Bambitho ft Hardini- Breep On Em @Bambitho_KM

“Breep On Em” is the booming single from San Diego duo, Bambitho and Hardini. The song also features production from Jay Izm and can be found on Bambitho’s EP, “Zeus Bannon”

Bambitho is solely motivated in the music industry to bring his family out of poverty. Being homeless as a child has resonated very deeply inside him. Bam will always find a way to make things work, you can hear his work ethic and dedication to music in his voice each time he opens his mouth. He is silent and deadly, one could say he isn’t the one to mess with.

He has recently just gotten off tour wit Rob $tone and has songs with every artist in San Diego who is worth having music with. His debut mixtape, “Smokin California Rockin Italy” and song “61st and Alderley”, are what firmly planted Bambithos feet in the soil of San Diego Hip Hop. The San Diego rapper is heavily influenced by southern and Bay Area rap.