Manny Marzz – Another Day @iammannymarzz

“Another Day” is the first single released from Manny Marzz’ EP, “I’ve Been Better”. Now, an official video backs said release and it is officially available below on YouTube.

Manny Marzz is a young artist from Maryland with a unique spacey and ambient sound that sets you in a mood where all u want to do is relax and enjoy life. Started making sounds in 2017 and is still on his journey to success within the music industry.

#NewVideo Manny Marzz – On Sumthin @iammannymarzz

Manny Marzz, a young artist from Maryland with spacey ambience vibes that have rich flows and short meaningful lyrics; best for a night time drive. He started making music at 19 years old, going to the studio all the time on his off days, working full-time in order to fund his music career he eventually created a unique sound as his lyrics became an expression for his inner motives within his life.

Here is Manny Marzz’ trippy new visual for his anticipated single, “On Sumthin”.