[Video] RockstarGod ‘Free Base’

RockstarGod, born as Jordayne Fuller, is an independent artist from Ontario, Canada. He got into the rap game from being around family members including his older brother and cousins.

“I always wanted to be a musician, since I was a kid it was the first and only job I ever wanted. My older brother and cousins would rap and helped me transition from being a listener of rap to a artist,” said Rockstar.

Being from Canada, Rockstar has a wide range of influences even outside of the rap genre itself.

“My influences are Chief Keef, Lil B, Drake, and Juicewrld in rap/hip hop but I get most of my influences from music outside of the rap genre,” said Rockstar.

With his music, the emerging artist just wants people to connect with the emotions that he is conveying in the music that he makes. He wants his audience to feel something special when listening to his music.

“I want the world to know I freestyle all of my songs and alot them are done in one take,” said Rockstar

Checkout his most recent video for his single “Free Base” below.

Be on the lookout for his next project titled “The Dark Rockstar” and follow the artist on Instagram at @Rckstarjesus and subscribe to his Youtube channel at ROCKSTARGOD.

can boy – MPO @auntygoldilocks

Canadian rapper can boy hops on a dreamlike piano instrumental and immediately intoxicates our earlobes with the keg fueled, “MPO”. Beer bongs, bong rips and chilled vibes are on the menu as the Toronto artist goes all in to the point he may pass out. Check out the Topa Production below.

#NewMusic rxmes – Don’t Walk Away @therealromester

rxmes (pronounced romes) is a Toronto native and LostInTheCity representative who just released a new, R&B fueled single entitled “Don’t Walk Away”, produced by Sebastianvmusic.

rxmes started singing when he was 9 years old. Joining choir and competing in singing competitions, he was on and off with this gift he has as he grew older but music drew him back around the time he graduated high school. Realizing how in love he was with music his life he decided to pursue his dreams to see where it can land him, born in Angola (Congolese descent), raised in Edmonton, Alberta and now currently residing in Toronto, Ontario working towards growing his sound and hopefully becoming the artist he’s always dreamt to be as a little boy.

#NewMusic Blake, The Impaler and Darkeyes – Goyard (I Can’t Breath) @blaketheimpalrr

Blake, The Impaler and Darkeyes are a duo made up of two 19 year old Canadian recording artists. Throughout their upcoming career they’ve shown their appreciation for multiple genres by displaying tremendous versatility from the energetic hip hop single “Way Too Faded”, continuing their existential growth with the RNB influenced, “Restrain”.

Their latest single, “Goyard”, showcases an agressive side to the duo that has yet too be displayed. The explosive hook from Blake, The Impaler combined with the screamo inspired verse from Darkeyes is guaranteed to initiate mosh pits across the globe.

#NewVideo AllyxWay, TCTHEGXD and ShaunSmithh – DEAD@AllyxWay @Tcthegxd @apt1208 @officialeprod

Toronto’s Allyxway, TCTHEGXD and ShaunSmithh drop their collab track “Dead”, filmed and directed by EPROD.

Tcthegxd born June 14, 1998, was born to two African immigrants residing in the west end of Toronto
At the age of 14 he started to develop his taste of music after receiving a “rockband” gaming set for Christmas. After seeing this as a potential pursuit to start a music career, tcthegxd started writing rhymes on his iPhone 4 at the time and never looked back. Now since dropping his debut project “DNA” earlier in the year, tcthegxd has been on a hot streak dropping content nearly every two months, also dropping a surprise EP titled “FuckRap”. Now with the world watching since dropping his collaborative single with artists shaunsmithh and allyxway, The music industry will soon have to take notice of this kids potential. Be sure to follow @TCTHEGXD

Shaunsmithh Born in Africa moved to the United States at the age of two with his father who was a DJ at the time. Coming from a musical background with family members around him Shaun fell in love with the art music
The self proclaimed “All around creative” has gained influences from the likes of Pharrell Williams and others. Being the mysterious artist out of the three, coming off thier brand-new single “dead” that premiered. Shaunsmithh is set to release a debut project with no release date as of yet, be sure to check him out on social media platforms @Shaunsmithh @Apt1208

Artist and Sound Engineer Allyxway was born and raised in the Toronto GTA. Without having much he was able to still develop his passion for music from a young age. He has always strived to sound different from his other peers and counterparts in the Toronto music scene, with influences from Young Thug, Max B. With now recently having a child of his own, Allyxway officially odebuted his first project “Yung-Way” on Soundcloud gaining a loyal core audience. To find out more information follow him @AllyxWay in all social media platforms.

Videographer/Photographer Born March 10, 1997 EPROD was a big socialite and played high level sports most of his life until he grasped the passion for arts/music. He has been feature in a few local magazines/blogs throughout the United States and Canada ex. Noisey, Hip Hop Canada, 6ixBuzz (via Instagram) and many more. He has been friends with the 3 young artists for a few years and has shot their most recent visual “DEAD” that’s currently out on YouTube. There are a few other projects in which the group is working on that should be out for release fall 2018. You can reach out to EPROD on Instagram @e.prod or Twitter @officialeprod