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Last month, Tennessee riser DaTBoYZ3L returned to the music front with the lead single of his forthcoming sophomore album, #DaTseason. Entitled “Danger”, the Letthatboycook-produced record speaks on the elevated violence level of today’s world with a strong focus on how it impacts Z3L’s life and hometown of Jackson. Now, the budding star unveils the lyric video for “Danger”. This marks the first time DaTBoY has worked on something internationally, reaching out to Serbia’s Jovo Ivanic to work on the presentation.

With the release, we now can sing along with Z3L and get a more in depth look at the lyrics of the song as the imagery is projected against a brick wall painted white. Words are scribed in black text and within animated blood drippings. Add in the incredible animation of DatBoyZ3L’s press images, the “Danger (Lyric Video)” adds to the depth of the single and sets up the announcement of the official video set to drop sometime late summer. In the meantime, give the lyric video a few spins on YouTube and add the single to your playlist on Spotify.

#NewInterview DaTBoYZ3L Visits BrinkTV @DaTBoYZ3L

Jackson, Tennessee recording artist DaTBoYZ3L is still making rounds with his 2016 full length, debut album, “DaTBoY”.  Z3L has dropped numerous singles and videos from the project such as “Stressing”. Wasting zero time, he continues to stride ahead and announced his forthcoming album, #DatSeason, and it’s lead off single, “Danger”. Aside from music, Z3L is hard at work branding his movement and plans to launch many more items from his clothing line.

Just recently, DBZ made the trek from Jackson to Atlanta for a promotional run for the “Stressing” single. After returning home, having successfuly linked with prime DJs in Georgia, Z3L connected with the Memphis-based BrinkTV for his first ever video interview segment. They spoke about his name origin, “DaTBoY”, his clothing line, upcoming album and much more. Watch the full interview here and stay tuned for “Danger” to premiere very soon.

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@NewVideo @DaTBoYZ3L – Stressing



Lost family members and crooked friendships have Jackson artist DaTBoYZ3L “Stressing” to the fullest in the SoLoVisualz-directed film –

The song, found on Z3L’s debut album, “DatBoy”, speaks on bad habits we indulge in to cope with depression and loss. As the lyrics of the song build up, we find the Tennessee mainstay going thru different mindsets. At first, he is lost and troubled, turning to a bottle and smoke to sooth the pain. Then, DBZ slowly begins seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. He comes to the realization that he must overcome his angst and continue to uplift and inspire individuals in similar situations. With the help and aid of God, Z3L shows and proves that anything is possible thru Him. “Stressing” is by far the most personal and influential songs from “DatBoy”. Both the official video and album can be found below.

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#NewMusic DaTBoYZ3L – Stressing (@DaTBoYZ3L)

“Stressing” is the latest single from recording artist DaTBoYZ3L and features fellow state rapper, Iam2j. Alongside his go to producer Let That Boy Cook, Z3L fully expresses his mind over the bass laden production. He speaks on topics such as death, loss and faux friendships. As a trio, the fellas birth a single aimed at listeners that may be encountering their own type of personal struggles. They look towards smoking and drinking to numb the pain but ultimately Z3L looks towards God to help sooth the bumpy ride called life.

The Jackson native has been steady at continuing the campaign behind his 2016 debut album, “DatBoy”. This services as the fifth single from said project that carries features from Calvin Ross, Cash, Mind and the aforementioned Iam2j. Currently, there’s no news yet if there will be an official video. However, news did break that DaTBoYZ3L is working on his follow up album, #DatSeason. Until that time arrives, enjoy his freshman effort here.

#NewVideo @DaTBoYZ3L Get Em Shot By @Its_MyAmbitionN


Tennessee artist DaTBoYZ3L is back with a brand new, SoLoVisualz / Krayfilms directed visual to back his latest single, “Get Em”. This is a follow up to his Calvin Ross assisted release, “Don’t Be Afraid”. In the video, we find the hungry emcee draped up in white and blue garments while marching down The Jackson Walk, which is located behind The Lift Center in Jackson. The beat selected for the audio single features crispy drums, organs, keys and a smooth synth arpeggio that is utilized in the verses and chorus. In the song, Z3L challenges fellow artists to step their bars up and to get back into pushing the envelope of song crafting in Hip Hop.

Not only does DBZ “Get Em” but he is also joined by a cameo appearance from his mother and some innovative scenes featuring two, white masked females dancing in unison to the beat. Those two disguised ladies also happen to be Z3L’s sisters. Incorporating family into the mix is always a plus and shows the song’s ability to be received by a wide variety of listeners. “Get Em” will be featured on DBZ’s upcoming, self titled EP. Watch the video below.