Kony Brooks Teaches us the Way of The Streets in Ghetto Gospel

Bronx Native Kony Brooks known for his leadership in the Thot Boys collective and his singles Waist Trainer,  We Ballers, 3 Fifths , and by special mention Backpacks and M.L.Kony from his previous project Kony Island 2.   The lyrical giant opened up to us in his latest project All Hail The King showing us a side of him that many did not see. In his recent single Ghetto Gospel featuring Haddy Racks we were introduced to his world.

The story starts early in the morning , describing their life in the streets and what they have to live through on the day to day basis from dealing with home to the loyal and unloyal; something that we can all relate to. Could this be the lead single for a potential new project one can never know?

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Lil Dane – I Go For Mine

Ringing endorsement from Jadakiss propels young artist Lil Dane in front of millions of fans

BATON ROUGUE, LA – It’s one thing to have close friends and fans laud the success of your work. But when a big-name celebrity whose work has influenced millions gives you that mark of approval, it takes things to an entirely different level.

Such is the case for Louisiana-based artist Lil Dane whose latest EP “Greatness” got a stamp of approval from Jadakiss. After posting his praise for Lil Dane’s EP on his Twitter feed, Jadakiss helped propel “Greatness” in front of millions more fans. And as such, the rising young artist from Louisiana has been seeing a wave of success with his music ever since. 

“I’m so proud of this EP and so focused on getting it in front of more people right now because I really believe it’s going to take me further,” Lil Dane said. “Jadakiss having his name on it means I think it can go even further. That’s a big deal for someone like me who is putting in all this work and doing it all on my own – no manager and no team. But I feel good about it.”

“Greatness” dropped in 2019 and features four songs that explore what it takes to strive for greatness and excellence. Lil Dane said he tapped into inspiration from some of the Hip Hop legends of the 1990s in an attempt to “bring back the old Hip Hop style.” His songs are lyrical and gives listeners a lasting first impression that ultimately makes them want to come back for more. And, of course, being from the South, his Louisiana drawl plays strong across all his songs.

More than anything, it’s his lyrics that make him stand out. It’s those lyrics that have caused critics throughout the South refer to him as the “2Pac of his generation.” His music is poetic and tells the story of what’s going on today, as well as experiences from his past and reams of his future. He is the new wave of rappers in that he uses his business smarts to be successful in the industry. To date, he’s had listening sessions with labels such as Roc Nation and Republic Records and has worked with other artists such as Max Minelli, Turk from Cash Money, and Cassidy Jim Jones Lil Scrappy. 

In addition to “Greatness,” Lil Dane said he has more music on the way, including a new single called “Determined” which will feature Cassidy. That single is slated to drop later this summer. 

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“I Go For Mine”


Luv Docta – Hood Romantic

Luv Docta offers relationship advice with new single ‘Hood Romantic’

CHICAGO, IL – Ladies and gentlemen … the Luv Docta is in session.

Hailing from Chicago, this lyricist with a heart of gold has amassed decades of wisdom when it comes to love and relationships, and he’s ready to impart that wisdom to a wider audience with his new mixtape, “Luv Affairz,” which is slated to drop April 24. He’s already been helping people all over the U.S. through his videos and podcasts which bring his many experiences of love and loss into the light in ways that help other people through their own situations. And with this new mixtape, he hopes to give people a soundtrack, of sorts, to their lives and to offer a musical outlet for the ups and downs of their relationships.

“I’m bringing Soul and Hip Hop together in a way that can change the game forever,” the Luv Docta said of his new project. “Every track on this project represents a kind of vibe that’ll have you drunk in love, but through my music. It’s more than just making good music though. It’s a movement.”

Three of his singles off the tape have already been making the rounds and have created a wave of excitement in anticipation of the full release on April 24. Most recently, his single “Hood Romantic” has been gaining some major attention throughout the Midwest. Luv Docta said it’s a song for everybody, but he recognizes that more women will catch the message behind the music than men. 

“Women love guys who have a soft spot to him,” he said. “A guy who is romantic and sweet but who also has a little aggressiveness – not in a bad way but a good way. I consider myself as an artist who has a good side and a bad side. And because of that, I can give those females that different vibe experience. The song, overall, is mellow and drives people in with melodies as well as with vocals and my unique cadence. So the women are not only getting one thing but many things. And that echoes what the song is about – a man who fits all the criteria of what they’re looking for. I want people to get that sense of soft R&B Soul, but with a little bit of trap and melodies. I’m rapping and singing. I’m giving you a chill, summer vibe. And people are already loving that vibe.”

Luv Docta said he prides himself on being a versatile musician and for having a keen business sense when it comes to the industry. More than anything, he’s glad for the opportunity to use his past experiences to help others through difficult times. He points to his own seven year relationship that ended in heartbreak and how the lessons from that broken relationship have not only helped him make more positive choices in his own life, but have also lent themselves to good advice for others dealing with difficult relationships issues.

“The way I fought through the heartbreak and the deep depression that came afterward was to fight through those dark places and mentally pick myself up every day,” Luv Docta said. “I started working out and started praying and developing a routine that made my everyday life lighter and better. I took some time to find myself again, and the music helped me become at peace with myself. I started posting these transformational videos and started getting some buzz on social media. I’ve had a lot of eyes on me ever since and I’ve been blessed to encourage and inspire others. That’s why I’m excited for this new tape to drop because I really believe it will help a lot of people.”

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Big Love – KingPin

Death of older brother inspires Texas artist
to create soul-searching new album ‘Versatile Child’

WACO, TX – When Shawn Love was young, one of his favorite things to do was ride around town in the car with his older brothers, Aston and Deon. The three of them would turn on music and freestyle, making up their own songs from other people’s music and competing with one another to see who could have the hardest adlibs. If Shawn’s adlib was off, his older brothers would coach him and help him be better. The three formed a close bond.

So it came as a hard hit when Deon was killed in 2017 after being shot in the back three times. The family is still reeling from the loss, and for Shawn, the best outlet has been music. And so, taking the nickname passed onto him from his older brother – Big Love – this budding young musician has put together an album that pays homage to the late Deon in a way that also connects to others around the world who have experienced loss and heartache and pain. 

The album is called “Versatile Child,” and it serves as Big Love’s introduction to the world. It’s a project that showcases his unique sound and style in a way that new fans around the country are already clamoring for. With hints of Dolph and Wiz Khalifa, Big Love takes inspiration from some of the legends of Hip Hop and puts his own spin on it, creating a one-of-a-kind sound that is undeniable.

“I’m in my own zone,” Big Love said. “I just want to sound like me. What you see is what you get. “Versatile Child” is fueled by the passing of my brother, but it also has songs on there that a lot of people who don’t like rap will like. I make music for all people to like. I talk about a lot of different things on the album which makes it unique because it’s not the same on every song. The main reason I started making music was because my brother passed. But we actually lost more people after that almost back-to-back. It felt like one person would pass this week, then after a few weeks another person, and so on. So seeing my family go through heartaches for so long, I took it upon myself to make it my mission to be the reason why everyone smiles. My family is strong and blessed. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.”

Big Love said “Versatile Child” lives up to its name by showcasing a lot of different styles and deliveries. Sometimes he’s singing on the hook and sometimes he’s giving listeners straight rap. He’s always trying new things while staying in his own lane, which is part of what makes him so versatile. 

“People don’t really know me, and this album is my way of easing them into my world,” he said. “I have a few songs that are heart-touching and some that are more upbeat. People who have heard it have been saying they love it, and I’m eager for more people to check it out.”

One of the standout singles from the album is a song called “KingPin.” It’s a song that explores the various reasons relationships shift and evolve over time, and Big Love uses an experience with an old friend to illustrate the sometimes-hard roads that have to be navigated when it comes to meaningful relationships.

“’KingPin’ is me expressing the disloyalty of my friend and how you can’t trust no one,” Big Love said. “However, it’s also my motivation to keep going. If you really want to do something, then you have to invest in yourself. It’s also me being in my own lane and trying to get to be the best person I can be. When I cut that song on, it makes me want to go harder. I catch myself replaying it over and over because it’s basically my motivational song. This song is talking about real-life stuff and it really brings together everything that I want my music to be known for. I want my music to be known for getting my message out. It’s just me and as I progress, you’ll get to know me more and join me on the journey. I just want to make some good music and at the end of the day, if you can enjoy my music, then that’s everything.”

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“Versatile Child”


Chazo – Doughboy

New York artist set to drop follow-up EP
to successful debut effort

HARLEM, NY – The wave of success that fast-rising New York artist Chazo has seen since his debut EP release “GoodFood GoodWomen GoodVibes” in late 2019 has propelled him onto the music scene in ways that cannot be ignored. And now he’s set to follow up that eye-opening EP with a second installment called “GoodFood GoodWomen GoodVibes: The Intro.” 

Set to drop by March 20, this project features four new songs from Chazo that he said will help fans get to know him better as a person and as an artist.

“The last one was the prequel so it talked about everything that happened with me before the music,” he said. “This one is the intro. It’s all original music and content and all of them are album cuts. They’re not really mainstream commercial songs. They’re more songs that you can get to know me. I really believe you can learn about an artist the best by their album cuts. And with this, I’m showing people I’m continuing with quality material and making music that will continue to resonate with people, like the first one did. It has the same feel and vibe you might get from the first one – with storytelling and quality songs – but it has different styles of music. That’s what I want people to take from me as an artist – relatable and versatile.”

The first song on the new EP features fellow artists C-Nellz and APO. Chazo said the concept of the song is to introduce people to the idea of what it takes to start over in life. He said it’s a song that gives people a sample of his life and nods to the things he talked about in the prequel EP, but then flips the script and introduces them to this new life that he’s undertaking as a professional musician and entertainer.

From there, he takes listeners on a ride with the single “Dough Boy.” It’s a song that he said showcases his unique skill as a rapper.

“It’s me just rapping,” he said. “I’m being a rapper’s rapper. I’m freestyling on an original beat and showing my skills.”

That song is followed by “Another Story” which Chazo said may be the most relatable single on the EP. It’s a song that nods to all the minorities who have grown up in the hood. And though he said he recognizes that there are thousands of other songs about the struggle and street life, this song is one that is very personal to him and will connect with many people because of how it presents a universal story of a kid growing up and how he wants to tackle social justice and political issues and ultimately make a difference in the world.

The final song on the EP is “Reality Check” which Chazo said is simply a song about taking a hard look at the things that go on every day of our lives that we often overlook.

“It’s things an average person go through – whether with family or friends or associates or work-life,” he said. “Everybody has a story, and this song pushes people to take a look in the mirror and ask themselves if they’re really living the best life they can live. One of the things I love about this project is that everything is universal. Everybody can relate to it in some way. You might be at work having a good vibe with a co-worker, or on vacation, or at the table with your family having good food, or out somewhere with your homegirls … every possible experience is incapsulated with the title ‘GoodFood GoodWomen GoodVibes.’”

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“GoodWomen GoodVibes GoodFood: The Prequel”


Mayne – No Hook

Deep emotions and unique lyrics combine controversially on new music from Mayne

Landover, MD – Originally from Mississippi and raised in Maryland, Jamel “Mayne” has always been a soulful guy whose emotions run deep. Moving around quite a bit as a child, he found a passion for art, human skill, listening to soulful music and writing, and often wrote poetry to better express the riot of emotions running through his mind. He would soon discover the potential of his poetry after joining the Marines right out of high school, paired with a roommate who played the guitar. The two had one thing in common, the love of music. Mayne quickly discovered that the poems he’d written for so many years worked even better as lyrics on top of his roommate’s original guitar riffs.

Not until years later did Mayne discover what he stood for and knew exactly how he needed to deliver it. He broke back into the music scene with the EP “Soul Speak,” which he says is about spiritual growth. The single titled “No Hook” – with its intoxicating beat and melody – is comprised of different songs, bands and artists in a way that solidifies what he feels his song should represent, that being teaching and guiding through music, like a lot of the music he enjoys to this day.

His newest project is a two-track EP called “Moonlight Dream,” which explores the double meaning behind things like growing up in the streets or the false face that the world often presents through the paradigm of culture and technology. 

“I would consider myself a spiritually focused artist who is speaking with intent to connect to the emotions and spirit of the listeners, rather than the ego,” he said. “When I craft songs, I write with the aim to speak not to follow the trend but for the sole purpose of speaking from true inner feeling bringing different perspectives on life, love and passion of having faith and finding purpose. I like to think of myself as being very knowledgeable about different styles of music, and I’m open to listening to a lot of different genres. All forms of music I believe has an energy that can either lead to the promotion of negativity or positivity, destruction or creation. I look deeply into situations and events, I’m an analytical person and my music I believe or at least try to help people associate with the emotions and true feelings that come from what’s going on around them.”

Mayne said there are a lot of roots of alternative rock to his music. But even that descriptor doesn’t truly do his signature style justice. It’s more of a guide than anything else, as Mayne prides himself on bringing an original sound that nods to what’s popular today, but also stretches the boundaries of what’s progressive and new. 

“My music has a lot of double meanings in the songs,” he said. “I know not everyone is going to listen and get what I’m saying in the underlying message, so I also try to make the track relatable for the conscious as well as those who just want to hear beats.  I don’t always succeed but I make the attempt. But if you were to really listen to it, you’ll see that there’s actually something deeper there. Only a person who is more aware and conscious will understand what my music is really supposed to say. But really, at the end of the day, I want my music to just be something you can vibe to that brings you an energy that creates and love. My music is not negative or meant to try and destroy. It wants to rebuild. I don’t want to be known for putting anyone down, it’s enough of that. When you have a platform like this, it comes with a lot of responsibility. I don’t want to perpetuate a negative cycle even if I have done something that maybe seen as being THE WAY. I’m trying to figure out a new way to get my point across in more positive and creative ways to engage.”

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“Moonlight Dream” 


“No Hook” https://open.spotify.com/album/7B3E7RvYUYQrz4nEMjZpYn?si=cDcQoabSTOO9FjKKtpKvnA

“Soul Speak” 






Alpha Millz – Barbie

Mixture of melodies and dark vibes creates
pretty nightmare from New York artist Alpha Millz

STATEN ISLAND, NY – A new Hip Hop record with a Rock and Pop vibe from New York artist Alpha Millz is creating some buzz throughout the U.S.

The song is called “Barbie,” and its melody-heavy darker vibe is connecting with an ever-increasing fanbase in ways that is bringing some attention to this up-and-coming musician. The song explores the aftermath of a traumatizing relationship and the hard reality that often comes with the knowledge that what you thought you had with someone was as real as you thought it was.

“What really sets me apart from anyone else out there is that I’m in my own lane,” Alpha Millz said. “I’m not trying to compete with anyone’s sound. I just figured out my own sound and I’m running with that. I’m in this kind of cross-genre space and I’m very good at creating a vibe for people. I can create any type of vibe. With this song, the heavy melodies are perfect for setting a moody vibe for people who feel out of place, and letting them know there are other people in that gray area, too.”

Alpha Millz has always been a fan of music and said he realized his potential as a musician at a very young age. He recalls being inspired by legends like Eminem and Bone Thugs N Harmony. Their melody-heavy Hip Hop was an early contributor to his own signature sound and style. He said music was always the path for him and once he stepped into the studio the first time when he was a teenager, there was no turning back. 

“This is something I can do over and over and never lose that spark of energy that I felt the first time,” he said. “I want my music to be known for being something you can tune into and escape. It’s not always about the lyrics though the lyrics are important. The way I make music with melodies and beats and put it all together – it’s an escape. It’s a pretty nightmare. And when people hear it, they can be inspired that there are other people out there like them. Even if it feels like they’re getting messed over, they’ll be able to know that they’re not alone.”

Alpha Millz works closely with other artists and has put together a production company called New World Disorder. Some of the artists he works with include Los Dinero, SkonkBlokk and Dancer FrostByte. 

“Barbie” is the first single off an upcoming album called “Alphas Ark” which is slated to drop July 4, 2020.  

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ZoneOO – Cuddy Buddy

Zone00 brings a unique and fresh style to the Hip Hop game

LOS ANGELES, CA – Hip Hop artist, Zone00 (aka Donteau Mazone) originally hails from Beaumont, TX. After joining the military, Donteau lived in different parts of the world and traveled extensively. Like his lifestyle, his music style cannot be pinned down to one particular place. Fusing influences from many regions, Zone00 delivers catchy beats combined with lyrical wit and spontaneity. While some rappers will claim to be king of a state or region, Zone00 is in a position to be the King of all Kings.

Released in October of last year, his 7 track EP, “King of All Kings” showcases the artist’s intriguing hybrid sound, a blend of different aspects from different places. Recorded at HandWrittenLA in Los Angeles, CA, the collection features the commercial friendly title track, along with the lyrical onslaught of “Beyond the Stars.” A relatable theme for fans of the genre, “Da Bag” is Zone00’s version of getting the bag. The aptly titled “Donteau’s Inferno” tells his life story in song. With a diverse array of topics and styles, the EP shows Zone00’s range, giving a small taste of who he is as an artist.

The “King of All Kings” EP followed the May 2019 release of “Legend You Never Knew.” After leaving a potentially huge 5-piece group which disintegrated due to creative differences, Zone00 released the LP to show listeners what they had not been getting. “This is what I bring to the Hip Hop game that makes me different from other people who are doing music now,” Zone00 said.

Most recently, Zone00 recorded two new singles at the legendary Paramount recording studio. Zone00 found out that artists he looked to as a barometer, such as Lil Wayne, Drake and Mariah Carey, had recorded at Paramount. He made the decision to record there and was able to knock out two great songs. “When it comes to doing music,” Zone00 said “you have to really invest in yourself.” From this new material, Zone00 is planning to lead off with “Cuddy Buddy,” a catchy, fun song with a playful hook and really aggressive style. He also recorded “Respect My G” which picks up on the “King of All Kings” theme to tell the world what he is bringing to Hip Hop.

When Donteau was growing up, his father became a fan of Ice Cube and Tupac after initially telling Donteau that Hip Hop would not be around for very long. Listening to DJ Screw, UGK, 8Ball & MJG,  Scarface, Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z and, E-40. He later took up songwriting and was mentored about the business side of music by a studio owner he met. Zone00 is now addicted to making music and works hard to create authentic music that touches listeners to the core. “One thing I love about music is you get the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy,” Zone00 said. “When you put something out, especially on the internet, you have a lasting impact in the universe. If you do something great, it’s always there for the world to know about it.”

Zone00 is extremely interested in relationship building and he believes you never really do anything by yourself. He values the importance of working with professionals and strives to raise others up as he succeeds. “That’s one thing I admire about 50cent. He put individuals he worked with in positions where they could be successful.” As the King of All Kings, Zone00 is well on his way to reign over the Hip Hop kingdom.

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#Exclusive B.Bandz – Make Her Dance | @TheRealBBandz

Chicago Indie Rapper B.Bandz Just Dropped New Single With TST Legacy Records

B.Bandz is a independent rapper from Chicago, who is signed to TST Legacy Records.

B.Bandz began 2020 with a bang! He released “Apart”, a street banger featuring fellow Chicago native CalBoy. It received more than 50,000 streams on Spotify, 10,000 views across YouTube, not to mention the countless music outlets that are supporting Bandz. He dropped his smash new single “Make Her Dance” on Valentine’s day.

A little background on B.Bandz released his first official single “YRN”, at age 16. The next year he dropped his biggest single “Porsche”. Since then he’s rocked crowds at Revolt, A3C, SXSW, Rolling Loud (w/Zoey Dollaz), and performed at numerous events across the nation. Bandz has a away of connecting with listeners on and offstage with his swift, witty, lyrics and with his signature “drippy-drill” vibe.

B.Bandz has a busy year ahead of him with the upcoming release of his 6 song EP “Humble Drip”, working on new music with a variety of artists, performing some of his hits such as, “Porsche”, “YRN”, “Apart ft CalBoy”, and his latest release, “Make Her Dance”, which is available on all digital streaming platforms!

Stay tuned in for great things to come throughout 2020 from the homie B.Bandz aka Big Bankz Bandz! Follow Bandz @TheRealBBandz on all social media sites to catch up on his next moves!

DJ PACK (Clean/Radio, Explicit, Instrumental, Acappella, Artwork and Pics)
Download Link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/43yjl5

Spotify Link – https://open.spotify.com/album/2RGu3SnJ1gyJQB6fEoHy4j
Apple Music Link – https://music.apple.com/ca/album/make-her-dance-single/1498174325
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bbandz-music/make-her-dance-1
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0CxmGv26Ir1wFiMfZW15WQ
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/music/Make-Her-Dance-6791882063470397442?lang=en

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/TheRealBBandz/
Facebook: https://Facebook.com/TheRealBBandz


New Music: Vi City – “OnGOD” (feat. Harv) | @IamViCity

Chicago has been known to birth heavy hitters, so it’s no surprise that the veteran rapper Vi City would deliver the heat on his latest record “OnGOD”.

Vi City is an accomplished, multi-talented rapper, songwriter, and producer with a career that’s deep rooted in hip-hop. It’s more than just music, this is his life, his livelihood, and he’s going all in.

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Facebook: http://facebook.com/iamvicity
Twitter: http://twitter.com/iamvicity
Instagram: http://instagram.com/iamvicity
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCei6b8ljliJlCgioC7KhNGQ/videos
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6kt9ndgnZizh8uhMBtKm7b?si=xyKNjt_rRmWJCcWqe3VUYA