Jan 11

[Video] Natalac releases new video titled Rates aka $50.00 Dollar Head | @Promovidz

True artistry comes with innovation, and with that comes a talent that’s been making noise since the 90’s, Natalac. With hip hop in his blood, the veteran emcee wanted something more from his rhymes and thus – pimp hop was born. Since it’s birth, pimp hop has led this rapper on one wild ride that’s had him everywhere from BET to an animated hit series.

One of his biggest songs to date, “Pimp of the City” garnered him attention from BET and with that came airplay in the Carolinas. His music is almost as recognizable as his face. So if his face looks familiar, well that’s because his image was used in The Boondocks as the character Slickback, a pimp – obviously. All of his success could not have been possible without his twist on hip hop. Which can be heard with his latest single, “Rates.”

Natalac is an emcee who created pimp hop back in the day and has built a career around it ever since. Now he’s planning on dropping his tenth album, The Natalac Experience in mid-May.

Those interested in hearing more from Natalac can check him out online. Follow Natalac on Facebook, Twitterhttps://Instagram.com/Natalac74 and visit his official website

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Jan 11

#NewMusic DJ DB405 drops EP titled “Lapwing Rd” | @DJ_DB405 @PromoMixtapes

Dj DB405 aka Mr. #GodisTrill is an up and coming DJ from Oklahoma. As an Oklahoma native this is the place where he first fell in love with music. This is where it all began before being in the streets selling mixtapes, DJing nightclubs,  and grinding all around OKC at the young age of 16.
DJ DB405 is a Christian DJ who is working with artists to create music with a positive message. Dj DB405 seeks to change lives through his music. Dj DB405 named this album Lapwing Rd. after the street he grew up on in Edmond, OK.  
Let’s get into “The Lapwing Rd. EP. Overall this is a crafty project. I am feeling the energy, the delivery, and production. Dj DB405 may be a christian DJ, but he delivers a positive message over trappy beats, and highly crafted engineering which is up to par with any of his peers. 
Historically “Christian” rappers have left a “corny” taste in my mouth with their over produced beats, boring lyrics and overly “churchy” sound. We need more Christian DJ’s like Dj DB405 to bring out the dope Christian artists. I am rocking with this dudes music and I love the positive message he exudes through his projects. 

Dec 27

James Flow releases a visual for “90’s Baby” | @JamesFlow_

With a high amount of “mumble” rappers getting the spotlight James Flow comes thru with a new single that’s reminiscent of a time when rappers really could spit. James Flow is an artist from Brampton a City in Ontario, Canada that takes pride in his music. “90’s baby” was created when James Flow realized the only real currency is time. Personally I rock with this record. James Flow keeps your attention, his delivery is clean, the production is on point, overall he keeps it short and sweet, with an abrupt ending which leaves you seeking more. Follow James Flow on Twitter, and Instagram today!

Nov 17

[Video] A1 Hu$tle – Take This D*ck | @Im_A1HuSTLe @Promomixtapes

A1 Hustle is working hard to brand himself in the game. I had the liberty of speaking with him prior to the release of his “#FuckTrump #WeGOV mixtape” and the exclusive single “Take This Dick”. A1 is a talented dude rapper, videographer, screen writer, and more. I see this brotha doing really well in the near future. 
A1 Hustle is riding the wave he created with his crazy single entitled “Take this Dick”. A1 released the visual for the single which has exploded all over the net with close to 200K views!! 
In addition to the video you can also stream and download A1 Hustle’s mixtape “#FuckTrump #WeGOV” on Mymixtapez, Livemixtapes, Datpiff, Spinrilla, Audioack and many others!! 
For booking contact A1 HuSTLe 314-736-8831 or ima1hustle@gmail.com
IG: @Im_A1HuSTLe 
Twitter: @Im_A1HuSTLe
Nov 17

[Mixtape] A1 Hu$tle – #F*ckTrump #BitchWeGOV | @Im_A1HuSTLe @Promomixtapes

STL artist A1 Hustle is riding the wave he created with his crazy single entitled “Take this Dick”. A1 released the visual for the single which has exploded all over the net with close to 200K views!! 

You can stream and download A1 Hustle’s mixtape “#FuckTrump #WeGOV” on Mymixtapez, Livemixtapes, Datpiff, Spinrilla, Audioack and many others!!

For booking contact A1 HuSTLe 314-736-8831 or ima1hustle@gmail.com


IG: @Im_A1HuSTLe 

Twitter: @Im_A1HuSTLe


Oct 07

New Music: @IamTruVez “Bales”

TruVez formally known as “TruTV” is back after a long hiatus from the industry. The Georgia native is no stranger to the game as he’s well respected and has always moved with the swagger of a millionaire emcee. Now after a minor setback TruVez is back on the scene and is ready to give the industry his sound and his brand of music, as he gives us his new single “Bales”. This heat rock has been generating a buzz in the south and is currently getting spins on several radio stations/markets in the South and Midwest. The word is out that Taveras is back and he’s putting the game on notice that he’s ready to take his place as one of the best rappers in the south. Checkout TruVez “Bales” after the jump and see why TruVez is the real deal.

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Sep 14

#NewArtist: @Elijah_Hosein “Below The Moon”

Good music comes from the soul and it invokes a feeling that lasts a lifetime. Like the time when you heard your favorite song for the first time. You remember everything down to the very minute detail, where you were, who you were with and exactly what you were doing when you heard your favorite track? This is exactly how the 21yr old Brooklyn singer/songwriter Elijah Hosein felt the first time he listened to his first “Michael Jackson” CD as he found his love of music at the tender age of 5 years old. Elijah found inspiration in Michael Jackson’s music as he played it religiously and sang along to. Michael Jackson opened his eyes and has inspired him ever since. “[He is] the reason I do music” says Elijah

With a strong passion for R&B music, and a desire to touch people with his music, within 5 years, Elijah sees himself making a HUGE mark in the industry. With hard work and devotion, he plans on honing his craft and building the foundation for longevity within the industry. With a new project in the works Elijah has been diligently in the studio working on new music. Under the guidance of his management team “The Trifekta Group”, Elijah gives the people his first offering “Below The Moon” the type of song that has that nostalgic sound and is a break from the monotony of what’s currently dominating the airwaves and the internet. Elijah plans to give the industry and his fans good music without gimmicks or bells and whistles. The combination of Elijah’s good looks, and incredible voice will help Elijah become a force to be reckoned with. We would like to formally introduce you to Elijah Hosein and his new single “Below The Moon”

“So baby let’s go It isn’t that dangerous/ cuz baby I know this life was made for us
So baby let’s go keep it between me and you. Yeah what we do below the moon”
– Elijah Hosein “Below The Moon”

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Sep 08

Gucci Mane links with Chicago’s own Polar on new single “That ain’t no money” | @Gucci1017 x @I_amPolarBear


Gucci Mane grind is on 1000 the 1017 Brick Squad boss drops another hot single titled “That ain’t no money” featuring Chicago’s own Polar (iPhone Twerk’n)If you remember 2015 was the year Polar had everyone goin crazy with his iPhone Twerk’n single! Now he is back with “That Aint No Money” featuring Gucci Guwop!!
Be on the lookout for the official visual dropping real soon!!

Stay in tune with Gucci, and Polar on Twitter: @Gucci1017 x @I_AMPOLARBEAR !!

Polar Booking Email: Flightriskinfo@gmail.com

Pick up the track, now available on iTunes stream below!



Jul 13

Gerald G The Mentor – DOA via @Promovidz | @GeraldGMentor

Gerald G The Mentor – DOA (Official Music Video)

Daily motion: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4k2uwk

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/174545726

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-v7LBYtFj0w

Check out the music visual to Gerald G The Mentor’s “DOA” Shot By Def Pop Films.
Gerald G’s “Murder @1600 Mixtape” project is on the way!

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Jun 30

New [EP] @DAEtrius ‘The EBRO Demo’

Atlanta’s own DAEtrius responds to Ebro Darden’s call to action with The EBRO Demo EP.

Inspired by Ebro Darden’s comments to Jermaine Dupri during a recent interview about the current state of Atlanta’s hip-hop music scene, DAEtrius, 22, takes a quick break from recording his debut project to prove the “ the south has something to say”. On The EBRO Demo, DAEtrius weaves an interesting narrative that begins with “Ebro asking Atlanta artists to “step their bars up” and ends with a Peter Rosenberg/Raury interview where Rosenberg gives a heartfelt mention of DAEtrius as one of the Atlanta artists currently making dope music. In between these sound bites, DAEtrius makes a strong statement for himself and his hometown; honoring Hip-Hop’s birthplace while staying true to his Atlanta roots in just four songs. On each track, DAEtrius displays versatility, sharp lyricism, personal storytelling and song writing abilities. The EBRO Demo is a reminder that legendary artists like Outkast and T.I. came out of the south. If this project is any sign of what’s to come, the future of the south is in good hands.

The EBRO Demo will be available on Apple Music and all other platforms on Thursday, June 30. This concise, yet complete EP is mostly produced by up-and-coming producer Epikh Pro (Bryson Tiller, R. Kelly, Tamar Braxton, Royce da 5 9) and also contains production from famed producers The Olympicks (Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, ASAP Rocky). On the EP’s lead single “Parades” (feat. KO/Produced by Epikh), DAEtrius explains how the music scene is analogous to a cavalcade. He showcases why he should be on the lead float of the procession with lines like:

“Part rivers in these Hudson Jeans/ build bridges, on my Dr. King/
I want my dynasty on A&E/ Ain’t nobody A as me/
Stiil F*ck with Ebro/ Yeah, I did this sh*t for Pete/
I got something to say feeling like I’m 3/ Stacks, all my cards stacked/
N*gga play with me”

Be on the look out for DAEtrius’s first full-length album, PERCY PARK this July. Stay up to date with all of the latest DAEtrius news via http://www.DAEtrius.com

About DAEtrius: Even though DAEtrius, 22, is preparing to release his first full-length project PERCY PARK this July, he isn’t new to the music scene. Honing his skills since the young age of 11 while being around the presence of Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, and Nicki Minaj, this polished Atlanta artist is primed and positioned to make a major impact on the music scene. After taking Atlanta’s A3C music conference by storm last fall (performing on several stages and even in the streets!), DAEtrius brings his music to the world with The EBRO demo this month, and PERCY PARK later this summer. His strong lyrical ability, versatile song writing skills, relatable disposition and engaging stage performance will put him head and shoulders above the rest.

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Contact info: whereispercypark@gmail.com
Phone: 917-406-6607 (point person, Sir Whit)

Social Media:
Website: http://www.daetrius.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daetrius/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/daetrius
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Daetrius/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Daetrius