[Single] Freedom ‘Run’

Born and raised in Haiti, Freedom, has been working tirelessly on his movement of motivational music inspiring people to dream and achieve anything they imagine. His soulful voice represents hope, truth, peace and unity.

Freedom is one of the founding fathers of Haitian Hip Hop. With classic anthems such as “Sove Peyi Mwen” (“Save my country”), “L’Union” or “Dream A World” (featured on CNN), he has managed to give a voice to the people and set stepping stones for positive change. —

LINK TO RUN SONG FOR ALL PLATFORMS : https://li.sten.to/snmkaNv

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/freedomrecordz/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Freedomfanpage/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FreedomRecordz
Website Link: www.freedomrecordz.com

Corvus – Freedom @DjibrilRayan

Corvus is a Montreal based artist that specializes in turning emotions into sound waves. He started his journey into music at age 12 where he began dabbling in music production. As influences he counts Kanye West, Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Frank Ocean. He works exclusively with his best friend and producer Møziz in creating unique and catchy songs with a subject matter ranging from unrequited love to freedom.

Freedom is a song about escaping our social conditioning and gaining familiarity with ourselves. It’s a song about the liberation that comes with an understanding of the self and the mind.

@Ricky_Bats Is Letting Them Know In “Gossip Girls” Ft. Dyce Payne

Ricky Bats is breaking it down in “Gossip Girls” featuring Dyce Payne.  Ladies if your man loves you, respects you, is loyal, and treats your right, don’t pay any mind to the gossip girls!  This is the ideal video for the track as the beats make you wanna lace up a pair of skates and get down to soulful and Hip Hop sounds!  Be sure to get a copy of Bat’s “Freedom” EP featuring the track “Gossip Girls”.  https://www.amazon.com/Freedom-Explicit-Ricky-Bats/dp/B01DLA3C1O