Codester The Kid – Cheer Up @codesterthekid

“Cheer Up” from Codester The Kid is about a relationship going through a rough time. The couple just doesn’t see eye to eye. Fighting everyday, lying to each other, things of that nature. The main character in the song is the boyfriend and the way he’s dealing with it is acting wild with his friends by getting into fights and partying.

As the song goes on, you realize that he knows what he has and he wants the relationship to keeping going no matter how choppy the waters may seem. “Cheer up buttercup it’s not this bad all the time, cheer up buttercup you know you’re the only girl on my mind.”

“Codester The Kid” (Cody Paris) is a Michigan artist who is trying to push the envelope of alternative R&B and Hip Hop. whether it’s happy pop sounding, or dark dreamy alternative rock influenced the sad undertones will leave you always wanting another listen.


Longtime collaborators RIP AK and CA$H join forces with fellow GHOST. members Nick Gangloff and Chad Castle to drop off the visuals for “Paper”. “Paper” was the first and only single from RIP AK’s late 2018 release, “Black Friday”.

RIP AK is a Tennessee based hip-hop project led by GHOST. frontman Kalon ‘AK’ Ambrose. Drawing influences from a wide range of hip-hop and alternative artists including: Logic, Pusha T, Earl Sweatshirt, Father John Misty, Juice WRLD, MGMT and Foster the People, RIP AK is a testament to blending sounds of the latest pop generation in a way that shows true appreciation for life’s highs and lows.

Duval – Hate You @DuvalJacobis

Duval presents “Hate You” produced by Lehday. This single was dropped about a month a half before the EP “UUUU” was released. Duval claims this song to be one for the guys to relate to if they have ever been done wrong by their counterpart. With a catchy hook, great flow and outstanding production from Lehday, this song has been one of the more popular tracks off the project. There is a plan to shoot a music video for this track.

Duval hails from the Bronx, NY. With doing music seriously for nearly 2 years now Duval is starting to carve himself out as one of the most versatile in the music industry. With the ability to Sing, Rap, play the guitar and an outstanding stage presence he is ready for a breakout 2019. Duval claims a lot of his childhood music influences weren’t specifically hip hop. Some of those influences are the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Eminem.

Some of his modern day influences include Post Malone, Justin Bieber, Drake and Machine Gun Kelly. With a wide variety of musical influences in different genres Duval’s creativity is unlike many. With his first EP released this past November and his first headlining show in NYC in late December he is ready to take that next step into stardom.

SVCHUCKY – Watch Me Heat Up (No Chill) @AlwysBeenChucky

“Watch Me Heat Up (No Chill)” is a Jahlil Beats production on the previous project, “Crack Music 7”. SVChucky revisits the beat and gives us a three and a half minute freestyle vigorously preaching about past experiences with a new Philly style.

SVCHUCKY is an upcoming artist born and raised from Philadelphia. Currently settling out in the Bay Area, he has comes with grimy and a hungry style with his music. Affiliated and united with the new movement called “strifemovement” he strive to fill the music with a new type of creativity.

Reala Ft Motian – The Way @Nimatonthebeat

“The Way” is a heartfelt and inspirational hip-hop music video produced and filmed by Nima T featuring Reala and Motian. The dual collaboration takes us on a journey of their way of life and the way they get by.

Arash Motian was born in Tehran, Iran on June 9th 1988. Being only 12 years old when brought to live in the United States, he was now having to adapt to a whole new side of the world. After just few years into his move, he was starting to notice the hip-hop influence around school campus. It wasn’t something that he had ever been introduced to but it settled with him right away. With battle raps happening everyday, he liked the idea of being the cool kid and tell his story.

After hearing his first Persian Rap song, it sparked something in him to pursue music. Reaching back to his heritage, he noticed that hip-hop had similarities to Persian poetry which was writing meaningful words and put them in a pattern. He and his cousin Nima put together their own recording studio and entered their first stages of music making. After trying to pursue music in a group, both eventually started to take on a solo act. Motian is now residing in Dallas,TX as he continues working on creating awareness for his latest EP, “Resurrection.”

Reala aka Realaman is a hip-hop artist based in OKC, who’s been active in the music scene for over a decade. Originally part of a group known as DSM (Down South Mexicans), they quickly made noise with their video “I’m Too Throwed Remix”, which became a Oklahoma hit song and then a classic after the original artist 2 Throwed passes away. Although DSM remains intact, Reala has since then focused on his solo career pushing his brand “High Vibes” and is currently making music with some of the hottest rappers in the Mid-West region.

Dre Lyrici$$ – Thisway @drelyriciss

“Thisway” is the intro to Dre Lyrici$$’ EP titled “No Heroes…”. It sets the tone of how he wanted his mixtape to be viewed. “Thisway” is about growth and how circumstances have changed Dre’s attitude towards things. If you listen to the track, it has this somewhat “rushing” type of vibe. When he noticed that, Jay immediately structured the verse to correlate with it so the song sounds as scatterbrained as his mind normally is. “Thisway” may seem like Lyrici$$ just writing hard bars but in between the lines it’s really a story of why he is the way he is.

DeAndre Ward, better known as Dre Lyrici$$, is a musician hailing from PG County, Maryland. At a early age he began writing poetry and short stories, which over time turned into song lyrics. In 2014, Dre Lyrici$$ began working on his debut mixtape titled “D.R.E”. Through the somewhat success of that tape it prompted him to immediately begin working on his second full-length mixtape named “flyaway.”.

Unfortunately, during this time he began doing drugs heavy due to depression, fortunately it impacted his music for the better. Through those dark times he found a sound that he liked doing and that other people enjoyed listening to. When flyaway dropped it immediately became a frequently played mixtape his area. 2 EPs and single with 20k views later and now he’s feeling at the top of his game.

ether.UNLIMITED Ft Emo Da Kid – VAMPING @EtherUnlimited

The end of one era is only the beginning of a new one. Come experience the fall of RizzoSwagg and the rise of etherUNLIMITED, through this masterful vampire tale told by the film itself, song lyrics, as well as other things left unspoken. There are many different ways “VAMPING” can be interpreted. Though at the forefront, it’s a song about transformation. Taking bad situations and turning the tables on all who oppose us or have hurt us. This is the first official single release off the highly anticipated album “Saturn Return” by ether.UNLIMITED.

The one man team ether.UNLIMITED that resides in Killsborough, prides himself in becoming an unlimited being in every sense of the term. Though he specializes in a conscious sort of trap music, he also expands within different skillsets, genres, and titles; ether is much more than just another new rapper. He is the true definition of an artist. Given that the name was inspired by a dream. ether’s march towards music fame and glory has been more like a spiritual journey.

Coming from the streets of Tampa, Fl., being of Taino (Native American) descent and having interests in the mystic arts, in effect proved too different a combination for his surroundings to handle. Causing him to be antagonized and demonized by the same people that should’ve loved him. Yet with the underlying pain of walking the path no one else would, ether still smiles and says “why fit in, when you can stand out”.

GQ Jay – No Birthdays @GQJayOfficial

GQ Jay’s “No Birthdays” is a song about a come up. Grinding for your spot and your drip, none of that sitting around wishing for things or mopping. If you want something you have to get up and get to it, it’s that simple.

Born and raised in the Bronx, GQ Jay is a New York native. He has only been doing music for about a year now. Jay has a sound people naturally gravitated too. His music is more of a melodic trap vibe but you can see he constantly switches his flows up in different tracks; gaining him a lot of hood love and a growing fan base.

GQ Jay dropped a few singles on Soundcloud getting him started to test the waters and he has a few thousands plays on each track. “No Birthdays” is his debut single available on every platform. Currently unsigned and unmanaged you will soon hear him everywhere.

VWO – OCHRE @vibewrldorder

‘OCHRE’ is VWO’s debut single & video that features overweight men, anti-Trump merch and pool sticks.

VIBE WORLD ORDER (VWO) is a hip hop collective based out of Union, NJ. Consisting of a total of 7 members including co-founder Reg Mason, GROOVY, Ginny, JTT, Dante along with producers comfortabledude & Stijhl. Initially an after-school trio, it expanded into the current behemoth as of mid-2017 determined to make music in the local scene fun again.

Ranging from ages 19-26, and with influences across the board from N.E.R.D. to Death Grips, the only mere interest of VWO is making art that others may deem uncomfortable and in due time, making the uncomfortable, most sought after.

[Single] @X_RATED25 ‘Don’t Hang With’

Chattahoochee, Florida, is home to a young, up-and-coming rap star named X-R.A.T.E.D . X-R.A.T.E.D has been writing music for nine years, and so far has five mixtapes out via DatPiff. With his streetwise lyrics and pounding back tracks, X-R.A.T.E.D brings a North Florida feel to the rap game. That slight Southern twang fits perfectly with his lyrics and brings a new flavor to trap.
[Single] @X_RATED25 'Don't Hang With'

X-R.A.T.E.D says, ” I been a hustler all my life. I am a song writer, and I put a 100% in everything I do. I’m also a loving father, just looking to give my kids a better life.”

His single “Don’t Hang With”  is a great example of all his talents: lyrics, beat and message.

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