Dec 23

#NewEP @VDewayne Duality


After dropping his long awaited album “The St John’s Scholar” in early in 2016, Vinnie DeWayne went straight back to work on the brand new “Duality” EP. Vinnie linked up with producers Trox, Samarei and THEMpeople for the five track EP that displays his unique storytelling ability. “Duality” is the latest incarnation of Dewayne’s developed songwriting talent and ever important stance on social issues plaguing the youth of today. Listen to the full project below.

Dec 22

#NewVideo @ThatsBlawesome Black Magic Woman


Portland songstress Blossom brings all the vibes in her latest, self-directed, music video for “Black Magic Woman”, produced by Mikey Fountaine. Originally hailing from Trinidad, Blossom lets her island roots show on the slowed down, Reggae influenced track. “Black Magic Woman” is a message of female empowerment displayed through all shapes, sizes and nationalities of women handpicked by the rising R&B star herself.

Blossom and company come across confident, yet natural and refreshing through the lense of filmographer Tim Slew. Recently signing to Martell Webster’s EYRST label and becoming one of the most active performers in the NW, including a recent trip to NY with Amine for The Tonight Show, the demand for Blossom‘s debut album seems to grow by the day.

Dec 14

#NewMusic @itstope Ft @misserikkaj and @farnellnewton Thank You (Produced By @stewartvillain)


TOPE returns with a new soulful dedication produced by Stewart Villain titled “Thank You”. Featuring vocals from Erikka J and live trumpet from Farnell Newton, the song is simply an endearment record aimed at those that has always stuck by his side. Earlier this year, TOPE produced the Slum Village and Cool Nutz collab, headlined his largest tour to date, was featured on Blu’s “Soul Amazing 6” and collaborated with artists like Mic Capes, Swa Playmaker and more.

Even with thast said, it’s been a quiet year by TOPE‘s standards. “Thank You” gets personal over the beat, speaking on a past relationship and the ups & downs of trying to prove yourself to your partner. The combination of Farnell, Stewart and Erikka makes for a smooth, jazzy feel with the emcee rounding things out nicely. Soak the song up below as the Portland-breed double talent starts mapping out 2017.

Nov 24

#NewVideo @Sourmouth100 All The Way Burnt Up


Known for his crazy antics and shock-based lyricism, Portland artist Sourmouth decides to tone it done a tad with a new, self-directed video for his marijuana friendly single, “All The Way Burnt Up”. The song, a remix of Soldier Boy’s “All The Way Turnt Up”, finds the North-westerner experimenting both with his harmonizing abilities as well as his video editing. The video itself is reminiscent of nineties Pop culture, MTV’s “Liquid Television” and major amounts of cannabis. Sure to induce you to light up, here’s Sourmouth‘s latest.

The single is featured on the PDX artist’s latest album, “A Million Little Pieces”, which can be streamed via Spotify below.

Sep 03

#NewAlbum @JakeKostPDX Stadtluft Macht Frei

unnamed (3)

Jake Kost‘s stock continues to rise after the release of “Kost Of The Reked Supras” featuring heavyweights Reks and Supastition with his long awaited album, “Stadtluft Macht Frei”. The project consists of ten tracks featuring El Ay, Michael Zoah and Denzel Ryley. The album title is German for “the city air makes you free” and is a fitting title for Kost’s new project.

Laced with jazzy samples, beat break drums and soul infused production, it’s definitely an underground gem. Jake takes listeners on a journey thru every song, flexing his abstract wordplay and vivid lyrics making the entire affair feel like a mid-90’s house party. Kost seems to pick up momentum throughout the entirety of the album, getting better and better as the project progresses. Listen and purchase “Stadtluft Macht Frei” below.

Jun 25

#NewAlbum @sourmouth100 A Million Little Pieces


Oregon rapper Sourmouth finds inspiration in the pages of one of his most favorite books, then dubs his latest album after it. Presenting “A Million Little Pieces”, a buffet of tracks that range from club hits, to conceptual pieces and back to what he’s best known for, sarcastically edgy lyrical content. The Rose City native grabs guests features from fellow artists Karess, Sleep Dank and Dev The Baker and a host of online music producers, most notably Johnny Juliano.

Besides the book, Sourmouth also garners influence for the album from “Requiem For A Dream”, “Halloween” and freemasonry to just name a few. Though we still can hear the Portland emcee’s pottymouth antics, it also features song’s that show Mr. Krauss’ true growth both musically and mentally. Such a song is the emotional “I Hate It”, that finds David speaking about his faults and relationship with his father. It’s rough admitting to our faults, let alone sharing it thru music to the masses. Another song to check is “Bye Bye Davey”, a song that centers around suicidal tendencies.

Fans of artists like Eminem, Tech N9ne and Hopsin will surely find a good portion of these songs pleasing to the ear. Listen to and purchase “A Million Little Pieces” below.

May 12

(New Album)-@cloud9krew A Flight On Cloud9


Portland rhyme trio Cloud9Krew unleash their latest work of art where listeners are taken on “A Flight On Cloud9”. The seven track EP features their explosive debut single “Let’s Go Get It” with Young Quicks and consists of all original production from Bryan Blount, Blackxipher, RETRO1 and DeadBrainz. The project offers up smoker friendly music that has a strong emphasize on chasing dreams and overcoming hardships. “A Flight On Cloud9” is available to stream and download via Datpiff, press play and prepare for liftoff.

Apr 08

#NewVideo @sourmouth100 In The Rose City

Sourmouth Pic

With the release of his upcoming album “A Million Little Pieces”, Portland’s Sourmouth invites listeners to roll up and roll along “In The Rose City” for the self directed visual that draws a little inspiration from the infamous “Sons of Anarchy” cable television series. Portland veteran artist Mic Crenshaw and music producer Prince Strickland both make cameo appearances in the video in which Sourmouth tells a story of an artist on the come up being shunned out and in due time, earns the respect of his peers. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without plenty of weed, clever one liners and punchlines that have made this Portland artist one to watch in the coming years. Sit back and enjoy the ride “In The Rose City” below.

Mar 27

#NewVideo @cloud9krew Ft @youngquicks Lets Go Get It


Back in January, Portland Rap squad Cloud9Krew hopped into an RV and made a long journey from their headquarters stationed in Portland, Oregon down to sunny California to record their upcoming album, “A Flight On Cloud9”, at Kush House Studio. During the trip, Studio 23 and the krew shot footage for the recently released video, “Let’s Go Get It”. The funkdeified beat was produced by Deadbrainz and features a guest verse from Young Quicks. Peep the crew keep it wavy while burning up some of PDX and Cali’s finest greenery. With it’s extremely catchy hook, “Let’s Go Get It” while have you amped up ready to make something happen. Peep the video out below.

Mar 03

#NewVideo @cloud9krew A Flight On Cloud9 Documentary


Smokey, Chiefy and Donavon Banks form to make the Portland, Oregon Hip Hop group, cloud9krew. Back in January, the fellas went all out to record their upcoming mixtape, “A Flight on Cloud9“. They rented an RV fully equipped with a tv, video game console and Mortal Kombat. They then added two friends and a cameraman to the mix and set out on a road trip to sunny California to record the project at Kushhouse Studios. Along the way, antics ensued, the crew endured a beastly snow storm and oh yeah, smoked plenty of pot.

With the snow trip cutting into their recording time frame, the C9K had a total of fifteen hours to complete the process. Buckling down, the crew not only made the cut but also shot two videos for the project, “Let’s Go Get It” and “Already Know”. Before departing back home, they also made a stop for a radio feature on 103.3 The Vibe. While in the midst of things, the process was filmed and is now being presented as a mini documentary for our viewing pleasure. Check out the cloud9crew‘s video below.