Dj Smoke drops “Smoked Out Radio 53” | @DjSmokeMixtapes

Dj Smoke Presents: Smoked Out Radio 53 the mixtape series!!

Smoked Out Radio 53 released on August 1, 2018 is now available to stream and download on Spinrilla. Smoked Out Radio 53 is also available on Livemixtapes, Da Mix Hub, and most major mixtape sites. If you are a Spotify user I want you to know that we kept you guys in mind as well! We believe in helping artists get paid for their hard work! We will be launching our Smoked Out Radio 53 playlist on Spotify real soon!

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Lovell – Watcha Gonna Do

Lovell Spreads Positivity through New Single
“Whatcha Gonna Do”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Lovell Brooks has always had an undeniable passion for everything that had to do with music. After receiving his first big break in 1986 with his performance group Private Affairs, he knew he possessed the drive and talent to go far. As he continued on with his career, he realized he wanted to take a different route as a solo artist. He was so focused on perfecting his craft independently, which prompted him to continue on his journey as such.

When it comes to Lovell’s style, he prides himself on being extremely versatile. After dabbling into RnB music, his peers began noticing how his talent effortlessly started to shine through. “After taking some time off from music, I had a reawakening in 2010. I wasn’t liking what I was seeing in the industry, as violence and drugs were being promoted. So, I took matters into my own hands and reinvented the wheel with my own sound,” said the artist. It took serious determination and bravery to stand apart from the masses, and promote a message he hoped would go further. It was no surprise that his fans were immediately receptive to the positive message he shared through his music.

Lovell shook the RnB scene by storm when he released his reintroduction single, “Baby Hi”. The song alone raked in numbers at a rate that Lovell was stunned, and rightfully pleased, by. In continuing to provide inspiration to his listeners in need of it, he kept the momentum going with the release of his most recent single, “Whatcha Gonna Do”, from his follow-up album “Universoul Man”. “It’s a soulful reminder to gangsters in the street who may be doing bad things,” said Lovell. “It has a Curtis Mayfield vibe to it. I just want to give a warning to people who may want to gravitate toward criminal behavior. I want to inspire them to pursue more positive aspirations.” Much like its predecessor, the single has garnered a lot of attention as it continues to generate an overwhelming amount of positive feedback.

Regardless of what projects he’s working on, Lovell strives to be the “O.G.” as he continues to spread an uplifting message through his music. “Not to sound cliché, but people shouldn’t give up so easily. Nothing by chance will happen fast, so you have to continue to hone your craft,” said the singer. He hopes his fans will take heed to his message, and never stop achieving their goals in life. After all, Lovell is a living and breathing example of someone who never stopped reaching for greatness.

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Nu JerZey Devil’s new single/video “Take Money” | @nujerzeydevil

Nu Jerzey Devil has released the visual for his newest single Take Money.

Before we go into the video let’s take a minute to go over some info about Nu Jerzey Devil.

“I came from the Bottom, I taught myself how to Dj, how to shoot my own videos. I put
together a team I trusted, and we never stopped grinding” States Nu JerZey Devil, when asked about his humble beginnings. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and JerZ definitely paved his own way. Having learned to Dj in addition to producing at a young age, provided Nu JerZey Devil with the opportunity to produce for notable artists such as Lil Wayne, Neyo, and of course West Coast Hip Hop Artist; the Game who JerZ has been Djing for many years.

“Double C’s on the bag, Fifty-five on the tag, Take a ni**a for his last,
Leave the club with the cash, All she do is Take Money…All she do is
Take Money!”

Take Money is the perfect anthem for all those “Take Money”, always grinding type of women! The track produced by Bongo By The Way, Nu JerZey Devil rides this beat perfectly! In addition it’ll having you vibin’ to it while you light one up in the club, and pop some bottles with a few Get Money type of beautiful women!

The video is shot at JerZey’s second home…Miami! Take Money, directed by Shula The Don, who captured JerZey tearing through the city in a double R, partying at Miami’s hotspots and enjoying life with beautiful ladies by his side who are always about their business….

Always focused on that paper! Nu JerZey Devil is continuously on a money mission and Take Money, is art imitating JerZey’s real life events!

In the words of Ani Galestanian/LimitLess Entity


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Twitter: @nujerzeydevil


Jovie “Still On Go” | @Wodafukisjovie

Taking a break is sometimes a necessary and much-needed way to detach from things. Time to re-calibrate, recharge and come back to whatever it was that you left with a renewed attitude and spirit. This is exactly what Detroit emcee Jovie has done over the last several months. Jovie took a much-needed hiatus from the industry as he took time to focus on his family and worked on new music. Now Jovie is back and he want’s the industry and his fans to know that he’s #StillOnGo as he releases his new single which carries his aforementioned mantra “#StillOnGo”. Jovie teams up with fellow Detroit beatsmith “My Producer” as Jovie gives us his latest offering, as he puts the industry on notice that he’s #StillOnGo.

Hit the link after the jump and get ready for the re-emergence of Jovie back into the game!

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Bossman The God “Still Lit” x (Uncut Video) | @BossmanTheGod

What happens when you have cameras follow & document a day in the life of “Bossman The God?” A Lithuation! That’s exactly what happened in the latest offering from Bossman, as he gives us the second single/visual from his latest project “Law &Order 2”, “Still Lit!” Bossman & his right hand take a trip to AC (Atlantic City) and then well. You’d have to see it to believe it! Bossman once again shows star power as his clever lyricism coupled over a heavy snare & kick ladened track makes for a classic “Boom Bap” feel. As the summer winds down  Bossman is gearing up to release more content from his current project and is ready to bring heat to the fall & winter. Check out his new video  “Still Lit” and see why Bossman has been lit since 06!

Bossman The God “Law &
Order 2”

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Bossman “Law & Order II” | @BossmanTheGod

law and order
phrase of law
a situation characterized by respect for and obedience to the rules of a society.

The aforementioned term was created to help protect Americans, to keep them safe and provide our society with a check & balance system to provide justice to the people. Unfortunately this is no longer the case for people of color. In urban communities there is no such thing as “Law & Order”. The same system that was set up to protect us is killing us at an alarming rate, and people don’t feel safe. Bossman knows this all to well as the Baltimore native deals with the lack of Law & Order on a daily basis in the streets of Baltimore. Just like in every urban community in the US he’s not only had to battle with the struggles of living in said community, but also the perils of a criminal justice system that isn’t for him or the people of the community. How can you win? When people are being killed for obeying the law and true justice isn’t being served.

With his new project “Law & Order II” the sequel to his breakout project, Bossman channels the frustrations of life without Law & Order and gives us his perspective, and that of the people of Baltimore with his new project. Bossman ‘s stellar lyricism coupled with great production, gives the struggles of the people a voice, as he gives us what life is like in Baltimore without Law & Order. With standout singles “Letter to Jay Z, Shottas, Off the Record and Still Lit.”Bossman gives forth a solid body of work while providing a soundtrack to injustice. Our criminal justice system is broken and we can’t afford to lay down and accept it.

Checkout Bossman’s new project “Law & Order II” and listen to the voice of the people!


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New Video: Elijah Hosein (@ElijahxHosein) | “Secret”

Unrelenting artistry exudes from Elijah Hosein. Motivated by the classic showmanship of Michael Jackson, and the contemporary allure of Bruno Mars, the “Below The Moon” singer/songwriter is determined to make the world respect his voice.
Tribulation, talent, and triumph continue to caress his perspective. Shaped by Brooklyn streets, the Flatbush native is working to ensure the globe moves to his beat. “Secret,” the second release, from his anticipated EP Reflection, mandates movement.
Grammy-nominated, Kaleb “KQuick” Rollins’ eloquent production melds seamlessly with Elijah’s pure vocal ability. Insatiable horns increase the track’s overall appeal. This visceral Roarin Lion-visual encaptures simplistic brilliance. Here, Elijah Hosein’s innate artistry is given the spotlight.

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New Video: Steelo Steezy (@IamSteeloSteezy) | “Thug Life”

The wait is over. The young protégé of Future & Young Scooter, famed member of the BMG Gang “Steelo Steezy” has finally debuted his new single/visual “Thug Life”. This catchy & melodic tune showcases Steezy’s flair and wordplay as he gives us his 1st single from his forthcoming project “Steelo Steezy”. The Atlanta phenom is poised and ready to carry the BMG imprint to the next level as he gives the world/industry his brand of music. Check out “Thug Life” after the jump and get familiar with Steelo Steezy!

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New Music: @IamSteeloSteezy | “Thug Life”

Steelo Steezy is back and ready to give the public some new heat. With a successful debut, last summer the BMG representative has been hard at work in the studio cooking up some heat in the form of a new mixtape. With co-signs from Young Scooter, Future and Metro Boomin Steezy is officially ready to let the world hear his brand of music. His lead single “Thug Life” is from his new project “Steezy” (which drops at the end of the month) is sure to get the industry buzzing about the ATL emcee.

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