Tuff Kong Records Presents New Music “Non-Fiction” by John Jigg$ x Cuns featuring Benny the Butcher @JiggsTheGreat

Tuff Kong Records presents new music, “Non-Fiction” by John Jigg$ x Cuns and featuring Benny the Butcher.

Lyrical Powerhouse John Jigg$ is back at it delivering more summer heat for listeners and fans. For this exclusive he’s joined forces with infamously known, Benny The Butcher.  The chemistry between these two monstrosities will cause an epic adrenaline chaser for any Hip Hop head!

Jigg$ is known in “Strong Island” and now worldwide for his clever, impeccable bars. “Non-Fiction” is an epitome of just that. Simply put he is a jackhammer of punchlines, while Benny trudges in and adds his own lyrical havoc and mayhem.  This cold case file will leave any competition on their backs, and that is “Non-Fiction”!

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, if it ain’t dope don’t listen, beat em’ to a pulp no fiction, everything fact non-fiction”

Cuns conveys the catchy, candid hook over the sounds of horns and picks right back up without skipping a beat, into a classic Hip Hop cadence.

Stream “Non-Fiction” below


John Jigg$ links up with SkyCash Beats to release an exclusive single titled “Nights Like This”.  The single is taking the world by storm with over 2k views in only a few hours!  The record is a tale about a young Jigg$ who dreams of seeing his name in big lights to where he is now, “You’ll know my name J I two G’s, you see”.   He puts one foot in front of the other pushing his A1 game with every step and every move.  Jigg$ is no longer dreaming of “Nights Like This”.  His name is burning bulbs across the U.S. and overseas.

About John Jigg$

Long Island’s own John Jigg$ has become a household name in the Hip Hop scene and the music industry as a whole! A few years back some might have claimed, “John who”? Now in 2018 he carries staminate success on his back with an extensive music catalog, headlines with major legends such as Mr Cheeks, DJ Red Alert, Dinco D, Funk Master Flex, Special Ed, Slick Rick, DMX, and that is just to name a handful. He is also featured on PMD’s latest album, and is well respected in both the indie and mainstream world of Hip Hop. It is no longer “John who”? Prestigious radio, media, and press around the globe refer to Jigg$ as an epic entity one step away from reigning as one of Hip Hop’s greatest!

Jigg$ recently returned back to the states from his personal European Tour. Upon his return, leaving no room to adjust to time, he raced back into the studio to release several new singles while working round the clock polishing up his forthcoming album.

Listen to “Nights Like This Below”


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John Jigg$ is no amateur or slouch when it comes to his musical and business grind. In a short period of time he went from paving the industry streets to flying overseas for his own personal European Tour.

What perfect timing and absolute brilliance to release “Grecian Numerals” while packing his tour luggage. The record highlights his skill set and confirms with confidence the uphill journey to the prime of his career.

Jigg$ is swift yet combative with his bars. He leaves no room for debate that he is the total package to win. “When I finish doing damage you can bandage this up“. Bar for bar he is knocking down the competition, “True to the game new to the lame shit“.

April 13th kicked off The European Tour of John Jigg$, and just like he established on the record he is taking it to the top!

Listen to “Grecian Numerals” below. 



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Tuff Kong Records Signs Long Island’s Renowned Rapper John Jigg$ @JiggsTheGreat @TuffKongRecords

Tuff Kong Records has just announced an album deal with Long Island’s well-known and famed artist John Jigg$.  Tuff Kong Records is an Indie Hip Hop Label based out of Rome, Italy with a catalog of music from major artists such as Termanology, Conway, Daniel Son, Benny, and now John Jigg$.

With his latest solo album “Twin Cannons”, Jigg$ induced Boom Bap into a 70’s time machine with a delivery of his famous and hardcore New York style lyrics. A few months after the album release Tuff Kong Records took wind to the mass sweep of success Jigg$ received from radio, media, world-wide arenas, fans, an international following, and recognized homage from legendary artists Eric Sermon, Parish Smith, Granddaddy IU, Mr. Cheeks, and Keith Murray.

Jigg$ is actively working with Tuff Kong Records in-house producers Cuns and Sine-One to create a monumental Hip Hop masterpiece set for release in 2018.  Follow John Jigg$ and Tuff Kong Records for all updates.










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MXNXPXLY FAMILY Presents The Release of MXNXPXLY MAYHEM The Mixtape @mxnxpxly_family

MXNXPXLY FAMILY presents John Jigg$ x Rockwelz x M.O.U.F “MXNXPXLY MAYHEM” The Mixtape, available now for download on all digital music outlets.

The mixtape holds justice to its name and is rousing mayhem across all New York boroughs, and gaining full speed momentum on the east coast.  The trio that makes up the family are New York emcees and producers John Jigg$, Rockwelz, and M.O.U.F.  Each artist exhibits extensive world-wide accolades and solo success in both the Hip Hop scene and music industry.  The trio has a history of collaborating with major artists and Hip Hop legends from EPMD to Wu, so naturally it was only a matter of time before these talented artists, business partners, and friends joined forces to manifest a movement like no other!

Although Jigg$, Rockwelz, and M.O.U.F are notorious for their New York gritty bars and lyrics, they have stepped out of their comfort zone to create a mixtape that all walks of life will collectively take in, relish, and instantly become fans of.  Don’t be mistaken, the trio undeniably comes strong on the album with their gritty trademark, but also has a unique and impressive approach of “the streets meet the clubs”!

“Make It Up” Official Video Produced by Mic West





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New Music by John Jigg$, “Pull Up” Produced by DJ Six3one @JiggsTheGreat

Long Island, NY, native and Hip Hop artist John Jigg$ adheres to the limelight while releasing hit after hit! The world knows Jigg$ as the skilled emcee dropping killer bombs on Sirius XM, Hot 97, Sway’s Universe, Kid Capri’s The Block Party, and on stages in established venues and arenas across the states!  Most recently Jigg$ has teamed up with Parish PMD and is featured on PMD’s new album “Busine$$ Mentality”.

Jigg$ leaves no opportunity to allow his status of growing icon and other successful accomplishments to sink in.  Rather, he does what he does best and knuckles down in the studio to create more magic!  In his latest release “Pull Up” Jigg$ delivers an anthem fit for a workout, a military drill,  hustling through the hard knock life, but also an anthem to grab bottles in the club to celebrate that disciplined grind!  With a funky, and smooth sampled rock beat combined with a catchy Hip Hop flow, this is a sure-fire for pressing repeat!

“When I apply pressure they rollback like foreskin”-John Jigg$







John Jigg$…One phrase comes to mind and that is lyrical powerhouse!  Straight out of Long Island Jigg$ is the Hulk of Hip Hop with a tongue of the Joker!  Since the release of his latest album “Twin Cannons”, Jigg$ has received incredible notoriety from  big dogs in the industry as Kid Capri, Parrish (EPMD), Lord Finesse, Granddaddy IU, and Sway who invited Jigg$ to return to his show after his “killer” freestyle!

In his latest video “The Message” it’s all bets off for this era of rappers bringing shade to Hip Hop. “Pack up that wack shit it’s time to go”.  Jigg$ exudes four minutes of genius, sharp, yet raw bars “…fuck the whole industry with one rubber”!  Each bar delivers a serious and relevant message worthwhile of a frequent encore!

“Twin Cannons” produced by K Sluggah and mastered entirely by Rkitech is available in retail stores and on all digital music outlets.

John Jigg$ x K Sluggah “Twin Cannons”




John Jigg$ “French Quarter” Video Off The New “Twin Cannons” LP|@JiggsTheGreat

John Jigg$ releases “French Quarter” video off his new LP “Twin Cannons” produced entirely by Sweden’s own K Sluggah.  Although portrayed as cool, calm, and collected in character the message is quite the opposite.  Jigg$ is notorious  for depicting New York and isn’t discreet prevailing as a  street trooper in the realm of Hip Hop.   He continues to receive immense amounts of recognition as a viable artist in the Hip Hop industry by such legends as Kid Capri, Lord Finesse, and Grand Daddy IU. “Twin Cannons” is available now at retail stores and on all digital music outlets.


John Jigg$ Releases Pivotal “Twin Cannons” LP With K Sluggah|@JiggsTheGreat @KSluggah

“70’s Blaxploitation films have always been my favorite genre to watch, so when myself and K-Sluggah started working together and the chemistry was undeniable the concept or direction was a no brainer. With that being said we present to you “Twin Cannons”, which is a metaphor for both of us being at the peak of creativity in our respective crafts”. -John Jigg$

Growing Hip Hop Icon from Long Island, NY, John Jigg$ is taking the music industry by storm with his brand new album “Twin Cannons.”   Jigg$ linked up with Sweden’s very own K-Sluggah, producer and rapper of Hip Hop group Muddy Fatique Crew, to create the masterpiece of “Twin Cannons”.  On June 9th, 2017 fans can find “Twin Cannons” on all digital music outlets, specifically on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud, as well at select retailers.

Jigg$ began his career already at a peak back in 2013 when he debuted his solo project “D.R.U.G.$” (Destined to Reach Undeniable Greatness).  He gained international acclaim, two music awards, and quite the buzz from his hit single “I Will Not Lose”.   Being known for intertwining hardcore lyrics with a New York style with that classic Hip Hop edge and movement, Jigg$ was now the spotlight of every major blog, FM station, internet radio, Sirius satellite radio, and college radio! Releasing project after project every year since 2013 and being supported by a diverse and worldwide fan base, in 2016 Jigg$ proclaimed a new emersion for 2017.  In between showcases across the globe and working with major artists such as 50 Cent, DMX, Ma$E, Diabolic, Granddaddy IU, and Camron just to name a few, Jigg$ spent his time in the studio creating “Twin Cannons”.

“Twin Cannons” has features from legendary Hip Hop Artist Granddaddy IU, Comet, Mouf, and Chuck Rukkuz.  The chemistry between Jigg$ and K-Sluggah is undeniably to perfect to mimic.  Jigg$ has an incredible ability as an artist to incorporate boom bap into a 70’s time machine all while delivering gritty, yet relatable lyrics.   “Twin Cannons” is destined to carry Jigg$ to the next level of his career!

Management: MelodicManagement2017@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/John-Jigg-760855703979287/?fref=ts

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/john_jiggs/


New Music: @TheDJSupaDave “That Real Shit” Feat. @JiggsTheGreat @KingSyze & @AkrobatikMC

What happens when you bring NY, Philly and Boston together on a DJ Supa Dave beat? That Real Shit! That’s exactly what the legendary beatsmith DJ Supa Dave has done with his latest offering “That Real Shit” feat. King Syze (Philly), John Jigg$ (New York) & Akrobatik (Boston). DJ Supa Dave gives us that vintage sounding production with echoes of Mobb Deep & Nas samples coupled with a crazy baseline making it easy for the trio to lay a lyrical assault to our eardrums. This is what fans and hip-hop aficionados have been screaming for, That Real Shit! Checkout DJ Supa Dave’s “That Real Shit” after the jump.

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