Dec 27

James Flow releases a visual for “90’s Baby” | @JamesFlow_

With a high amount of “mumble” rappers getting the spotlight James Flow comes thru with a new single that’s reminiscent of a time when rappers really could spit. James Flow is an artist from Brampton a City in Ontario, Canada that takes pride in his music. “90’s baby” was created when James Flow realized the only real currency is time. Personally I rock with this record. James Flow keeps your attention, his delivery is clean, the production is on point, overall he keeps it short and sweet, with an abrupt ending which leaves you seeking more. Follow James Flow on Twitter, and Instagram today!

Dec 22



City: Chicago, IL.

Genre: HipHop

Key Single: My Position

RUN DOWN: Eddie P was born and raised in Chicago, il and started rapping at the age of 12. His rhyme style is very lyrical, creative, and special, also sometimes known to show much brutality.Eminem, 2pac, Nas,Jay Z and Cassidy were the fuel that motivated Eddie P to pursue his Dream. Music is the only thing that kept him going through being homeless and the death of his father.


TWITTER: TheOriginalEDP1

SoundCloud: theoriginaleddiep1

SnapChat: Lyricalgenius88

Dec 20

Giulio4 dominates the Orlando Hip-Hop scene!

As a new upcoming music artist, writer and producer Giulio4 is already dominating the Orlando mixtape scene. With the launch of his first mixtape in November 20XX the city rapidly showed interest in Giuilo4’s creative ability to collaborate beats and lyrics of his own while producing a mixtape that put the streets and clubs in his hands with his first single entitled Balmainz”.
Giulio4’s mixtape is musically inclined to reach the ears of individuals who are seeking raw talent at its best. His lyrics encompass the many perceptions and truths of today’s times “in streets” and how “these streets” are making business leaders in today’s corporate America. 
His musical talent and high depend has opened doors quickly allowing him to successfully debut “UnreasonableDoubt 2” and will creatively challenge top billboard artist in his talent. 
With launching his second mixtape Giulio4 is now working on branding his ideas and theories by way of music to help individuals like himself realize their full potential in leaving a legacy behind. Unreasonable Doubt 2 will creatively challenge top billboard artist in his talent.


Nov 23

NEW MUSIC: @NateW570 – “How It Go” (Feat. @iamkanvis) (Prod. By CM Beats)

Hazleton, PA-based emcee Nate Williams links up Christian Hip Hop artist Kanvis for his thunderous new single “How It Go” reminding us all of his prowess on the mic.

Download HOW IT GO On SoundCloud:

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Twitter: (@kanvismusic)
Soundcloud: @kanvismusic
Instagram: (@iamkanvis)

Aug 31


The 20 year old Milwaukee artist is breaking onto the indie scene electrifying fans and onlookers at local shows and self funded events throughout his city with a great stage performance and catchy records. This fall Blck JD puts all the hard work of gaining a solid fan base together and attacks the mixtape world with his debut “Now Or Never”. The 14 track project is light on the features but heavy on the production form his in house producer. Lookout for tracks “Come N Go, Dny, & Perfect Stranger” as projected bangers and lead visuals/singles to impact the release.

blck jd now or never

Aug 29


philly blocks

State: Kentucky

Genre: Hip Hop

Key Single: “Role Model”

RUN DOWN: Philly Blocks is a name that is slowly emerging from out of nowhere. To the masses of he may still be on the rise. Philly, was born as Juancinto Neal September 10, 1988 in Louisville, KY. However he had relatives on the east coast and Midwest in Philadelphia and Chicago, he would visit there often and became engulfed in the Philadelphia hip hop scene; he was attracted to their wordplay and delivery. “I’ve always had an east coast delivery and being heavily influenced by many east coast rappers. I chose Philly as my surname.” As for Blocks it stems from a brief stint in the streets as a youth, hence the name Philly Blocks! The Almighty General of the infamous #Team563 brand hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Philly is a rapid growing independent guru. Business influences from Master P, Nipsey Hussle, Damon Dash, and Rocko to name a few were ground breaking in Philly eyes to being an entrepreneur. Musically standout with an unique voice that goes over the 808s and provides lyrics and storytelling that missing today “Turn Up” music. As of 2016, artist Philly Blocks is currently on the RISEN media tour and is accepting media interviews. He has clean and explicit music available upon request. Philly Blocks is also available for speaking engagements and community events.

Twitter @PhillyBlocks
IG: @phillyblocks