[Mixtape Series] Southern Coalition Movement Vol. 3

What does S.C.M. stand for? Who is Jay Shields? Those seem to be the questions that everyone’s asking nowadays. For starters, S.C.M. means “Southern Coalition Movement” and Jay Shields is the CEO of that very company. And he just released the SCM Volume 3 mixtape filled with the most talented artist from all over. I’m talking str8 BANGAZ! Each artist had to be screened before their song was actually chosen. And trust me, if he hand-picked each record; he did a damn good job. This tape features a little something for just about every personality on the planet. And to top it off each artist on it got a chance to hit the stage at the official mixtape release party & music was placed into rotation on several internet stations. Talk about BOSS moves! What CEO & promoter is actually doing that for indie artists? Looks like he’s the man the artists need to connect with. To hear the tape just visit the online site www.allmixtapez.com to get your free download. Share with your friends, pick out your favorite songs, use the hashtag, and share your thoughts about the tape.

[Mixtape Series] Southern Coalition Movement Vol. 3


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Noah Da Don is Back! Brings Ricardo’s Way 2 with Him @Noahdadon1

Noah Da Don is back and ready to make his mark with his highly anticipated new mixtape “Ricardo’s Way 2.” The brand new mixtape follows up “HUH!” his previous smash hit and video. “Ricardo’s Way 2” is being released on Friday, August 3.

Making moves off vibes and big on “going with his gut,” Noah Da Don, born in Washington, D.C. NW is the NEXT “Nod Worthy” artist to emerge out of the DMV. His most recent mixtape was dropped by DJ Self, Noah Da Don, explains, “People were calling me. DJ’s were telling me this was the one.” Checking the numbers, he watched his latest hustler’s anthem quickly jumped to a staggering amount of downloads, becoming one of the hottest new singles to drop. After releasing his last video, Noah claimed the ears of a more diverse fanbase, creatively building his visual platform on MTV and Revolt.

Keep your eyes and ears open for performances by Noah Da Don in your city. Noah just signed a deal with Ghazi’s EMPIRE for distribution. With the release of “Ricardo’s Way 2” Noah firmly claims his spot as the new king of the DMV.

Noah Da Don – ‘Ricardo’s Way 2 (Mixtape) Link:

Noah Da Don Social:
Instagram: iamnoahdadon
Twitter: @Noahdadon1

Dj Smoke drops “Smoked Out Radio 53” | @DjSmokeMixtapes

Dj Smoke Presents: Smoked Out Radio 53 the mixtape series!!

Smoked Out Radio 53 released on August 1, 2018 is now available to stream and download on Spinrilla. Smoked Out Radio 53 is also available on Livemixtapes, Da Mix Hub, and most major mixtape sites. If you are a Spotify user I want you to know that we kept you guys in mind as well! We believe in helping artists get paid for their hard work! We will be launching our Smoked Out Radio 53 playlist on Spotify real soon!

Check out new music from Buck CityAntliveNote$BenjaminLocsonBoDi DeederWeasel SimsMurf Dilly  Bubble Eye and many others!!

Hit me up if you are an artist with a dope new single! You can send me your mp3, artwork, Twitter (or any social media info) and leave me a brief description about yourself. There is a small placement fee if your song has been chosen. ALL mixtape slots include free promotion for your main single. BEST part is there are NO PLACEMENT FEES if you are a recent client.

Email everything to me at DjSmokeSubmissions@gmail.com 

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Philly’s Own Authentic Is Bringing Authenticity & Substance Back To Hip Hop @TheAuthentic

In a day and time when music is strictly about glamour and entertainment, The Authentic stands as one of the last true MC’s focused on reality lyrics, a crazy flow, a unique style,  and the real essence of Hip Hop. With so many copy cats in the industry, Authentic’s pure passion for music allows him to stand in a league of his own and truly fits the definition of his title. 

Stream Music Catalog of The Authentic below. 



Stream “United We Stand Mixtape” 


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[Mixtape] @SuspensJr ‘Youngest in Charge’

“Youngest In Charge” is a collection of Suspens Jr’s best musical pieces. This is the young artist first official project since his debut album “Thirteen” [January 13th 2017] and fills the gap between that project and his second studio album (title has not yet been release to the public) which is scheduled to be release January 13th 2019.

[Mixtape] @SuspensJr 'Youngest in Charge'

Purchase Mixtape via iTunes HERE

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/suspensjr/
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Cuban Pete drops the Renaissance Man mixtape on today, his birthday, as a gift to everyone who has stuck by him throughout these last few years.

The title takes its name from Cuban’s first interview proper by DJ Iceman for Rhyme Junkie.

It wasn’t until several months later that it was pointed out that the title and cover may have been subconsciously influenced by Hell Razah (who did a project called Renaissance Child), the head of GGO of which Cuban is part of. Which is why Cuban asked Razah to do the intro for the project.

Some people have already referred to it as AOTY so take a listen and decide for yourself. Whatever you think of it there is no denying it’s a strong project with no skipping.

Each track has separate artwork (included in the download from the C75 Live bandcamp site only) so that each artist and track gets the shine it deserves.

Physicals are available on CD and are limited edition with only 75 being produced.

Stream the project below and download/order physicals HERE:

Renaissance Man by Cuban Pete

Watch the first video that was done for the project ‘Spoils Of War’ below:

C75 Live
C75 Designs 

#NewMixtape Francheyez – Federal Reserve Notes Vol. 2 @Franch33zeWorld

With four years now between each installment, Rotten Apple wordsmith Francheyez premieres the thirteen track mixtape, “Federal Reserve Notes Vol. 2”

New York emcee Francheyez (pronounced Franchise) represents the birthplace of Hip Hop to the fullest. A descendant of Puerto Rican heritage, Francheyez has always been noted by many as being creative. After finishing high school, he chose to attend Five Towns College, where his love for the art of Disc Jockey would introduce him to the necessary elements that prevail on the production side of things. As he began to study engineering, his interests in music grew more. Soon thereafter, Francheyez found a new passion for being an emcee. Recording in his free time, he went to task getting as many ears to listen as possible. With the assistance of manager, Irving Rose (Da Da Doe Entertainment, LLC.), he found himself with an abundance of opportunities to showcase his talent and network with power players.

His list of credentials to date include being a featured act alongside battle royalty Daylyt in Rhode Island for an event hosted by Grind Mode Cyphers. From that point things grew exponentially and he found himself once again featured, this time alongside Bronx heavyweight Oun P this time working with Bullpen Cyphers. The next venture brought a collaboration with VH1 Get Signed alumni Ren Thomas, as he traveled to the Jersey short to team up with Bullpen Cyphers once again. A stop in Harrisburg, PA saw Francheyez with rising Philly MC Mad Squablz before Francheyez would match wits legendary wordsmith Cassidy for an animated presentation. Other venues that Francheyez has displayed phenomenally at include Alchemy in Rhode Island, Brooklyn Art Center, and the Harrisburg Art center.

Along the way Francheyez has received much needed support from popular media outlets such as Get Your Buzz Up, WrldUndGrd, TeamBackPack and more. His current focus is the promotion of the second installment in his “Federal Reserve Notes” series. The project is led by his new visual, “Pain Release”. The rest of the summer season is promising as Francheyez has plans to drop a collaboration titled “Disenfrancheyezed”, as well as a group mixtape titled “Welcome to Cru York City”.

Dtwahn – Shooter

Miami-based crooner Dtwahn aims to revive true soul
music with new single ‘Shooter’

MIAMI, FL – Truly good soul music is the kind of music that can make grown men cry. Darrius “Dtwahn” Watson is a young artist who embodies that kind of soul.

Honed from Liberty City, Miami, Dtwahn is the quintessential soul-reviving vocalist and talent. His smooth sound is reminiscent of 90s-era R&B and hip-hop, and this fashionable crooner is bringing a whole new sound and style to the industry with his new single “Shooter.” It’s a song that he says revives soul music in ways that fans haven’t seen for decades, creating a fusion of hood and harmony into one love song that identifies with the “ride or die baby”’ mentality.

“My music has energy and it’s vibrant,” he said. ‘I hope when people come to my shows they can have a sonic experience – a melodic meditation or experience. I want people to know me  for being that R&B sensation, that soul reviver … someone who has music that will prick the hearts and make them love again. I’m the love boy who is singing about true love and relationships. I’m not afraid to hold your hand. Chivalry is not dead. I really believe in honoring your woman and your family and that those different kinds of things matter most! And ultimately, I think we need to get back to that in soul music. That’s the kind of music I grew up with and it’s the kind of music that made me want to be a musician. When I saw entertainers who could sing and the effect they would have on an audience – like Michael Jackson who’s known for making men cry and women faint – it was powerful. That’s a powerful gift, in my opinion.

”Dtwahn is an educator by career and a burgeoning community activist with a commitment to mentoring inner-city youth and community development. He is always staying actively engaged and informed of initiatives that can help the community, with the hopes of always being able to pay it forward. He understands the value of the “village” that he said helped raise him to become the upstanding man he represents today. In essence, he is an urban gentleman who connects with the products of his environment through creating songs that relate to the hood and the harmony of surviving the good, the bad and the ugly.

“What makes me unique is the musical influences that surround me and the melting pot that is Miami,” Dtwahn said. “There’s a lot of diversity here. You hear the Latin flavor here. You hear the Caribbean style and the Creole Kompa style from Haiti. All these mixes and flavors were part of my upbringing and you hear them in my music because they have influenced me. That sets me apart in and of itself. You’ll hear R&B flavor and swag in the vocals, but there’s a reggae vibe and tone to it as well. Even with my debut single ‘One and Only,’ you get that island feel.

And that’s because of the melting pot of Miami. The music scene here is amazing. There are so many great things happening, and I’m definitely in the beginning stages of tapping into that. The stage is my stomping ground, and my music is something that I feel is very spiritual and physical. That’s what good soul music does to you.”

To listen to Dtwahn’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:



“BETTER THAN YOUR Man” ft Dezzy McFly”

“Right Now”