Jordan Royale – Ear Bugz @jordanisroyale

East Coast based recording artist Jordan Royale presents the official video behind “Ear Bugz”.

An intoxicating introduction leads right into the hard hitting first line where Jordan Royale dispels the rumors some have levied to weigh him down. A trendsetter looking to make his way towards taking the crown from artists such as Eminem and MGK, Jordan Royale delivers edgy metaphors on his new single, “Ear Bugz”. The perfect title to describe the negative opinions of others infesting rather quickly, much like the egg case, an ootheca of a cockroach or related insect.

Visually, “Ear Bugz” is compelling. As the video opens up, we see an overlook glimpse of his hometown Reading, Pennsylvania and Jordan rapping in what looks like a room that came straight from Stephen King’s movie “1408,” when everything went haywire. We then cut to a club scene with pretty girls and a dragon mural, where Jordan dons a Hilfiger jacket showing us he can have his fun too. There is also a deeper gem here I found when it came to the fire scenes. Perhaps he is alluding at ridding all negativity? This is something a vast majority of us don’t know how to do ourselves.

“Ear Bugz” at its core is very much a “Haters” anthem but the subject matter in his verses and how he quickly switches to a sleek auto-tuned chorus will grab your attention rather quickly. In and out of flows, Jordan Royale keeps a dope pace as he prophesizes his imminent explosion into the mainstream Hip Hop market. The hook boasts “They gonna be talking that sh*t.” Agreed. “One ear and out the other,” Jordan even taps into the doubt that he has endured from those closest to him, family included. So much for battling social media huh? Not one to break, Jordan has used these points as motivation and has shared his art. He goes on to remind us that it is important to “Realize they don’t give us our credit.”