Rubee Stone – Dubai

East Coast Rapper/Singer Rubee Stone dreams big with new single ‘Dubai’ 

Rubee Stone is a fast-rising artist from Brooklyn, New York who has already been featured alongside big-name artists such as Skinny from the 9 and Jay Critch. And now, she’s set to drop one of her biggest singles of all time with the new song “Dubai.”  

The chill Hip Hop vibe is a departure from her usual fast-paced flow and as such, it makes people sit up and pay attention. As she daydreams about what the rich life could be like – a life that reaches its pinnacle in the luxuriousness of the city of Dubai – Rubee invites her fans to dream with her. It’s the perfect summer vibe that’s meant to be fun while also inspiring people to dream big and shoot for the stars. 

“It’s basically me talking about how I want to spend money and go to Dubai and have fun,” she said. “I’m young and have so much more to come, and I’m excited to share that with people. And this is one of those songs that the beat came on and I just started rapping and ended up coming up with that song so quickly.” 

Rubee worked closely with Yuri Tha Great to produce the single which is being distributed by Fully Focused Management. A video for the single will be shot in Dubai in mid-August, with Rubee fully realizing her dream by living large in the Middle East. 

That’s quite the culmination of a dream for this young woman who started dreaming of a music career at age 5. Growing up from the Bronx, she used to sing and write poetry at a young age, and as she got older, she started listening to Hip Hop and realizing that her two loves could be combined into something incredible. By age 12, she was writing her own songs and found her way into a recording studio. Throughout her teenage years, she developed a unique sound and style that combined her vocal ability with her talent as a rapper. Today, much of the music she creates features both of those skills.  

“I want my music to be known for the best music out there,” she said. “When people hear my songs, I want them to sing along and play them over and over again.” 

Rubee said “Dubai” is part of a bigger project that she plans to drop in August called “Out of Time.” She also said she’ll be bringing more videos later this year and plans to keep climbing the hill toward realizing her dream with even more music in 2021. 

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[Video] jordan ‘Bigbodythehills’ | @praywithjordan

jordan’s first single from the ‘Swing Your Sword’ EP

jordan is an American vocalist and guitarist from North Carolina. Genres by themselves are limiting… so he uses multiple to tell stories. From a young age jordan was drawn to instruments, and developed his blended sound early on by exploring many over the years.

jordan is joined on his journey by ‘Halo’, his guardian angel and close friend…By crafting tales of victory and defeat, love and loss… jordan offers a perspective and sound the world can relate to : the new pop.


Twitter @praywithjordan

Natasha Fisher – “Never Ever”

Natasha Fisher is the next big star in Pop music.

In 2020, the emerging Toronto recording artist has created buzzing popularity that resonates with her refreshingly catchy vocals, concepts and song structure in breakout singles “Her,” “Want to love you” and “Rollin.” Today, support her new album, the captivating new songstress delves into her past in the release of the new single, titled, “Never Ever.” Natasha Fisher is ready to move on from an old fling, she executes closure in the heartbreak.

Co-written by Gerson Archila, the song’s infused with moody synths, dreamy haze and trap drums meet a charismatic, soulful vocal with crafted lyrics to leave you bopping into a deep pensive state. About the song’s message, Fisher explains, “It’s about not going back to the past that when it’s trying to find a spot back in your life, when love falls too short of the real thing, reality sets in.”

Recorded in Spotify Secret Genius Studio, the new song is arguably Fisher’s most personal song yet. “Never Ever is a track for people that have or are dealing with anger and hurt from their expectations. It was inspired after I touched the ground with reality after a far too one-sided relationship,” she says.

Her third release of the year. “Never Ever” appears on Fisher’s new album, titled, Millennial. The album is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans following the “Never Ever” preview. Both the song and album is available now on all DSPs via Ontario Arts Council. “Never Ever” is produced by Madeat2am.

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Private Name Private Number – “Big Plane”

To consumers, a name like Private Name Private Number provides instant mystery, intrigue and engagement. It’s ballsy, controversial and authentic. Already larger-than-life, the thriving new artist prepares for his widespread release with the new single, titled, “Big Plane.”

The new song is a braggadocious track, PNPN speaks on his well-deserved lavish lifestyle which includes, first-class treatment inside the mile-high club. From beginning to end, he attracts newfound fans with his witty nature, trendy wordplay and convincing confidence. The song also addresses the envious haters, jealous of his hard-work and dedication. PNPN says, “They mad cause we working daily, cause we run thru the tracks like baily.”

“Big Planes” prophecies the forthcoming arrival of PNPN’s new album, titled, Takeoff. Scheduled of r late-2020 drop, the album builds the artist’s launchpad into superstardom, the upcoming album is being revered as an album-to-hear. “Big Plans coming on the way and you guys soon find out,” he says.

Hear the new single below. “Big Plane” is streaming now on Private Music. Find out more on Private Name Private Number before his new album on Instagram.


Noell Regali, better known as the recording artist Noell, had a huge 2019 which includes a nationwide tour. In 2020, the rising star seizes the moment in an opportunist landscape with the release of her new song/video called “Higher.”

Directed by the talented directors Desyree Nicole, Gabriella Paulino and Vividrichce. Noell explores her sexual desires with her love interest and they embrace a new level of their relationship that will solidify happiness ever after. Live instruments, passionate aura and clever use of traditional R&B wordplay, “Higher” shows us a side of Noell that we have yet to experience and it’s amazing. “Higher” is the turning point in her musical journey that will surely achieve chart-topping popularity in the near future. Noell’s new single proves she belongs among the top of R&B’s new generation of talent.

Acknowledged by music in 2018, The Atlanta-by-way-of-Havre de Grace, Maryland’s musical journey originates from her senior year of High School, signing the National Anthem. Her first stint in the music business includes Noell being apart of a group in both Washington D.C. and New York. After the groups disassembled, Noell decided to pursue a solo career and viral success was not far behind with the release of her early solo music like 2018’s “Love Without Ownership.”

“Higher” follows the Maryland native’s 2019 album, titled, Ego Aside. The debut effort took the buzzworthy artist all over the U.S. which includes fan-favorites, “Speechless,” “Deserve” and “Don’t Pull Up.” “Higher” is streaming now on all DSPs via Loyal Money Entertainment.

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[Video] Billionaire Buck – Couple of P’zz

Billionaire Buck – Couple of P’zz
Just when you thought it was safe …. The Bompton (Compton) Billionaire – “Billionaire Buck” after enjoying a “Good Day” now free from quarantine he’s back to the “Trap of things” while stock piling records for the soon to be released “Billion$”  Buck gives you visual play by play process of his plans with a “Couple of P’zz” so get your sack up and press play an tap in with “Billionaire Buck” via Twitter: @ComptonsBuck  IG:@ComptonsBuck
  Twitter: @ComptonsBuck