Dec 23

#NewAlbum @KMajorMusic After Dawn


With a string of great records to his credit as a songwriter and producer, 3MG Entertainment is proud to announce K-Major and his highly-anticipated project, “After Dawn”. Utilizing smooth melodies over banging 808 tracks, K-Major has delivered a sensual and stirring album for Rap and R&B fans alike. With over 100 songs that he has co-written, co-produced, collaborated with or performed on, Major is quickly becoming a force in the industry. Listen to the full “After Dawn” album below.

Dec 20

Giulio4 dominates the Orlando Hip-Hop scene!

As a new upcoming music artist, writer and producer Giulio4 is already dominating the Orlando mixtape scene. With the launch of his first mixtape in November 20XX the city rapidly showed interest in Giuilo4’s creative ability to collaborate beats and lyrics of his own while producing a mixtape that put the streets and clubs in his hands with his first single entitled Balmainz”.
Giulio4’s mixtape is musically inclined to reach the ears of individuals who are seeking raw talent at its best. His lyrics encompass the many perceptions and truths of today’s times “in streets” and how “these streets” are making business leaders in today’s corporate America. 
His musical talent and high depend has opened doors quickly allowing him to successfully debut “UnreasonableDoubt 2” and will creatively challenge top billboard artist in his talent. 
With launching his second mixtape Giulio4 is now working on branding his ideas and theories by way of music to help individuals like himself realize their full potential in leaving a legacy behind. Unreasonable Doubt 2 will creatively challenge top billboard artist in his talent.


Dec 07

#NewAlbum @JPride2U December 1st


Singer/songwriter JPride presents “December 1st”, a collection of original tracks and re-imaginings of songs chosen by the Mississippi native. Listen as she serves up her own style of Urban Pop, mixing in elements of R&B, Soul, Hip Hop and Jazz-inspired vocals. “December 1st” is hosted by Lil Wayne’s own, DJ T Lewis with production from ILL Phil, SuperJay, Hershey Black, WhoIsNino, JKeys, Kwasi Kwa, Ricky Rich and JPride.

Nov 18

#NewAlbum @jlinemusic Episode 1


In a time a where female pop stars seem to rule the airwaves, JLine is the male counterpart that we have all been waiting for. Earlier this year, he hit the scene with his lead single “Over”, a moody-EDM ballad that was giving us some serious Dawn Richard’s vibes. And now, he releases “Episode 1” and it’s everything that we hoped it would be.

“Episode 1” seamlessly blends genres to represent the full layered artist that JLine is. It’s a project that is confident, thoughtful, and most of all catchy. It’s hard to pinpoint who JLine sounds like because he mixes a variety of influences to create his own blend of pop.

“Don’t Leave Me Alone” sounds like it could fit perfectly on Britney Spears Glory, while “Give Me More” reminds us Justin Bieber’s Purpose. But don’t get us wrong, this EP is 100% Jline – just the perfect list for fans of current pop. He shines brightest on “Too Much,” a cocky anthem that’s dripping with attitude. The production is top-notch here, and it’s got an ear worm of chorus that’s guaranteed to sit with you for the rest of the weekend.

Overall, “Episode 1” is the type of EP that gets better and better with each listen. Take our advice, give it a spin and get into the groove. Listen to the album in it’s entirety below.

Nov 16

#NewAlbum @stljmc Almost Famous


Jay Emcee presents the release of his debut album, “Almost Famous”. The rising lyricist has toured nationwide and has been recognized as one of the hottest artists in Missouri by Coast 2 Coast. The 10-track album features Jay’s hit single “Wave Your Hands” along with nine other fiery recordings. “Almost Famous” is available on Amazon, iTunes & Google Play. Check for the purchase link below as well as the Spotify stream of “Wave Your Hands”.

Purchase “Almost Famous” here:

Nov 14

#NewAlbum @TheReasn 70 West


Whether you’re a fan of Hip Hop, R&B, Rock or classic Soul, young songwriter Reasn has something for you in his new full-length album, “70 West”. The 11-track project features a range of hard-hitting beats, seductive lyrics, conscious thought and pure fun with features from Trae Tha Truth, Watch The Duck and Fuego Bentley. Listen and purchase the project below.

Nov 05

#NewAlbum @LottaBux Red Eye Flightx


Los Angeles based producer and rap artist Lotta Bux has announced the release of his debut solo album titled “Red Eye Flightx”. Produced, written and mixed by Lotta him self, the ten track LBUM features the popular single, “We On This”, which has garnered close to 100,000 plays on Soundcloud. The emerging rapper and CEO of his newly launched clothing brand Rare Ragz, Lotta Bux is using all of his creative in and out of the recording studio. “Red Eye Flightx” is available to purchase on Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes and can also be streamed below.

Sep 30

@teamNDL Taking A Stand In “Black Privilege” Featuring @Mad_Squablz

Hip Hop Artist, affiliate of The New York Renaissance, Human Rights Activist, and Advocate for the youth, Napoleon Da Legend, drops another bomb in his new video “Black Privilege”.  The track which is directed by Rae Maxwell, is off his new mixtape “Steal This Mixtape Too”, a sequel to “Steal This Mixtape”.  “Black Privilege” also features young Philly Hip Hop Artist Mad Squablz.  The significance of this video is crucial and only right that these two dominant emcees profoundly deliver the message that is sure to embody your soul while raising a brow!

“Steal This Mixtape”:

“Steal This Mixtape Too”:





Sep 29

@JuxxDiamondz Exclusive New Music Video, “Can’t Stop Me”

THEM Recordings Artist and Black Block Music Group CEO, Juxx Diamondz releases a new music video “Can’t Stop Me”.  The track is off the sophomore album “Lord Knowz” Volume 1 and is directed by Marko Malisic.  With his raw delivery of lyrics, cutting edge, and originality, Juxx makes it known to fellow rappers that he is coming for them, step by step.  Juxx doesn’t shade that he came up from nothing and although humble, he is not going anywhere!


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