New Music: @ReeceMos “Tip Her” [Video]

Some artists believe becoming a success is going to the studio, laying down a track, and going home. Reece Mills is one of those who believes there’s a whole lot more to the process of becoming a successful artist. From being in a group to now being a solo act, Reece has gone through the trials and tribulations throughout his short music career. As he now ventures as a solo artist, the Allentown, PA native is releasing a new single “Tip Her”

As of this moment, Reece is currently recording some fresh new material to show the growth and new “Reece Mills” with the help of the upstart B.A.M.G (Blue Anchor Music Group) label and TNTMG. Soon his single, Tip Her, will be out to the masses where everyone can hear who he truly is. This is only the beginning though. The dawn of a new era is among R&B fans everywhere. Reece Mills is on the horizon!

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