New [EP] @DAEtrius ‘The EBRO Demo’

Atlanta’s own DAEtrius responds to Ebro Darden’s call to action with The EBRO Demo EP.

Inspired by Ebro Darden’s comments to Jermaine Dupri during a recent interview about the current state of Atlanta’s hip-hop music scene, DAEtrius, 22, takes a quick break from recording his debut project to prove the “ the south has something to say”. On The EBRO Demo, DAEtrius weaves an interesting narrative that begins with “Ebro asking Atlanta artists to “step their bars up” and ends with a Peter Rosenberg/Raury interview where Rosenberg gives a heartfelt mention of DAEtrius as one of the Atlanta artists currently making dope music. In between these sound bites, DAEtrius makes a strong statement for himself and his hometown; honoring Hip-Hop’s birthplace while staying true to his Atlanta roots in just four songs. On each track, DAEtrius displays versatility, sharp lyricism, personal storytelling and song writing abilities. The EBRO Demo is a reminder that legendary artists like Outkast and T.I. came out of the south. If this project is any sign of what’s to come, the future of the south is in good hands.

The EBRO Demo will be available on Apple Music and all other platforms on Thursday, June 30. This concise, yet complete EP is mostly produced by up-and-coming producer Epikh Pro (Bryson Tiller, R. Kelly, Tamar Braxton, Royce da 5 9) and also contains production from famed producers The Olympicks (Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, ASAP Rocky). On the EP’s lead single “Parades” (feat. KO/Produced by Epikh), DAEtrius explains how the music scene is analogous to a cavalcade. He showcases why he should be on the lead float of the procession with lines like:

“Part rivers in these Hudson Jeans/ build bridges, on my Dr. King/
I want my dynasty on A&E/ Ain’t nobody A as me/
Stiil F*ck with Ebro/ Yeah, I did this sh*t for Pete/
I got something to say feeling like I’m 3/ Stacks, all my cards stacked/
N*gga play with me”

Be on the look out for DAEtrius’s first full-length album, PERCY PARK this July. Stay up to date with all of the latest DAEtrius news via

About DAEtrius: Even though DAEtrius, 22, is preparing to release his first full-length project PERCY PARK this July, he isn’t new to the music scene. Honing his skills since the young age of 11 while being around the presence of Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, and Nicki Minaj, this polished Atlanta artist is primed and positioned to make a major impact on the music scene. After taking Atlanta’s A3C music conference by storm last fall (performing on several stages and even in the streets!), DAEtrius brings his music to the world with The EBRO demo this month, and PERCY PARK later this summer. His strong lyrical ability, versatile song writing skills, relatable disposition and engaging stage performance will put him head and shoulders above the rest.

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#NewMusic: @TheRealAliVegas “Building Empires” prod. by @

When “Building Empires” one must be strategic on how one proceeds, as this can lead to success or failure. One must be fearless and at the same time build alliances that will help you successfully “Build Empires” that will stand the test of time.

Enter into the scene Ali Vegas, the savvy Queens emcee has quietly worked on building his legacy in the Hip-Hop game, by not mincing his words and calling it like he sees it! Now Ali Vegas gives us his latest offering “Building Empires” in which he calls on Little Vic to produce the soundtrack of his lyrical assault on the game. From addressing the flaws in the game, to letting the streets know that he’s ready to keep them safe behind the walls of the Ali Vegas empire. Ali’s lyrical tenacity is highlighted by lines like:

“Rappers is looking real B*tch/ but now that I’m back they gotta regain their focus like they was Will Smith/ The wrist sprinkled /fans writing letters to Chris Cringle/They say Veg is a real gift”

Proof positive that Ali’s movement is taking on the mindset of the Selma marches, as he continues to march forward with the intellect of Martin Luther King Jr., but the win at all cost views of Malcolm X.

Ali Vegas is building his empire… are you ready?

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Vlog: Behind the scenes @TheRealBiggBase new song R.E.A.L. ft @Travmbb

“Urban” people not owning the “urban business” in hip-hop is whats holding NYC rap back…I think that it’s fucked up that the people behind the richest form of music don’t get to control the music that gets put back into the streets. it made the inner city lose faith in them selves and support regions that has more support for one another…to make things worse there’s no avenues for the REAL NYC inner city youth to get poppin…everything is about a bag at the end of the day…I feel like Def Jam let the hood down labels are scared to come to the hood.”

“I refuse to suck d*ck in this industry…my father raised me and my brother to be real niggas at the end of the day…I always found a way to feed me and the people I love…and what ever I do I do it the best way I can…if I have to pimp I’m going to be the best at that…if I run a block my block gonna be the toughest”

The last groups that sparked that confidence back was GS9, 2milly & BSB

Right now no one has the culture the way my #FAMALAY does uptown

FLOSSCITY is restoring confidence for the Bronx

Checkout this behind the scenes video of @TheRealBiggBase & @travmbb “R.E.A.L”

Mixtape: @JohnDeppMusic “Shoulda Been an Album 3”


The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular

This is the driving force that Queens native John Depp uses to catapult himself to the top of the rap game.In 2015 Depp gave us a sample of his making ability with his debut single (as solo artist) “Buss a Move” which set the internet on fire and landed Depp on several notable blogs and websites such as: “ALL Hip-Hop, SOHH, Youheardthatnew & The Source” as well as a dope collaboration with “Chad B” that further solidifies Depp’s claim that he is a viable artist with staying power in the Hip-hop game. Now in 2016 Depp raises the ante as he releases his highly anticipated project “Shoulda Been an Album 3” which features several stand out tracks “Buss a Move”, “My Kind of Diva” and the only feature on the project “Expect Hate” featuring Dave East. Now the wait is over and the project is finally here. Depp say’s:

“I’ve been waiting for a minute to put this project out as it’s an extension of who I am, my thoughts, my life!”

Expect visuals for Buss a Move, My Kind of Diva in the upcoming months and expect Depp to become a household name!


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New Music: “A’s Is Up” (Remix) feat. @Sun_Days, @HavocMobbDeep, @ComputaGangLion and @MurdahBaby

Houston native Sun has teamed up with Computa, Murdah Baby and Havoc of Mobb Deep for a previous unreleased remix to “A’s Is Up.” Each artist goes bar for bar on this track talking about their click, their life and life in the streets. Every verse showcases why each one of these rappers has a hold on fans and a hold on the streets. While this track will not be featured on Sun’s #Thecauseandthecure mixtape, the track is available for fans to listen to on soundcloud right now.

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