Noah Da Don is Back! Brings Ricardo’s Way 2 with Him @Noahdadon1

Noah Da Don is back and ready to make his mark with his highly anticipated new mixtape “Ricardo’s Way 2.” The brand new mixtape follows up “HUH!” his previous smash hit and video. “Ricardo’s Way 2” is being released on Friday, August 3.

Making moves off vibes and big on “going with his gut,” Noah Da Don, born in Washington, D.C. NW is the NEXT “Nod Worthy” artist to emerge out of the DMV. His most recent mixtape was dropped by DJ Self, Noah Da Don, explains, “People were calling me. DJ’s were telling me this was the one.” Checking the numbers, he watched his latest hustler’s anthem quickly jumped to a staggering amount of downloads, becoming one of the hottest new singles to drop. After releasing his last video, Noah claimed the ears of a more diverse fanbase, creatively building his visual platform on MTV and Revolt.

Keep your eyes and ears open for performances by Noah Da Don in your city. Noah just signed a deal with Ghazi’s EMPIRE for distribution. With the release of “Ricardo’s Way 2” Noah firmly claims his spot as the new king of the DMV.

Noah Da Don – ‘Ricardo’s Way 2 (Mixtape) Link:

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Instagram: iamnoahdadon
Twitter: @Noahdadon1

#NewMusic Inkay2x – Gassin @Inkay2x

“Gassin” is a smooth, short, happy, upbeat single from Inkay2x. Promoted with a short 50 second visual, gassin was in heavy demand due to various singles posted by the rapper. Released on July 3, 2018 the debut single by the artist continues to grow and grow around the D.C area.

Nkwelle Nkwelle also know by his stage name Inkay2x is a young and upcoming artist from Prince Georges County, Maryland. A choir boy turned energetic rapper, he possesses a unique melodic sound and a affinity for a luxurious lifestyle. This young eccentric artist has a star personality and a very goofy vibe that will be sure to grip the hearts of many young fans.

#NewVideo AyeThatsAce – Betty Boop @AyeThatsAce

Twenty-three year old, DMV riser AyeThatsAce is looking to make his mark with a unique sound all his own. He strikes with the first single from from his project, “Menace”. He speaks to his ideal ride or die chick aka “Betty Boop” ans drops an official video with the aid of 100mzvisuals. Listen to the No Keys production here.

#NewEP Troofforever – Forever @troofforever

DMV based artist Troofforever debuts his six track EP “Forever”, combining his strong DC roots with catchy radio singles

Troof took his time crafting the EP, as he does with every release. He created his own cover and recorded most of the songs himself in his home studio. Engineering was done by DJ Momo and mastering by Dymique. Troof went through an extensive process while piecing the project together. Thumbing thru a large amount of producers and songs he had written to finally come up with the “Forever” EP. He choose the title to prove that his musical legacy will live on and never die.

One of Troof’s main goals is to make a major presence in the music business and the world in general. Understanding that everyone will not like him or his music, his aim is for people to recognize his hard work ethic and grind. This project displays that he is going to be himself and ball on them “Forever”. Production credits go to Mark Henry, BKS, Ace Character and Ace on the Beat. The “Forever” EP is just the beginning to a new journey as he continues building his musical catalog on streaming platforms. With the release now available, music videos and shows are what’s coming next from this project, giving more content on what each song means and for your enjoyment.

Jerrah Harrison, better known by the stage name Troofforever, was born and raised in Washington DC on the third of March, 1991. Troof is a Hip Hop artist, songwriter and Designer. Raised in DC but moved to San Francisco at the age of 8 to live before moving back to the District a year later. He grew up listening to Bone Thugs n Harmony, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Slick Rick, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Xscape, Jay Z, Ludacris, 50 Cent, etc. At the age of four, his mother was diagnosed with ALS. Doctors gave her 8 months to live but through the grace of God, she lived for another 8 years before passing away on January 12, 2003.

His family is his motivation to become a better artist to change the world to make it a better place. He started out writing poetry early in elementary school but gained an Interest in making rap music during his 8th grade year in middle school. He continued making music in his own time over the years but decided to get serious in making a career with it when he was a freshmen in college. He started a group with his high school friend Mos to make “Nconvenienttroof”. The name was Inspired by both members at that time, giving meaning of “keeping it real no matter the occasion”.

He started college August 2009 attending University of Maryland Eastern Shore, majoring in graphic design and attended for 1 year before transferring back home and going to University of the District of Columbia. He attended that school for two years before dropping out as a third semester Junior to take his music career to the next level. His music is influenced from a lot of R&B/ Soul, Pop, Rap and hip hop, giving his style a soulful yet witty and smooth hip hop artist.

Troof has helped develop Nconvenienttroof into a business and a movement, gaining support and a following of people interested in what’s to come for the future. Troof released his highly anticipated mixtape “Versatile” on May 2, 2013 on It’s first single, “Grind Dont Stop”, was featured on multiple blog sites such as “,,, and Troof has learned a lot on his journey to become a great artist. From performing at local venues to auditioning in New York for BET’s “Wild Out Wednesday” and “Blaze The Stage”, he has learned what he had to do to become better and took the initiative on doing just that. He wants to motivate others while giving quality music that not only sounds good but is relatable to any individual living real life situations.

In 2018, Troof is a much more experienced artist in all aspects of the game. He has extended knowledge and understanding of the business and the legal side of things. He’s also developed more confidence in his craft to become the best entertainer he can be. Everything is looking up for Troofforever as he is moving on to much bigger and better things this year and beyond.

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#NewMusic AViT – Detached @AViT_0

AViT is an upcoming rapper, singer, and producer from the DMV. He combines Alternative influences with the hard hitting Trap sound the mainstream has grown accustomed to. He has been slowly getting his name out through producing beats for other fellow underground DMV rappers. His latest release, “Detached”, is a song that represents the apathy in a previous failed relationship. The type of relationship where unrequited love was commonplace. Listen to the emotionally driven single below.

#NewMusic Damian – Break Bread @fraildamian

“Break Bread” is Damian’s first true solo track and he wanted to do it huge so he hit up Nessly. He’s always respected his work so it was only right. The track is big, fun and perfect for the upcoming summer.

Braggadocios and witty on the track, Damian uses his unique flow and melodies to deliver lines like “good genes/jeans like I got it from my momma, these GAP but I don’t see a problem”. Showing that he is hustling and making sure that he financially capitalizes on that talent he has been grooming, but that he is a humble dude at the same time that is going to do what he wants and and wear what he wants. Living on his own wave. It is an amazing track and with the right push behind it the song can have great impact.

Damian Bess is a 19 yr old artist originally from Maryland that currently lives in Washington D.C. He started off his creative career as a skateboarder/professional model that always had a huge love for music. He began really making music in Maryland when he began joking around and recording with his group partner, SEAMU$. After high school he moved to New York to model for RED Management group amongst some of the top models in the world for some very high brands, but then he came to the realization that modeling at this point really wasn’t for him. He wanted to make amazing music while controlling his own future and image, so he moved back home to the DMV area and got locked in with his group, Frailboys.

The name Frailboys came from Damian being skinny and wanting to take a negative term used and turn it around to show all his supporters that they will win in life just being themselves and killing that everyday! Damian Bess is looking to make amazing music and grow. He plans on perfecting his producing and taking singing lessons to really push himself. Have had a lot of label offers and support at their concerts, but for now the only way is up and he plans on working hard to make everything come to fruition.

#NewMusic Ayo Potter – Freak A Leak @ayopotter

Maryland rising rapper/singer Ayo Potter unleashes the lead single from his debut album, “Sister Mafia”, the intoxicating “Freak A Leak”

Potter revealed that the new tune is a re-creation of Petey Pablo’s old school single that was produced by Lil Jon. Ayo reworks the single into a provocative, R&B laced hit. Check it out now on Soundcloud.

#NewMusic Human Bean – Holy Dope @Barzbybean

Human Bean steps into the booth fresh off the scale for the Lasik Beats produced, “Holy Dope”

What started out as a hobby for the DMV located artist has now lead him to pursue music at a more serious level. The self-proclaimed 9-5er has his mnd set on stacking up a few bags with his forthcoming EP, “Bean Talk”. Roll up a litle “Holy Dope” below.

The Metro Cartel Releases The New Video “Black Collar”

Meshing together ‘true identity’ and passion for music, five talented emcees out of the DMV, will prove to be a formula for success in the music industry. The lyrical group The Metro Cartel consists of five members, who go by the names of: Ivin the Terrorable, B.I.G. Fella, Duck Lo, Sir Charlz, & M.I.L. (Moments In Life). The only common denominator between the quin-rap group’s formation would be the H.B.C.U. they attended together and their hometown, Washington D.C. Now, the five members push forward with consistent moves and efforts in the independent music scene. Continuing to build an impressive online presence and portfolio, the group worked consistently on building a brand, performing their own efforts of marketing, distribution and networking. Now today, The Metro Cartel, re-collaborate even stronger and more focused on their music perspective. The DC-based collective makes it their priority to touch all bases of human emotions, whether it’s to uplift or provoke thoughts inside of a listener’s mind. Identity and individuality remain at the top of the group’s goals – while reflecting on the reality of their environment.

Bossman “The God” x Off The Record 3 | @BossmanTheGod


It’s said that “Less is more” and that “silence is golden“, but there comes a time when enough is enough and you need to have an off the record conversation! This is exactly what B-more’s own “Bossman” gives the world with his new single “Off The Record 3” from his latest project “Law & Order II“. Bossman gives us over 7 minutes of bars as he talks about his life, his family, friends, women, the music industry, social injustice and all other things that have occupied the B-more emcee’s thoughts. This by far is the most honest and introspective track that Bossman has ever written and it’s evident by the raw emotion showcased as he takes us on a journey into the things that plaque his thoughts!
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