Off The Dome – Wrote Myself A Check (Jim Carrey Story)

The Song “WROTE MYSELF A CHECK” from Off The Dome was INSPIRED by actor Jim Carrey. He wrote himself a check for 10 million dollars before he went to become the superstar he is. We believe that he spoke his success into fruition, all by believing in himself.

That is the message we strive to send out to the world. Everyone has their moment. What better moment to have then to see yourself accomplish a personal goal you have. It all starts with speaking it into existence!!

Go do yourself a favor and WRITE YOURSELF A CHECK!! You will thank yourself when you accomplish your goal. Use the download link to download/print your own check! Go to and print your check now!

[NEW MUSIC] T.K. SOUL – “THAT’S LIFE” | @mikeellispeaks


Southern Artist, T.K. Soul releases his latest single, “That’s Life” 

Contemporary soul singer, T.K. Soul born Terence Kimble in Winnfield, Louisiana on August 26, 1964. From a young age, Kimble has a keen ear for music and soaked up the influences of soul, funk, and R&B artists ranging from Stevie Wonder, the Jackson 5, and Al Green to Maze, Rick James, and Prince. When he was ten years old, Kimble picked up a guitar and discovered he could easily play it by ear. Before long, Kimble was also playing keyboards, drums, and bass, and by the time he was in junior high, he had already been recruited to play in the local high school’s band. Music became the dominant force in Kimble’s life, as he juggled gigs with school bands, church choir, and local R&B acts.

T.K. Soul has built a loyal grassroots following for his music that mixes R&B traditions with modern-day attitude and hip-hop accents. After a painful breakup with his girlfriend, Kimble began writing songs, and while DJ’ing at clubs and parties, he began singing his songs during breaks. Kimble began looking for a record contract, but his inexperience in the music business kept him on the sidelines for close to a decade.

Kimble began touring with R&B and funk acts as a sideman, and while performing with the band Under 21 (who would later record for Motown under the name Profyle), he was scouted by the manager of the successful Houston-based vocal group H-Town. Kimble signed on to play keyboards with H-Town while writing songs in his spare time.

After his run with H-Town ended, Kimble went back to the church for a few years, serving as a musical director at a house of worship. Kimble returned to the road when he was hired to play keyboards for soul-blues singer Willie Clayton, and soon Clayton was recording some of Kimble’s material, including “Wiggle in the Middle” and “Party Like We Used To.” After five years with Clayton, Kimble decided it was time to strike out on his own.

Adopting the stage name T.K. Soul, he cut his solo debut, 2002’s One Woman Man, and released it through his label, Soulful Records. One Woman Man and Soul’s 2003 follow-up, The Bad Boy of Southern Soul, helped generate a buzz about T.K. on the soul-blues circuit, and 2004’s “Love Games” was a breakthrough that generated several regional hits for him, including “Cheating and Lying” and “You Ring My Bell.” His next album, “Undisputed” rose to number 85 on the R&B and hip-hop album chart and peaked at number nine on the blues album chart. In 2009, “The Evolution of Soul” follows as Soul continues to fill nightclubs and play festivals and theme cruises. Despite his busy schedule, T.K. remains prolific releasing “Ghetto Superstar” in 2013- “Life After Love” in 2014 -“The Legacy” in 2016.

As the C.E.O. of the Soulful Records label, T.K. Soul builds his roster by signing other artists such as Magic One, Nikita, and Rhomey. Be sure to connect with T.K. on social media and digital music platforms.










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Kokane – “Top 50 Rap List” (Video)

Following his new breakout hit, “Fantasy Island,” off his Finger Roll album. Legendary West Coast act Kokane arrives to 2020 with an upcoming new album, titled, Wake Up Getcha Cake Up

Produced and directed by Theory Hazit, Kokane takes it back to the streets as he discusses the history of Hip Hop and praises the legends’ respected classics. While being a historian, Kokane speaks on street politics with a gospel touch. Another must-see by the West Coast legend, a perfect start at campaigning the upcoming album. “Top 50 Rap List” bridges the gap between the past and present fans.

The creator of the new style of West Coast rap called, “K-Funk”. Kokane is best known for his laid-back soulful melody collaborations with an a-list of who’s who like Snoop Dogg, Nipsey Hussle, Too $hort, The Game and Ice Cube. His sound is timeless and been known to groom some of today’s biggest names in West Coast Hip Hop. And with his original sound, Kokane has added longevity to his arsenal being able to remain relevant for three decades. Wake Up Getcha Cake Up is Kokane’s 15th studio album.

Along with the new album release, the West Coast legend’s 2020 is filled with must-have new releases, including, new apparel and Cannabis strain called “OG Kokane,” in partnership with Tree Moguls and Bud E Boy.

Watch “Top 50 Rap List” below.

[Mixtape] Lavish Kiddo – Product of Atlanta

Lavish Kiddo dropped his epic project “Product of Atlanta” on August 8,2019. Lavish is from the south side of Atlanta and has very catchy flows throughout his project. The 19 year old rap artist #1 song right now that’s breaking him out is Racks. Labels have been calling on him and he is the next big thing out of Atlanta for sure. What catches the people’s attention about him is his lyrics and how he explain messages in a very unique way.

Real Niggas Only(RNO) is what he stands by. He says RNO is a movement for people who keeps it real with themselves and others at all times. Next, Lavish says he plans on dropping another song called “Dope Boy.” His snippet is going crazy on his social media and he definitely says that is the next thing for him. Lavish is about the give the world hell!

Available now

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LuKING – “Dotted Line” (Video)

Dropping the audio at the end of 2019, fast-rising New York recording artist LuKING enters 2020 with the official visual to his new hit, titled, “Dotted Line”. The song seamlessly pairs a blend of Hip Hop and R&B with thought-provoking, relatable lyrics.

In the video, LuKING is engulfed in an intense love triangle which leaves him having to choose which one of the leading ladies he will ride off into the sunset with, leaving the other to mourn from love loss. Who will he choose? Hit the play and find out.

On the video’s concept, LuKING said:

“The concept of the video was to portray a real-life situation of being in a dead-end relationship but then another female comes into your life and opens your eyes to what could be.”

Watch it now, available via LuKING Music, for more on LuKING, follow the risings star on social media for daily updates, tour dates and more.

Watch “Dotted Line” below.

Lazy – “Insecure”

Introducing Compton rapper Lazy. Today, ahead of his new EP, the promising new act reveals the first effort in the new song, titled, “Insecure”. Inspired by those around him, Lazy discusses the negativity revolving around those who don’t believe within themselves.

Throughout the track, Lazy comments on the daily nuisance of people in their feelings toxifying his energy. Looking for that new West Coast sound, then look no further than right here as Lazy is destined to become one of the biggest new Hip Hop artists of 2020.

About the new song, Lazy says, “I don’t wanna answer you, or text messages because your too insecure is how I feel every day.”

Available via Moet Records/Digital Currensy Inc. Following the stream, continue to follow Lazy’s journey on Instagram and Twitter for daily updates on the rising star.

B2D – Now Or Never (LP)

Colorado Springs rapper B2D has developed popularity with his consistency and aggressive Hip Hop sound. Today, we get the seventh indie project from the established hitmaker, properly-titled, Now or Never.

Exhibiting superior raps solo, B2D displays the ultimate power of independence success with nine incredible tracks about the struggle, the triumphant and more on his journey to the top. The perfect time for newfound fans to hop on the train and follow the rest of B2D’s ride to the top of the charts.

B2D on making Now or Never:

“With this project, I wanted to deliver something reflecting my mindset from the last couple months” from my perspective”, says B2D. “Overcoming obstacles and staying grounded while trying to achieve my dreams has been my focus.”

Available now via Bellavino Billionaires, follow B2D on social media for daily updates and more.

Stream the new album by B2D below, courtesy of Audiomack.

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New Video: Sonia Kilo – “The Girls” (Cash Money) | @Sonia_Kilo

This hot single “The Girls” written by Sonia Kilo and produced by Dustin Cavazos is a tribute to an early 2000’s song by Juvenile. Its play on early 2000 references and repetitive club beat makes it impossible for you to listen just once. Sonia Kilo wrote the song while in Houston during the World Series. Noticing how the girls would stop what they were doing just to dance to the classic. As the DJ continued to flirt with the drop, it was clear that no matter how old the song was, it still had the same effect. “I wanted to create a song describing that experience without sampling the song.” Creative directing on her own music video, Sonia wanted to recreate a girls’ night at the club. Music video producer Jorge Prophecy Villa takes the high energy of the song and matches it scene for scene.

Ty ThaGod Releases New Single “Breakdown” | @iamtythagod |

Ty ThaGod

Ty ThaGod kicks off the new year with a super energetic, up-tempo track “Breakdown” which quickly captures the listener’s attention. The word “Breakdown” can be defined as to become inoperative or ineffective or to fail in strength or vitality. Ty wants to start this new decade by letting his competition know that there is NONE when it comes to his sound. Ty ThaGod is creating a lane for all others coming behind him by highlighting his own talents, abilities, and delivering an original flow.

“I wanted to approach this record differently than what everyone is used to seeing and hearing on the radio today. 
I’m creating a lane for others coming behind me.”

In the beginning of the record, we hear Ty say “I could feel in my soul I’m bout to merk you N*ggas”, staking his claim that he’s ready to destroy all other industry competition. He follows up with a raw, gritty sound and visual of the record is intense and captivating; taking you back to the days of Hip Hop artists like: DMX, The Onyx, Hopsin, and Joyner Lucas. Ty ThaGod has never been one to follow trends and he’s once again made it clear in this record that he doesn’t plan to start now.