[New Music] @IAMSighren ‘Grown Women/Emotional’

Sighren is a Miami born soulful songstress and front woman for R&B for her credible bonding of yesterday and todays rhythm and blues. Sighren faced the challenging task of fulfilling her dreams of becoming a successful and well respected entrepreneur.

[New Music] @IAMSighren 'Grown Women/Emotional'

She curently co owns FAM First Entertainment Inc with partner Travis aka TMoney and against many obstacles and set backs, Sighren conquered every road block and challenge with faith and the love she genuinely has for music. Upon building the foundation for FAM First Entertainemnt Inc., Sighren then began writing and recording her music focusing on her past pains and experiences and those common encounters of everyday situations.

Stream via Spotify:

Grown Women: https://open.spotify.com/album/7vBmkE2kaCYy2dgHeUI4GA?si=2xMU-uu_QcqvV4k4GUnveQ
Emotional: https://open.spotify.com/track/0RndjJkTcITuqVu8yziAk6?si=_E_Knx_MTWy3yaFNtSxErw

Connect w/ Sighren:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamsighren/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAMSighren

[Single] Broderick Jones ‘iHeard’ | @ThePlayMKRS

Kansas pop singer Broderick Jones released his 2014 debut, Cuddle, and began gaining popularity fast in his local city. Soon after that more catchy acoustic tunes like, “Hold You” came to help launch him through the clutter of other musicians in the Kansas music scene. In early 2016 Broderick was featured on @It’s Different Pokemon ü remix that went viral over night hitting 1 million views.

[Single] Broderick Jones 'iHeard' | @ThePlayMKRS

Later that year, Broderick was featured on many other successful features including “Bad For Asking” with @QSTNMRKS and “Give Me Love” with Kyle Braun that have racked up to over 13 million views on YouTube alone.

Success continued in early 2017 with the release of “Its Time” with @Triste Noir that was later picked up by Trap Nations “Lowly Palace”. From there Broderick took notice of @AfroJack and was asked to collab. The track eventually never released and is still waiting on a release date. Soon after Broderick teamed up with @Fareoh on the “MoonLighting” track that hit 100k overnight.

All of this traction helped pave the way for Broderick’s first EP late august 2017 entitled ME. Broderick’s “ME” EP caught buzz in his city by being played on local radio station. He gets volumes of invitations to perform acoustically at events. Broderick has been working hard to perfect his live singing and stage presence as he prepares to hit the summer hard, doing as many festivals as he can book!

Stream via Spotify

Follow Broderick Jones:

Twitter/Instagram: @ThePlayMKRS
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6qotp0EA1aHJPk6YnbVtGK
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVUIpyoBwSs89azxsDEN3pA?view_as=subscriber

Dj Smoke drops “Smoked Out Radio 53” | @DjSmokeMixtapes

Dj Smoke Presents: Smoked Out Radio 53 the mixtape series!!

Smoked Out Radio 53 released on August 1, 2018 is now available to stream and download on Spinrilla. Smoked Out Radio 53 is also available on Livemixtapes, Da Mix Hub, and most major mixtape sites. If you are a Spotify user I want you to know that we kept you guys in mind as well! We believe in helping artists get paid for their hard work! We will be launching our Smoked Out Radio 53 playlist on Spotify real soon!

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Grand Groove Unlimited Records Releases New Album “Grand Groove Unleashed” @DTEasyTee

Grand Groove Unlimited Records announces the release of their latest project titled “Grand Groove Unleashed”. The album, which hosts a variety of skilled first-rate Artists including Boogie Black, Veteran Jeff Redd, B Smooth, Victor Daze, Petawane, John Jigg$, Spark Ezy, Relly Waterz, and Addictt is available now on all digital streaming platforms.

The album is a timeless and innovative collective that fans of all genres can revel in.  Listening to the album will transcend listeners onto a journey beginning with the euphoric sounds of the 70’s, composed jazz and funk mixtures, classic Hip Hop and R&B, and culminating through today’s modern animated sounds and beats.

“Get’ Em”, the paramount single off the album by Boogie Black and Jeff Redd, defines how electrifying music can be.  This single will metamorphose anything into a dance floor and all bodies into move and groove mode.  Boogie Black delivers another cut a rug record, “New York Party Sounds Like This” featuring Ron Browz.  This one is an ode to New York, the mecca capitol of the world. Boogie mentions the essential landmarks, deep rooted boroughs, and of course the gratifying rooftops. Both records are amplified by pulsations of Boogie Nights meets Fast and Furious.

Relly Waterz and Addictt contribute records for the newer generation; music to bounce to while sipping Cîroc at the club. “Oragami” and “Saucy” are fun tracks that relish in their come up, “from chicken to sushi”.  B. Smooth and Boogie Black also offer a turn up record titled “We Came to Get Down”, with more of a robotic and futuristic sound over a rhyming flow.  “Talk My Shit” by Spark Ezy takes the cake with an incredible mix of Clash of the Titans and club beats over Ezy going in on falsified rappers.

John Jigg$ is known for his mic drop punchlines and “Nights Like This” is no exception. Bar for bar he highlights a young Jigg$ who visions his name in bright lights, to current time of burning stage bulbs worldwide.

B Smooth, Victor Daze, and Peterwane take listeners back to that feel good, soul grabbing R&B.  “Game Over”, Waste of My Time”, “Cheated”, “I Apologize”, and “You’re the One” are genuine records about love and heartbreak.  Smooth, Daze, and Peterwane haven’t lost sight of granting listeners a taste of their smooth and passionate sides.

The album concludes with a party mix of “Get’Em”, which embodies every decade of the finest music.

Stream “Grand Groove Unleashed” below.

About Grand Groove Unlimited Records

Grand Groove is a record label which focuses on what is significant ; investing in music as well as the the talented artists that create it. The label believes in creating a collaborative and innovative environment where artists can thrive and reach their maximum potential  in a stress free atmosphere.

#NewEP Nava – now(here); @iamnavamusic

Pranava Maharaj, who goes by stage name Nava, is an independent R&B artist & producer based in Trinidad and Tobago. At eleven years old, Nava won a music competition and his career continued to skyrocket from there. After catching the attention of soca superstar Machel Montano, Nava toured all over the world with Montano, performing at places such as Radio City Music Hall in New York and the Crop Over Festival in Barbados. He collaborated with Montano on soca hit “Festival” in 2015 and performed at Trinidad Carnival.

Nava has since been experimenting with his sound and has worked with other Trinidadian urban artists Kaz and Freshmxn. He has also put out a few singles, two of which are featured on his latest release.

Nava’s latest release, an R&B EP entitled “now(here);” showcases his further evolution of sound. With a unique musical background and a bright future, Nava is an artist to watch.

Queens Sensation Dimez is Back with a New Hit, “New Porsche” @dimezzzx

Queens, New York recording artist Dimez is a fast-rising star due to her latest single, “Blow a Bag”. Known for her astonishing play on words and superior lyrical abilities, Dimez returns to the limelight with the release of her new single, “New Porsche”.
A passion for fast cars and exotic appeal, Dimez pulls off the lot with a convincingly persuasive series of verses that features drop-top lavish style. Easily a grooming new single by the recording artist for her newfound fan base that will enjoy the trendy trap infused sound of the Jeremy “Backpack” Miller production. Flashy, Dimez doesn’t dumb down her highly-respected lyrical skills but effectively balance the radio-friendly backpacker track that the hipsters, trendsetters, and true rap enthusiasts will all enjoy.
Before releasing brand new music, Dimez accumulated songwriting credits as she recently provided catchy bars and hooks for legendary female recording artist Lil Kim and her upcoming album. A great mention to the prelude of Dimez forthcoming new project, slated for a late-2018 release.
Pull up and stream the new single from Dimez today via Backpack Music, LLC.

Dimez Social Media
Instagram: @Dimezzzx
Twitter: @dimezzzx
Soundcloud: Dimez


News | The Heavyweight DJ Rasheed Is Live On WNRC 97.5 FM @DJRasheed1

The Heavyweight DJ Rasheed is On-Air Personality for WNRC 97.5 FM. Listeners can tune in weekdays from 8-5 pm EST and 7pm EST on weekends.  DJ Rasheed spins nothing but the best of Hip Hop from up and coming to established artists, and of course legendary pioneers of Hip Hop.

Show Schedules: 

The Morning Show with DJ Rasheed at 8am Tuesday’s and Thursday’s

The Friday Night ThrowDown at 9pm

Unattached Saturday’s at 11pm (for the ladies)

The Artist Spotlight at 7pm on Sunday’s 


If you are looking for airplay and worldwide exposure, contact DJ Rasheed! If you want to increase your streams and online sales, contact DJ Rasheed! The Heavyweight guarantees radio play within 48 hours.


Connect with The Heavyweight DJ Rasheed: 

Twitter @DJRasheed1

Instagram @DJ_Rasheed1




#NewMusic Cristian Broadnax – You Like @CristianBroadnx

“You Like”, from singer Cristian Broadnax, is a hit infused with 90’s R&B style keyboards, vocal harmonies and booming trap styled 808s that will set the tone for a romantic moment. It describes the scene of a young man working towards his goals who hasn’t forgotten to set time aside for the special lady in his life.

Cristian Broadnax is an R&B/ rap artist from Las Vegas, NV. He is debuting his self-produced single “You Like” which is co-produced by Grammy nominated recording engineer Josh Connolly who has worked with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Justin Beiber, Rihanna, Boyz II Men and many other great artists. Cristian brings a mix of old school style R&B vocals with today’s booming trap style bass on the hook. His voice and lyrics will captivate you.

#NewMusic rxmes – Don’t Walk Away @therealromester

rxmes (pronounced romes) is a Toronto native and LostInTheCity representative who just released a new, R&B fueled single entitled “Don’t Walk Away”, produced by Sebastianvmusic.

rxmes started singing when he was 9 years old. Joining choir and competing in singing competitions, he was on and off with this gift he has as he grew older but music drew him back around the time he graduated high school. Realizing how in love he was with music his life he decided to pursue his dreams to see where it can land him, born in Angola (Congolese descent), raised in Edmonton, Alberta and now currently residing in Toronto, Ontario working towards growing his sound and hopefully becoming the artist he’s always dreamt to be as a little boy.

#NewMusic Zig – Whole Amount @ZiGSmileBiG

Zig: “My single, “Whole Amount”, is about a girl I really enjoy. She might not be the best for me but I like that.”

Ambitious, eager, and hungry, Zig has wasted no time creating a buzz for himself in South Florida. Whether it be shooting a music video on the back of a flatbed truck in the middle of Art Basel, or performing on the deck of a yacht at the biggest boat party in the country, Zig knows when it comes to success it’s all in the grind. The hustler’s spirit translates to the Zig sound. He’s a student of classic hip-hop and his delivery is a mixture of clever wordplay that finds the perfect balance between humor and honesty. Yet, he still manages to strike hard with overt in-your-face punchlines and multiple entendre jabs.

Born Roberto Garcia in the Dominican Republic, now residing in West Palm Beach, FL, Zig has quietly emerged as a premiere independent artist. He’s already released several records that have jolted South FLA, including “Ambidextrous,” a fan favorite. His most recent singles, titled “Walk Around” and “Whole Amount” showcase the diversity in his sound. On “Walk Around,” Zig glides through a production that is an invitation to an anthem. Zig provides the party with detailed confident lyrics and a hook that will boost anyone’s ego. “Whole Amount” deals with the refreshing emotions we go through when falling in love with someone new.

Before Zig took his hometown by storm, he was a frustrated teenager adjusting to life in America. Zig moved to the States when he was at the tenderfoot age of five. That opportunity led the family to Boston. With his siblings: a twin brother and sister, and his parents, the family decided it was too cold in Boston soon after their arrival. “As soon as the snow hit, my dad was like, fuck this shit,” Zig jokingly describes.

The search for a warmer climate brought the family to Florida, but the transition was tough for the angst-filled teen and he found himself constantly in trouble. His intentions were pure enough. He just wanted to make people laugh. He recalls getting into trouble once when he replaced a classroom DVD with a porn DVD. He thought it would get a laugh. Instead that combined with a long history of troublemaking sent him to juvenile boot camp. In the end, the patient needed the medicine. While there, Zig discovered his penchant for poetry, writing rhymes and a deep love for hip-hop. By the time he was released from boot camp, life became easier for Zig as he finally had purpose.

Five years later, Zig finds solace with his pen. With his favorite music producers G. Bliz and johnnyboy, he’s constantly in the studio creating new music. When he feels the pull of frustration, he writes or performs. He’s created his production company, titled “Smile Big.” It’s an apt name. Zig explains, “Smile Big means just staying positive regardless of circumstance and to do everything with good intention.” The positivity is the fortuitous consequence of early struggle. “Smile Big” is not just credited with creating the Zig sound, but is also involved in some of the biggest promotions throughout Florida. For instance, Floatopia, a yearly event held off Peanut Island in West Palm Beach, Florida attracting hundreds of boats, over 5000 attendees, and live musical performances, is one of the most beloved events in South Florida.

Early influences for Zig are rooted in classic Southern hip-hop such as the early albums from southern rap generals T.I. and Outkast. Those influences are evident in Zig’s lyrical delivery. He transports his fans to classic raw hip-hop but manages to deliver that party Florida sound, while riding the edge of seduction. It is this multi-dimensional sound that allows him to attract such a diverse audience.

Zig is currently recording new music and touring. The next generation of hip-hop has arrived.