About Us

About Us:
Our goal is to ensure proper networking throughout the hip hop community. If you’re a new mixtape DJ that needs industry hostings, or verses from established, famous artists; we will provide you with the opportunity to achieve that goal. If you’re an unsigned artist but would like an industry feature from artists such as members of D12, Kool G Rap, Rah Digga, etc. We will help you reach that goal. We act as the middle man to get you a price on everything, whether it be your mixtape or personal album.
Mixtapes have become almost a necessity in hip hop promotion serving as tools to keep music updated as well as breaking new artists. Many famous artists came up through the mixtape scene, such as 50 Cent, Fabolous, Chamillionaire, Joe Budden, etc. Do remember, services we offer are not free. However, we do work with budgets, so don’t be shy about asking. It never hurts to ask a question.
We will also be putting together our own mixtapes with established artists, we do charge a service fee for that as well. Again, we will work with budgets, or use a barter system.
We will also have our own series of mixtapes hosted by a number of big artists. there is a submission fee of $15. If you would like your song to be locked in, then the fee is $50. Details will be given as the tape is accepting submissions.
If you are a dj, or an artist that would like to have a page on our site, contact us for that as well.