Interview | Legendary Tazmania Talks New Music, Hip Hop Icons, & What’s Next @sizzlejimi

Legendary Tazmania has been deep rooted in the music scene dating back to his teenage years. He can recall the late legend Easy-E bringing him to his very first concert which of MC Breed and DJ Quick.  Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, he was up rooted at age thirteen to Los Angeles where music forever changed his life. He signed his first record deal in 1992 and released hit after hit. As he enhanced his craft and progressed in his career, he had the opportunity to tour the globe with major artists Mike Jones, Beat Nuts, Dilated Peoples, Eve, and more. To date he holds a lengthy catalog of music and hasn’t stopped yet.

” I believe in the words that Guru once told me, “keep spitting because you are what they need”

MJ: Thank you for taking time away from creating music for this interview. Let’s take it back to your younger years.  Do you think your career would have taken a different direction if you and your family didn’t move to Los Angeles?

Taz: Thank you for having me, and yes, it definitely would have been different.  I wouldn’t have met the people that actually made me love Hip-Hop like Skoolz, who let me have my first speaking role on a song.  Also Yomo and Markel who are Ruthless Records artists and their album “Burn Old Glory”, and I can’t leave out my relationship with the Bell’s of New Edition or how the Kinky Boys helped me to be original in my approach when it comes to creating music.

MJ: Talk about that concert that Easy-E took you to. As a young by that must have been an adrenaline rush to experience.

Taz:  It was I was on top of the world! To see everything up close was life changing, even though DJ Quick thought we were Crips because we were in blue…but Eazy smoothed it over.

MJ: In 1992 you released your first project “Come Say Hi to The Bad Guy”.  It can be mind-blowing to look back at your very first single or project. What would you say to that young Taz?

Taz: I would say don’t be so full of yourself, work hard and party later.

MJ:  From that you started your own rap group and label, which became a staple for Cali Hip Hop, and opened up some major doors for you. Share some of that with us.

Taz: Yeah being part of a group was cool it give me a chance to see other point of views and to remain humble in the face of so many egos. It also gave me the opportunity to meet a wide range of artists such as Outcast, Luda, and others. It gives you a sense of professionalism you need to have to live up to.

MJ: You’ve shared the stage with a handful of major artists and key players in the industry.  What stands out the most from those experiences?

Taz: I would say my chance meeting with Jay-Z in Stockholm along with Mr. Hayes, may he rest in peace, he was like a mentor for a short time. Meeting Warren G and his uncle Ron G was also life changing when they saw me perform overseas and let me know I had worth in the music scene.

 MJ: Let’s bring fans up to speed now. You’ve released a lengthy catalog of music throughout recent years.  Talk about your style and flow and how as an artist you have progressed and evolved from each project.

Taz: I have always looked at this business as an ever-changing one, and as an artist you must evolve with the times.  My flow is one of a kind, and smoothed out with a conscious realism.  I am a product of my environment with a world-wide sense of my people and the habitat we live.  But sometimes I like to make light of those differences.

MJ: What’s hot right now with Taz? Talk about your latest single “Flash Flood”. Also give us some inside scoop on upcoming projects or collaborations.

Taz: Yeah it’s coming out later this month.  It was produced by Synthetic, who made a fire track about getting rich quick dreams we all have at some point. The rest you will have to wait until it’s released, can’t give it all away…My latest single “Vinus” is the sh*t! It’s a shout out to all women of the world and how in their grace and beauty have made me feel that there’s always an unspoken meaning to someone special.

MJ: When it comes to influences, whether it be musically or personally, who do you credit?

Taz: Wow that’s a hard one.  I actually try to stay away from anyone else’s style, but some think I’m similar to T.I. But I think there is no other to credit for my style.

MJ: As we wrap up is there anything else you want the world to know about Taz?

Taz: Yeah, no one will give a better live performance than Taz. Be on the lookout for my new album “Paper Cuts”, I promise I will do everything in my power to make it groundbreaking for my fans!

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Trash Humans – Too Fake @trashinfo @chevali_ @leiagoremusic

Los Angeles duo, Trash Humans, gives us their third single, “Too Fake”. Members Leia Gore & Chevali did not disappoint in creating yet another catchy, hook-driven record. A monstrous beat rides alongside these two artists as they go back n’ forth, almost directed towards each other it seems at times throughout the song. By bringing up petty disagreements and held-in criticisms towards one another, its clear they are giving their own insight on what a damaged relationship means to them. No release date yet announce for the LA duo’s debut EP. Until then, enjoy this powerful new single.

Trash Humans, our new favorite Los Angeles duo, is comprised of artists Leia Gore & Chevali. They’ve been pumping out hard-knocking, catchy singles all of which have been fully produced, mixed and recorded by themselves. Leia & Chevali have only began releasing songs under Trash Humans moniker this February, hinting towards a debut EP release down the road this year.

#NewMusic Nicoteen Ninyo – Bad Things

Nicoteen Ninyo is a 19 year old up and coming artist based out of Los Angeles, California. He started producing and writing his own songs, 6 months ago, inspired after feeling lost by issues going on in his life. Being raised in a family where music was their foundation, he found comfort in this. Writing music based on how he was feeling and what was going on inside of his head was his therapeutic approach to cope with it all. Ever since that day, his desire to help others cope with similar issues and to realize it’s okay to “feel” and be vulnerable, through his music, has been his greatest motivation to keep going. Even though his own issues are not all healed, he hopes they can be, as well as others issues.

his latest record, “Bad Things”, is inspired by multiple ideas. First and foremost, the idea of looking for others to help momentarily cover up and forget an emotional trauma or heartbreak. It touches on how, in hard times, instead of looking for someone to help you through it all, you look for someone or multiple people to help you numb it for a night. With the second idea being portrayed that love and lust are drugs. Love can be one of the most amazing feelings on earth, but also can be the most painful and damaging. This idea was the basis for the spaced out and twisted elements within the beat. Nicoteen Ninyo wanted to find a way to help portray the numbing (drug) effect love and or lust can have.

#NewEP After Hours – After Hours EP @whoafterhours

After Hours is an art collective from Los Angeles finding time within their 9 to 5s to pursue passions and do what they love. Comprising of just three members (Lio, Yoso and Pablo Tonez), they bring a unique perspective, energy and styles that all contribute to their visceral and enigmatic sound. Press play and indulge in their 7 track EP simply titled, “After Hours”. Stream in full via Soundcloud.

#NewVideo Black Gosling – BOG @BlackGoslingLF

Black Gosling is a young upstart from Los Angeles, California. The founder of Die Rich, which has been making noise locally for the past year, Gosling is pumped and primed to be a prominent force in and around the L.A. area. His latest video, “BOG”, finds Black back in his old neighborhood, giving viewers an up close and personal account of his lifestyle. From hitting the local liquor store and taco truck to showing love to upcoming talent, “BOG” contains it all. Watch the video below.

#NewVideo DPIH – FreeFall @dpih_

“FreeFall” is DPIH’s latest music video directed by @EugeneHL. It is a video about facing your demons at all costs even if the demon you have to face is yourself. It’s only when you have the courage to be honest with yourself and to acknowledge your flaws that you are able to grow as an artist and as a human being.

DPIH is a producer-turned-rapper based out of Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by a wide variety of artists from the likes of soul crooners like Allen Stone to hip-hop masterminds like Kanye West, DPIH provides a whimsical, trap-infused sound with catchy pop sensibilities. DPIH is on his way to make a name for himself in the game as he works on his ongoing project, “The 100 Song Project,” a collection of 100 songs set to be completed by the end of 2018. Stay tuned as DPIH continues to make waves in the industry with his catchy beats and melodies that are guaranteed to be stuck in your head all day.

#NewMusic Trash Humans – Smoke Up @trashinfo

A collaboration between Leia Gore and Chevali brings you the second single from the Trash Humans self-titled EP, Smoke Up”

Featured on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” playlist, the recording is only just beginning to make waves rippling out of the Los Angeles area. From he ethereal pop hit “Mistake” to this new, melodic R&B smash, these kids are bending genres to create a new sound which can only be described as Trash Humans.

“Smoke Up” depicts a modern relationship where love is lost due to the lifestyle our culture has created. Leia Gore’s twist on a classic R&B sound brings a catchy, melodic feel for when you want to kick back and indulge in some extra curricular activities.

#NewMusic Chuck Daggers – Murder Inc. @ChuckDaggers

Chuck Daggers is a DJ/producer/artist from Los Angeles, California. Chuck is a pure audiophile who loves a good sonic experience, taking his musical inspiration from a wide range of diverse genres like Hip-Hop, EDM, and Oldies. As a DJ, Chuck is happiest digging through a crate of vinyl or obsessively searching playlists to find the perfect sound to drop and activate a crowd.

Chuck started his career as a rapper and learned the ins and outs of the underground scene all across the country. In 2013 Chuck took his career to the next level and added the titles DJ and Producer to his resume. Chuck Daggers has grown a loyal fanbase, packing fans into bars and clubs where he held down residences all across Southern California.

On March 30th, Chuck Daggers released the first of five singles through his distribution deal with Sony/Orchard powered by Lyndrum Ent. The song, titled “Murder Inc.”, was inspired by seeing the crowds of protesters voicing their concerns after the Inauguration of Donald Trump at the United Against Hate March and Rally in Los Angeles.

Listeners can expect a new single on the last Friday of every month until July 2018. Follow Chuck Daggers on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, or listen to previous work on Soundcloud.

#NewMusic R&D Ft INDICA – Livin @darkskinromeo_

R&D, the self proclaimed “Dark Skin Romeo”, is a singer/rapper/songwriter out of Los Angeles, California. The LA wave maker began to pursue music while attending Loyola Marymount University’s College of Business Administration in Westchester. He would go on to receive his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and pursue a full-time career as an artist in the music industry.

Since beginning his journey, R&D has released various mixtapes, singles, and music videos, as well as having performed at a number of popular LA venues including Los Globos, The Airliner, and The Roosevelt Hotel among others. R&D is grounded by his inherent belief in the power of musical/creative expression to spread hope, joy, and positivity around the world. Despite the ever-present pressures of today’s political and social climate, R&D believes a sound mind, love for one another, and good music have the ability to overcome all.

His new song, “Livin”, features INDICA and some braggadocios lyricism. R&D had this to say about the single:

Simply put, “Livin” is about doing the one thing everyone on earth was placed here to do: LIVE LIFE! I can remember a time when my world seemed so black and white. You do one thing, or you do another. You choose option A, or you choose option B.

In short, I existed solely at the extremes of life’s spectrums, neglecting the beauty and magnificence of residing in the gray (The area I believe all color to be found: This is why the title of the song “Livin” is written in rainbow letters on the cover). There are no rules in life. There is no set path to success. Everyone’s journey is unique, and everyone must overcome their own set of trials and tribulations. You just have to get it how you live!

#NewVideo 213 Zada – Astral Projecting @213Zada

Love is born in the heart. Love dies in the mind. The first single off of 213 Zada’s upcoming debut album, “I Love My Momma” is “Astral Projecting”, a nose dive deep into the mind of an old man. Lost in the hardships of dementia, his reality becomes blurrier; with a brief moment of clarity, loneliness is all that remains

From the West Adams district of Los Angeles, 213 Zada is a pure wordsmith, constantly striving for wisdom and knowledge. On a mission to bring intelligence back to hip-hop while raising up community, his debut full length album, dropping May 10th, is the culmination of five years of writing and recording. Through treacherous binges, profound laziness, wanton gluttony, and relentless cyber obsessions, music is unwavering salvation. This is fierce degenerate poetry.