New Music: Armageddon aka @GeddyMusic – How Many Times (Produced by Armageddon and J Dot) @ThaMixtapeBully

Armageddon States “Suicide is most often the result of the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. A person suffering from depression and or anxiety may find themselves unable to find meaning and purpose for living.

I believe most cases of depression and anxiety are the result of low self esteem and ineffective coping strategies for dealing with the real world. A person with low esteem may believe he/she isn’t loved, worthy of love, or even worthy of life. Shit, they may even go so far as to believe that you aren’t worthy of life and decide to shoot up your school, or a movie theater. This shit is real.

I made this joint to raise awareness in regard to depression, anxiety, low esteem, rage, suicide and the way a parents can pass down these self annihilating patterns, creating victims of victims. It starts in childhood then progressively gets worse.

If you can relate to the energy and context this joint, or feel like you got some changes to make in your own behavior, like and leave a comment to et me know what’s up” Hip Hop Competition is holding a hip hop competition! PLEASE REVIEW THE RULES IN THE PICTURE BELOW. This is not limited to one region. We get submissions from everywhere including many countries overseas. 1st place wins a verse from Armageddon as well as some other things. If you’re interested, great. If not, share anyway, maybe someone you know MIGHT be. This is only the START of things to come. Tag someone you know, show them! Prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. PLEASE SHARE!


Armageddon aka @GEDDYMUSIC & @CUBANLINKCLK – Live in Orlando Florida (I Came to Get Down)

It appears Terror Squad alumni Armageddon is active again, as he has just released footage of a live performance in Orlando Florida with former label mate and squad member Cuban Link. Geddy graces us with the visuals of that momentous night, along with a grimey street record called “I Came To Get Down”. This track makes you want to slam dance, kick your grandmother upside her head, and pop a THOT all at the same time! Geddy’s raw and unapologetic flow is definitely indicative of what Geddy has truly come here to do.