and their mysterious image is what makes N i G H T S top contenders to crash head first into the scene and create a lane of their own.

Tek-Neek – Phone On Me @Tek_Neek

“Phone On Me” is a single produced by Tek-Neek off of the upcoming project, “From Charleston With LXVE”. The song is a heavily influenced 80’s sound with a trap 808 mix containing a melodic flow, airy harmonizing ad-libs and a hypnotic-catchy hook.

Geechee Charleston Native Tek-Neek is a recording artist and producer known for his wide range musical spread. Tek-Neek first emerged in 2012 Working alongside Yung Texxus formulating the Duo project “Drive” Hosted By DJ Scream and Produced entirely by Tek-Neek. Headlining songs from the project “Swagged Up” & “I’m Comin’ Down” featuring the Texas UGK Legend, Bun B. Over time. Tek-Neek has been working on his first solo project, “From Charleston With LXVE”.

Currently he is gearing up and releasing gems such as “Freak” a Caribbean-geechee song that is reggae influenced. “When I wanna” which is a heavily-trap-808 song with a laid back cocky word play flow. Now he is releasing “Phone On Me” which is a very heavily 80’s sound influenced with a trap-mix and catchy flow.

Khennedy – Nothin Yet @_KHENNEDY

“Nothin Yet” is the debut EP from new Jersey songtress, Khennedy.

This project is a display of my growth as an artist, showing the development of my sound, versatility and lyrical ability. NOTHIN’ YET is a preparation of what is to come, because it is nothing compared to what I have in store. This a project for those that want to get hyped, hear that real shit or vibe out. A body of work that will be greatly appreciated and refreshing.

KHENNEDY Is a 23-year-old, New Jersey-bred rap artist, songwriter, and singer. She first dabbled in rap at the age of 14. Growing up in a household where hip-hop music played non-stop and coming from a family of musicians. Her inspiration to participate in the genre came at no surprise, it was almost hereditary.

Khennedy decided to take rap seriously in late 2015 and has been making her way through the underground scene since. She gained recognition with a song entitled “California Love”. A story about a typical day living in Cali, painting a vivid picture to a nostalgic Stevie Wonder sample. This track along with Khennedy’s energy opened up opportunities for her to be featured in SUEDED Magazine based in California. And earning an opportunity to perform at The DazeSummit Festival on the SWAGGI3 stage Hosted by BET’s Ivy Rivera.

Khennedy’s sound and lyrical skill and development will be more than apparent with her first EP. Slated for a 2018 October release, “Nothin Yet”, will give you exactly what the title suggests. This project is incomparable to anything currently existing in the market. Her artistry and skills are only going to get better as she continues to experiment and master her craft.

Wes on Acid – Demons @wesonacid

Demons is a single released by Wes on Acid on November 1st, 2018. The song is an alternative hip hop record that balances the line between singing and rapping. The content of the single is about Wes’ late grandfather Calvin Logan who passed away in October of 2018. The song was written the night after his funeral.

Wes on Acid is an American hip hop recording artist from Las Vegas, Nevada. He was born on July 12th, 1996. Growing up on the south side his father & uncle were both big musical influences on him as a child. Both professional musicians themselves, they played trumpet on the Las Vegas Strip with many big names in the industry (such as, Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett, The OJs, Tower of Power, Aloe Blacc, Lee Fields, etc). Shortly after graduating high school someone extremely close to Wes was diagnosed with a stage four Glioblastoma Multiform, a rare & extremely aggressive form of brain cancer. This happening only three months after his father was also diagnosed with Stage three cancer in his brain as well, Wes has openly shared his struggles with depression & mental health.

Wes on Acid’s music is known for its dark, melodic, and abstract sound, and his transparent lyrics & message. His lyrics include themes about death, disease, mental health, drug addiction & suicide. Wes’ style ranges from rapping, to singing, to crooning in autotune over melodic, guitar driven beats dripping in melancholy & reverb. Wes takes pride in bending genres & pushing the limits of what hip hop can become. Innovation & transparency are the two most important elements of his music. Wes has stated that the psychosis his loved ones experienced while going through their cancer battles, as well as the mental health issues both him & his family have gone through are the largest influences on him as an artist. Other artists that inspire Wes on Acid include Kid Cudi, Lil Peep, Travis Scott & Kanye West.
Wes on Acid is also known for his abstract visuals in photography, fashion & videography. As an artist doing his own photography, editing, graphic design, merchandise design & styling, Wes tries to be as self sufficient as possible.

Wes on Acid first gained recognition online from his 2017 project Vegas on Acid. Wes was part of VOA Worldwide, or VOA for short, from 2017-present. VOA stands for Vegas on Acid.

Foolish Ty – By Myself @FoolishTy

Foolish Ty, an Austin, Texas native, is trying to lead the pack of new wave artist from Texas and not only put on for his state but for a city that isn’t known for their hip hop scene. Check out his new project, “Keep Building”, dropping December 1st on all platforms. Get a taste of what you can expect by viewing his Gver.o shot video for the solo anthem, “By Myself”.