#NewVideo T R U V O N N E – Crazy Love @truvonne_

From opening for Talib Kweli to R.LUM.R, Chase Atlantic and other national acts, T R U V O N N E has been building up her name from the ground up. Bringing in electronic rnb sounds in her production to singing soulful vocals, this producer/song writer has been compared to artists like Syd Tha Kyd, H.E.R., and Jessie Reyez. She was also named “Artist to watch” on both Phoenix New Times and Cultured Up Magazine. Featured on multiple publications, she is making a wave for alternative R&B artists in Phoenix, AZ. T R U V O N N E’ S new single “Crazy Love” was featured on popular YouTube blog dynmkND and already has 194k streams on spotify and most recently was featured on an interview with 102.7 KISS FM as a part of iHeart Radio’s “Valley Vibes”. As of right now, T R U V O N N E is in the mist of creating her debut album.

The concept of the video was to capture 4 different type of realities; what you wanted to happen, what you feel inside, what’s going on through head, and what actually happening in a conscious space. In creating that virtual consciousness, each color represents each of these realities. I would want you to decide which is which because based on how the video makes you feel will determine which color means what to you. The entire video is up for interpretation. When writing the treatment, I wanted to make sure that each of these concepts were properly shown.

#NewMusic Soli – Of Another Time

“Of Another Time” describes a night of driving past glowing windows that seem to flaunt bygone eras, mirroring and melding past and present in an eerie prismatic moment. The song is a collaboration between New York vocalist Soli and producer Bosch Purvis. His fresh beats combined with Soli’s haunting melodies and full harmonies create a singular track that is both danceable and whimsically introspective.

Soli is a musician and interdisciplinary artist from Spring Valley, NY where she grew up harmonizing with her sisters and friends. She graduated from the Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University in a self-directed program, where she fine-tuned a love of collaboration directing a slew of group projects.

For the past two years she has been living in the mountains of Kona, Hawaii amongst volcanoes in various stages of activity where she hopes to write some good songs before the volcano explodes. Ever since she can remember, she has created in some form or another, knowing, at this point, that she must continue to do so in order to avoid a sucking sense of existential futility. Her aim is to write songs that are honest.

#NewMusic Ora – In The Shower @oratheexplorer

R&B / Soul artist Ora is something special by every sense of the word. The New York based singer has a voice that will put you in deep thought as you listen to her music. Not only is she a powerful singer but also a really nice producer as well. Listen to her latest tune, the seductive “In The Shower” on Soundcloud.

#NewMusic Lamar Trace – Soul @LamarTrace

Lamar Trace is a rap artist from the south end of Peoria, Illinois. At age 12, he used his love for poetry and storytelling to start creating his own verses. Trace is a versatile artist with a unique sound inspired by his diverse environment and Midwestern roots. He is affiliated with Solo Music Group and works closely with established up-and-coming producer, Polo Boy Shawty. In a recent interview he said, “I’ve got a couple projects in the cut.. as well as other singles and content. I’m always working on something. You got to stay consistent and relevant”. Lamar Trace’s passion for music, refreshing lyrical talent, and ability to adapt to the evolving hip-hop culture will make him an artist to keep your eye on as he establishes his place in the industry.

Lamar Trace’s single, “Soul”, is his latest release and there is much more to come from the new artist. Lamar Trace raps about his neighborhood and upbringing on this track, all while questioning if the pursuit of money and financial success is worth the price on a mans Soul.

#NewMusic Dante’ Note’ – Dodie @NotesDante

Dante’ Note’ presents “Dodie”; a vibrant, funky, 4/20 friendly track that will definitely get your head bobbing and your body grooving to the beat

Dante’ Note’ is a musician, songwriter, poet and actor. It is said, according to a family tradition, that his possession of great talent was predicted by a prophet shortly after he was born. He held him in her arms and told his mother that Dante’ was destined for greatness and that he should not mingle with others but instead stick to the Church. So Danté was largely sheltered from outside influences for much of his early life and now, he and his talents are bursting forth and being revealed to a world eager for the freshness and vibrancy he offers.

Danté plays numerous instruments. His grandmother taught him piano at age 3. By age 5 he had his first drum set; by 10, an electric guitar. He learned the bass guitar when he was 12. His love for music is almost as intense as his musical and performing talents. He is passionate that music must move people. His songs should have meaning – “People should,” says Dante, “hear what I’m saying. It must have meaning. It must make you laugh or cry. It must move you.”

New Video: Ockz “The Return” (@Team_Ockz)

Brooklyn rapper releases the visual for his enigmatic single “The Return (Interlude),” the first offering off of his forthcoming album The Prestige. Directed by Aloha Hype, the video is Ockz at his finest, spitting lyrics over a soulful beat, imparting knowledge and giving NY rap yet another talented homegrown talent to listen to.

“The Return (Interlude)” is only the beginning of the many records he will release from The Prestige. Ockz is New York through and through, with real bars and skill as an emcee. Gritty and raw, he aims to bring feel good music and knowledge to the masses.  Ockz delivers with a clarity, conciseness, and directness that is refreshing and yet classically Brooklyn. Real Hip Hop heads will definitely get it. He is currently hard at work putting the finishing touches on his follow-up project The Prestige which will be out soon.

#NewAlbum @JPride2U December 1st


Singer/songwriter JPride presents “December 1st”, a collection of original tracks and re-imaginings of songs chosen by the Mississippi native. Listen as she serves up her own style of Urban Pop, mixing in elements of R&B, Soul, Hip Hop and Jazz-inspired vocals. “December 1st” is hosted by Lil Wayne’s own, DJ T Lewis with production from ILL Phil, SuperJay, Hershey Black, WhoIsNino, JKeys, Kwasi Kwa, Ricky Rich and JPride.

New Music: @realwillylamar “Waking From The Dead”

I always say that acting is my wife and music is my mistress… I love them both equally, but have found it hard to give music as much attention as I’d like to over the years… – Willy Lamar

Willy Lamar aka “Will Rothhaar” is all about redefining himself. Will the actor is quite accomplished as he’s been on several notable television shows & films such as: “Mad About You”, “Family Law” , “Dr Quinn Medicine Woman”, and “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”. Now Will is getting back to his roots in music as he’s starting to focus on his music. Transitioning from “Will” to “Willy” as he’s been writing music for quite some time now and he’s now ready to give the world his first project: “That Good Love EP” in September. Now Willy gives us his first offering “Waking up from the Dead” where Willy croons over a guitar laden track, which compliments Willy’s smooth voice. Checkout Willy Lamar new single “Waking up from the Dead” after the jump and lookout for his new EP “That Good Love EP” in September.

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#NewAudio @twongcreates Lifetime


Columbus, Ohio singer/songwriter/producer T.Wong releases his smoldering new single, “Lifetime”. Produced by Jonathan Baker and T.Wong, “Lifetime” is a touching love song about wanting to make a very special night last an eternity.