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Dj Smoke Presents: Smoked Out Radio 53 the mixtape series!!

Smoked Out Radio 53 released on August 1, 2018 is now available to stream and download on Spinrilla. Smoked Out Radio 53 is also available on Livemixtapes, Da Mix Hub, and most major mixtape sites. If you are a Spotify user I want you to know that we kept you guys in mind as well! We believe in helping artists get paid for their hard work! We will be launching our Smoked Out Radio 53 playlist on Spotify real soon!

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#NewEP Jah Just Aim High – Incline @jah_cap

Chicago rapper Jah Just Aim High is a music artist that brings new life into hip hop with unmatchable creativity and newness that’s very different from the artists of his age and home town. He’s been grinding for over a year now releasing multiple singles and just released an EP titled “Incline” that sets the tone for his sound.

He’s been opening up shows for local big artist in Chicago like, King Louie, Tink, Katie Got Bandz, etc. This artist is only 18 and his lyrics, delivery, versatility, honesty and ability to write about his surroundings in a totally different aspect is remarkable, this is what makes him a great artist. Listen to the seven track album exclusively on Spotify.

#NewMusic Ju-Will – Gcc @JuWillwithitall

Chicago born, San Antonio raised rapper Ju-Will just released his new mixtape “Cast Out” and i now getting ready to release an album soon. The newest single from the album is “Gcc”, an abbreviation for his Getting Cash Clicc. The trap heavy street record can be heard here.

T Whalez – Sacrifice

LB Visions Productions films and directs rising Chicago artist T Whalez latest track, “Sacrifice”. Behind any man’s success comes sacrifice and struggle. The Illinois rapper aims his focus on this statement and wilds out over a 800 Hertz instrumental that packs a colossal, cinematic sound. Watch as T Whalez and two hooded cohorts rid the city of filth and much more below.

Natalie – SHAMEFUL @ShamefulNatalie

Natalie’s debut EP “SHAMEFUL” features dark melodies, vocal soundscapes, extreme digital vocal manipulation, nostalgic references and a wide range of genre influences. The first track, “Signs”, has a good example of that vocal manipulation; it sounds as if there are two different people dueting when it’s actually just the same person. The project dropped June 1st via all streaming platforms and has co-production from FRIDVYFLX on the track “Signs” and a feature from MAXXX on the track “Cancer”.

Natalie was born in the suburbs of Chicago and spent her teen years in and around Houston and the Greater Houston Area. While living here she learned about the Screwed Up Click, Big Moe, Lil Keke and more. She would tune in every Sunday to 97.9’s The Box for Screwed Up Sundays and would listen to their radio programming for hours. At the age of 16, these artists inspired her to create her own chop and screw mixtapes, and that eventually snowballed into her teaching herself audio production and crafting her own music.

Natalie lived in the city of Chicago for the past few years and developed a sound inspired by both of these cities; the dark, slowed, and chopped vibe from Houston mixed with heavy Chicago drums and/or house patterns. She has very recently moved to NYC to get more inspiration for her sound. Her debut EP Shameful highlights influences from all of these cities.

Chi City – So About Last Night @IAmChiCity

What happens when temptation and riches challenge a man’s morals? Chi City shares his real-life experience of good vs. evil. This Yondo assisted production helps Chi paint a vivid picture of his fight with reality choosing between the pressure of his peers or his love for music. His wordplay is precise, and his story is intriguing. In the end, will he take the ride to Quick Money or take the path less traveled.

In a time where the rap game gives more praise to clout chasing, and Instagram likes, Chi City rides a wave whose rhymes take you back to a time when the industry’s filled with pure, heartfelt music.

Growing up in the south side of Chicago’s Foster Park neighborhood, Chi City’s music illustrates how he persevered through unfortunate events in his past and used the knowledge and, an experience he gained as a child to stay motivated and continue perfecting his art.

With the 2016 release of his song “Thug Life” which mimics a style originated from the group Bone Thugs n Harmony, had SoundCloud soaring with fans in awe over the compelling record that caught the attention of 300 Ent’s Lyor Cohen.

Following the rest of that year out with shows and tour appearances, Chi City found himself in the center of the media with the controversial release of “Sorry Kanye” in which Chi City somehow got ahold of Kanye West’s unreleased “Fade” beat while working on music in LA.

Not revealing how he got ahold of the “Fade” instrumental, Chi City quickly caught headlines, which lead to a tug a war with Universal and G.O.O.D Music over track from the highly anticipated “TLOP” album and had it taken down from all platforms. Sparking a series of debates online that Chi City’s version of “Fade” outperformed his fellow hometown “free thinker” hero Kanye West, who was even impressed himself on how well Chi delivered on the “stolen” track.

In the center of what seems to be an awkward moment of momentum, Chi City soon found himself in sessions writing for some of today’s most relevant artist. Such is the nature of his music, as self and socially aware as it is comical.

With the first music release of 2018 on the way, Chi City has set the tone for whats yet to come. A stand out rapper in today’s hip-hop world, he keeps his sound deeply tied to his Midwest roots and his message one that knows no boundaries.

#NewMusic Roy Banks – Hate On Me @TheRoyBanks

“Hate On Me” is a very catchy, bouncy and infectious single from Roy Banks that is guaranteed to make you wanna get up and dance. Banks shows off impressive lyricism and delivers flows with finesse in the first track of his May promotional series dubbed “Banks May Mayhem” with a new drop every Thursday. You’ll wanna tune in to this deyjanbeats produced song and his future releases.

Roy Banks is an artist from Chicago,IL he has been making music since the beginning of 2017 with two well received projects “Sincerely Banks” and “Cracking The Asphalt” and a handful of of singles under his belt Banks shows a lot of musical maturity at a very young age. Still very eager to learn and soak up more knowledge, but hungry to show what he’s got Roy Banks is head of his class. Not confined to being just a rapper but also a singer fusing melodies with mellow and honest lyricism is Banks niche and how he’ll find his way into your music library.

#NewVideo Mussa – Isolated

“Isolated” from Chicago based artist Mussa is his very first music video. It has a very different sound and vibe to it with a catchy hook and lyrics with melodies changing every 8 bars. The visuals match the audio very well. Towards the mid of the song he describes his life events maintaining the same energy and hype to it. Overall his current sound is a very unique and stylized version of rap music, with a vibe that is very different to a lot of what is currently popular within the mainstream rap genre with a perfect matching visuals.

Mussa is a musician and artist based out of the city of Chicago, Illinois. Born to immigrant parents, he experienced both an urban and suburban upbringing, and was introduced to music at a very young age. His mom organized musical events for crowds of 6000+ when Mussa was as young as six years old, and watching these performances sparked his initial curiosity about the world of music and performing. First singing, as many do, in front of a mirror with his mother’s hairbrush for a microphone while still a toddler, he got his first taste of studio recording at age sixteen. His upbringing, and the introduction to music at such a young age means he has grown up influenced by different cultures and backgrounds, and has been able to channel these experiences into his music. Led by an instinct to create, he is still making producing work three years later, and it has led him to grow and progress as an artist, pushing boundaries to create new and exciting sounds.

His current sound is a very unique and stylized version of rap music, with a vibe that is very different to a lot of what is currently popular within the mainstream rap genre. No single song that Mussa creates sounds like another, each one taking on a feeling of its own. He works in a very versatile way, almost becoming a musical chameleon to match the vibe and beat of each track. Working independently, his main goal with his music is to create something that is unique, and stays in line with his personal vision for the music. He also hopes to create accompanying visuals for his tracks as well.

With hopes to put on his own shows and events, and produce something new and noteworthy to come out of the Chicago area, Mussa is always working on new content. Currently his work, including the video for his track “Isolated,” can be found on YouTube, and across most popular music streaming platforms including SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify.

#NewMusic BRICK – RIP Dreams @OfficialBrickL

Illinois riser BRICK debuts a moody, Bloo produced waver entitled “RIP Dreams” that he recently released via his Soundcloud page

Growing up in poverty, moving house to house of the south suburbs of Chicago; BRICK started with music in 3rd Grade, writing lyrics to perform for family talent shows and with his friend. YMCMB’s artist, Drake and Lil Wayne were his first earliest influences. He made his first SoundCloud mixtape, “B.R.I.C.K.Life”, at the age of 15 and at the age of 17, made his second tape Life of a Brick. At the age of 18, BRICK continues to create hit singles and commits to making hot music until the right one sends him to the next level to support his current and future family.

#NewVideo Canny Mac – Conquer @fierzelarry

Chicago’s Canny Mac debuts the video for his “Conquer” single, directed by DualMind and produced by MaseratiGoKrazy

Chicago / Evanston, IL based artist Canny Mac began his discography with “A Broken House” mixtape in 2016, which consisted of 10 tracks. Mac’s influences include artists such as Kanye West, Jay Z, Travis scott, The Notorious BIG, Drake, Eminem, Etc. The drive and work ethic Canny brings towards his goals is what sets this artist apart from others. At a young age, Jonathan always looked into the deeper side of music. He would listen to a song on repeat all day, with every listen being a different study for the different parts of a song. With unique ways of composing his music, Canny brings an appealing sound to the modern rap scene.