[Coming Soon] Lord Nique ‘Breaking Bonds’

Lord Nique Announcing Album: Breaking Bonds

[Coming Soon] Lord Nique 'Breaking Bonds'

Lord Nique is an up and coming Producer and Artist out of Cleveland,OH. It’s has been 15 years in the making for this young talent that started making beats and arranging samples at the age of 10 on his fathers drum machine. Lord Nique has took it upon himself to not just make the best production possible but also drive himself to deliver lyrics that are deep in thought but inspiring and heart felt to all people. Lord Nique will be releasing a LP January 23rd called “Breaking Bonds.” This album will be completely produced by him and will feature many of his artist from his Production Company “Champion Sounds Productions LLC”

[Coming Soon] Lord Nique 'Breaking Bonds'

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[Video] VAIN ‘U Need Luv’ | @itsVain

“U Need Luv,” is a Track by Rap Artist VAIN and Grammy Award Winning Producer RaphaelRJ2.
VAIN who has collaborated with the likes of Tony Yayo, Lil Mo, Red Cafe, Jim Jones, Slim of 112 and Jazzy Joyce continues bringing you the hits with his latest track , “U Need Luv.”
VAIN and RaphaelRJ2 put a twist and some Street Flava on  LL Cool J’s 1987 Classic Track,” I Need Love.”  VAIN and RaphaelRJ2 made this track Strictly for the Grown and Sexy!!
The video was filmed in iconic NYC Coney Island and features Cover Model International Rita!

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Twitter: @ItsVain
Instagram: @ItsVain
Facebook: @ItsVain
Website: www.itsvainsworld.wordpress.com

Download/Stream single via Sondcloud – https://soundcloud.com/user-786386353/u-need-luv

[Video] @ItsVain ‘U Need Luv’

“U Need Luv,” is a Track by Rap Artist VAIN and Grammy Award Winning Producer RaphaelRJ2.
VAIN who has collaborated with the likes of Tony Yayo, Lil Mo, Red Cafe, Jim Jones, Slim of 112 and Jazzy Joyce continues bringing you the hits with his latest track , “U Need Luv.”
VAIN and RaphaelRJ2 put a twist and some Street Flava on  LL Cool J’s 1987 Classic Track,” I Need Love.”  VAIN and RaphaelRJ2 made this track Strictly for the Grown and Sexy!!
The video was filmed in iconic NYC Coney Island and features Cover Model International Rita!

Connect w/ VAIN
Twitter: @ItsVain
Instagram: @ItsVain
Facebook: @ItsVain
Website: www.itsvainsworld.wordpress.com

Download/Stream single via Sondcloud – https://soundcloud.com/user-786386353/u-need-luv

New EP “Dreams and Nightmares” Out Now With Production By Esteemed Curtis Lamonz @IamCurtisLamonz

Curtis Lamonz, Producer from South Carolina, announces the release of his latest production project titled “Dreams and Nightmares”.  The Ep features unique talent including, Grammy Award winning Ashthon Jones, Ralphy Sway, Trey Triple A, HTTP, Bridgebois, Ablaze Da Architek, Mike Reeves, and Cashwest.

“Dreams and Nightmares” is a lyrical guide to various things that haunt and inspire artists around the world who are chasing their dreams.  The EP offers a selection of diverse records over impeccably polished beats.

Stream “Dreams and Nightmares” below

About Curtis Lamonz

Lamonz shared a passion for production dating back to his teenage years which led to the beginning of his career with noted production credits. His catalog grew as did the artists and brands he collaborated with like Gunplay, Denzel Curry, and Supra Footwear. To date he is signed under Adrian Swish at SwishMGMT and is working with Grammy Award winning and American Idol finalist Ashthon Jones.

Fly Ty Of Rockboy Records Drops “Oasis”, A Personal Record Featuring Ms Shica @RockboyFlyTy @Shica_Ms

Brooklyn’s own Fly Ty, President of Rockboy Records and partner to legendary Producer D/R Period, releases his latest single “Oasis” featuring the 1st Lady of the Label Ms Shica.

Better known as the “Front Runna Gunna” of Rockboy Gz, Ty takes listeners and fans on a personal roller coaster with his latest single “Oasis”. The record touches on the realness of suicide and Ty’s personal demons that challenged part of his growth as an artist. Ty is eager to share his story with the world to help spread awareness.

Although “Oasis”  is a much more temperate side of Ty fans and listeners may not be familiar with, he is confident they will embrace this euphonious journey.

Stream “Oasis” below. 

D/R Period and Rockboy Records Present New Music by Shawn Rock, “Money Bag” @Mr_ShawnRock

Legendary “Hit Maker” D/R Period & Rockboy Records present new music by label artist Shawn Rock.   The single “Money Bag” is available now on digital streaming platforms.  Rock dives right in over the animated and invigorating beats with a lyrical flow relative to his merited bankroll.  Listeners will parade the catchy hook imbued with swag all the way to the club.

Stream “Money Bag” below

About Shawn Rock

Shawn Rock gives fans a new and modern spin to old school Hip Hop. Although it’s more wild, he delivers relative topics for all walks of life. He masters the concept of intertwining creativity and versatility to create timeless music. According to D/R Period, “Shawn Rock is a breath of fresh!”

New Music | Denver’s Nomeway Darius Releases EP of Beats “Pacific Blue”

Nomeway Darius is a Denver based producer who is ready to start paving his way! Dropping off a short EP beat tape, this is just the start of many projects, collaborations and more from Nomeway Darius.

The ‘Pacific Blue’ tape features 4 original beats with an original sound. Mixing funk and jazz to create a melodic hip-hop sound, each track will have you nodding your head.

The tape gives off a golden-era hip-hop sound. I can hear influences from Dilla, DJ Premier and Pete Rock- but the sounds are a style of their own.

Press play and get familiar with Nomeway Darius.

For business/beat inquires contact: NomewayProductions@gmail.com 

Termanology Keeps It 100 About His 14-Year Career In This Exclusive Interview @TermanologyST

Several years back I had the pleasure of interviewing Termanology, one of Hip Hop’s most prominent driving forces.  Over the decades he’s become an influential staple in Hip Hop, lyrically and as an appraised leader in the communities.  In our most recent interview we discussed his catalog of music that surpasses a decade, Good Dad Gang brand, his close ties and brotherhood with legendary artists, eight fingers of gold, and so much more! Tune in below.

MJ: I appreciate you taking time out of the studio and touring to chop it up, once again, with MJ.  Before we get into the music I want to talk about #GoodDadGang. Years ago during our first interaction I recall that movement was just in the take-off stages. Here we are years later and it’s now become a way of life in the homes of millions of families! #GoodDadGang is something near and dear to your heart. Talk about how it’s changed the lives and family ties across the world.

Term: Appreciate that. Good Dad Gang is something I take a lot of pride in. I didn’t intend on making it a global movement. I was just being a very proud father and posting up pics with my kids and the hashtag blew up. Once the name started getting noticed, I put the brand in motion and things elevated quickly from there. We now have a website, social media campaign, full on clothing line, over 70 tattoos, and back to school giveaways every year for children in poverty.

MJ:  That’s incredible as is the bond and brotherhood with fellow artists in the industry such as Slaine, Statik Selektah, DJ Premier, and Book Camp members. Have those relationships influenced the longevity of your career and success?

Term: Absolutely. Statik is one of my oldest friends and so is Slaine. Premier helped me in too many ways to name, including doing 10 songs with me, Sean Price, Smif-N-Wessun, multiple shows, studio sessions, and songs together. All of those guys are legendary and/ or on their way to being legendary if you ask me.

MJ: I couldn’t agree more, salute to all of them! Tell me a little about Termanology back in 2003 when “Hood Politics” was released…Tell me a little about Termanology now in 2018.  Looking back, what can you say about the artist you were then compared to who you are now?

Term: 2003 Termanology didn’t know anything about the music industry. He was just a hungry kid trying to make a name in Hip-Hop. 2018 Termanology is much wiser and aware of what the music industry is all about. I’m a much better artist overall now. I learned how to use my voice much better as I got deeper into my career.

MJ: You were young when you took the industry by storm without warning! Did you have support in your corner? Did you have mentors offering guidance and artist development? I ask this because now most up and coming artists are also young but the difference is they are not so receptive to the knowledge given by our pioneers who built this foundation for them.

Term: I came into the game independently with my own music. I was pressing up CD’s, tapes, and vinyl with my own money. I was putting up thousands of stickers with my own street team, doing hundreds of local shows and showing up 30 deep to all of them. I gained a local buzz like that. The dedication and hunger I showed in New England and in NY got me noticed by Krumbsnatcha, Statik, Dan Green, Lil Fame of M.O.P., Premier, Buckwild, Nature Sounds Records, Brick Records and a few others. But those are some of the names I think of that had a hand in helping me out early on with direction, music and opportunities.


MJ: Your grind and dedication speaks volumes! 2018, what is hot right now with Termanology? Any inside scoop on forthcoming projects and tour dates you can share?

Term: I just dropped a full length album with Slaine titled “Anti-Hero”. You can find that on all digital platforms, cd, and vinyl. I have a new project out right now with my group ST. Da Squad, and new album off my own label ST. Records was released on 4/20. The project is called “Lostsol 96’” by Producer “Shortfyuz”.

MJ: One of my guilty pleasures of interviewing is getting a little personal with artists and sharing that with fans. With that being said, let’s begin…Tell me your 3 top touring spots. If I scroll your playlist on your phone, who will I find? What are your 3 favorite father moments? Finally, talk about the rings. The gold never leaves those fingers but I have a feeling there is some history or nostalgia behind those rings.

Favorite tour spots:

My favorite touring spots would be Switzerland, Italy and Japan.

What’s on my playlist right now:

When it comes to music right now I am playing Willie the Kid & Klever Skemes EP, Freddie Gibbs SOD & Shortfyuz Lostol 96 LP on repeat.

Favorite Father moments:

Witnessing the birth of both of my children would be my greatest memory I would say.

Reason for the Rings:

I wear the rings is as a symbol of success. I grew up very poor and wearing the rings reminds me how far I made it. I can remember when I lived in the ghetto with no food and no heat. I came a long way and I am forever grateful and proud.


MJ: Speaking of fatherhood, how do you find the balance? Like I mentioned earlier you are much more than an artist. So between making music, touring, giving back to the community, and raising daughters, where is your balance?  For some artists that challenge of finding and maintaining a healthy balance can result in the end of careers.

Term: It is one of my biggest challenges honestly. It’s very hard to drive 500-1,000 + miles every single week back and forth from NY to Boston, etc., to do music full time and also be there for my kids. But somehow I managed to pull it off for the past 14 years. I guess it’s like they say, if you really care about something you will make time for it.

MJ: Facts upon facts! As we wrap up, is there anything else you want the world to know about Termanology?

Term: I got love for everyone and I wish people only the best. There is no hate in my heart, God Bless anyone reading this. Love is love.

MJ: I want to thank you again for taking time out to chop it up with MJ. As I say on the daily, “MJ’s always a fan first”.


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Rockwelz Drops New Video “Royalty” Featuring M.I.C Off “LL New J” EP @ForbesLiving


New York’s Rockwelz is back from his European Tour and fresh in the studio! “Royalty” featuring Money Im Countin (M.I.C) is the first single off his latest EP “LL New J”. The EP is available now on all digital streaming platforms and for purchase.

“Royalty” is not a track boasting about a flashy lifestyle, dead weight bling, or over exposed women.  This is a track describing the life led by Rockwelz.  Why is Rockwelz claiming “Royalty” status?  The answer is quite simple, because he’s embraced by a circle of trustworthy family, friends, and fans. “To be royal you need to be loyal”.

This Bronx collaboration is set in the city with images that depict the theme of the track and set the tone for the ethereal yet upbeat tempo.

Listen to “Royalty” below. 

Stream “LL New J” EP below. 

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SINN, a seasoned 20 -year vet in the music industry, has an incredible story that credits to his rise to fame.  I had the opportunity to link up with SINN to discuss his story and truly embrace his journey.

MJ: I want to begin by taking readers way back to the early years of SINN.  when were you introduced to music?  Was there a certain circumstance in your life that pulled you into music?

SINN: I was introduced to music at the age of 6.  My family had a studio that I would sneak into and my mother would take me to church with her where I would enjoy the sermon and the choir.   What pulled me into music was the way music made people move, react, and feel.

MJ:  Share with us that moment in your life when you knew music was much more than just a passion or hobby.

SINN: I would say after winning a few local rap battles in high school. I surprised my school by performing a song I created in a talent show and after seeing the reactions for something I created I knew God had blessed me with a gift. I also knew that when I couldn’t sleep without hearing beats and rhymes in my head at all times that I had to share what was in my head with the world.

MJ: Riding also plays a significant role in your life.  How does that lifestyle intertwine with creating music and your deliverance to fans?

SINN: I have certain passions in life which are Money, Music, and Motorcycles.  When I am riding my mind is free and clear to enjoy the beauty of life and its surroundings and I become inspired by it.  I am part of the biker community so I live the biker lifestyle.  I want the world to experience it thru my eyes and feel the love and passion that I have for it.

MJ:  Not many know that you have worked with many major artists such as Prince, Alicia Keys, Jay Z, and that’s just to name a few.  I’m sure those experiences were both rewarding and knowledgeable.  Tell us some key pointers about the music business that you learned during those times. How would you say those experiences influenced the path of your own music career?

SINN: Yes, I was blessed to have been at the right places at the right time.  What I learned from them was to never waste time because no matter how much money you have you can never buy time.  I learned that you have to stay focused and it takes time to make quality and timeless music.

MJ: Let’s talk about your music! As a 20-year vet in the game I know you create timeless music and music that exceeds what’s hot right now or the latest trends. Describe your style and flow. What separates you from others artists?

SINN: My style and flow is original. I let the beat tell me how I am going to approach each and every song, so as the beat changes so does my flow. When people first hear my voice they say I sound like DMX, but with my own swagger. I am honored by that fact.

MJ: You have an extensive music catalog all of which is available on digital streaming platforms. Talk about your progression as an artist throughout the years.

SINN: My progression came about in a totally different way than most. I focused on creating the music and learning the music business first.  I focused on producing and engineering, then mixing & mastering other artist’s song.  That lead me to ghost writing songs for other artists.  I decided to focus on building a musical legacy after my near death motorcycle accident. I went to visit my uncle in Pittsburgh who was dying from cancer, barely could speak with a tube in his throat…his last words were you need to put out this CD…One week later I was in Ohio riding when my uncle past.  I was out riding with my sister when I was struck.  I woke up in traffic when I regained consciousness and her first words to me were “It would be a shame for you to die with all that music inside you.” So I went to the hospital, healed up a bit, went home still bandaged up and began recording. I haven’t stopped since!

MJ:  Thank you for sharing that, this is your destiny! What is out now for fans and listeners to get their hands on? Also tell us about some upcoming projects, collaborations, or tours.

SINN: I have released 17 songs this year so they can experience Ryder Music. As far as my projects, collaborations, and on my upcoming tour fans can stay up to date by logging on to www.hmdmuzic.com.

MJ:  Hip Hop…What does that mean to you? As an artist do you feel you contribute to the culture of Hip Hop?

SINN: Hip Hop is a culture, a language, and a lifestyle that we are involved in.  I would like to believe I give back to Hip Hop what it has given to me, and that is a purpose and a drive as well as an avenue to deliver a message.

MJ: Before we wrap up let’s give fans a better feel on who SINN is.  Name 3 artists in your personal playlist. What 3 places would you like to tour?  Who would you name as the most influential person/being in your life?

SINN: The artist in my playlist are: Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and The Temptations.  Three places I would like to tour are: Japan, Africa, and Guam. The most influential person in my life is my mother!  Her drive is an inspiration in itself.

MJ: Is there anything else you would like the world to know about SINN?

SINN: Always stay hungry for success but never starve for attention.

MJ: Thank you for taking time out for the readers and fans. I wish you continued success, salute!

SINN: Thank you and I am honored.


Listen to SINN below


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