Rahli “Clip Hangin” Ft. Lil STL

Rahli and Lil STL link for “Clip Hangin” single and video, a lyrical PSA representing St. Louis.

The two unite to show and prove that red and blue can connect for a ‘lituation’ during a worldly quarantine.  Watch original bosses make boss moves both in life and music and stay tuned for ‘Bigg ole MOB Talk’, coming soon.

Jizzle Buckz x Lil Stl “T.R.A.P” Video

Jizzle Buckz and Lil Stl link for “T.R.A.P” official video, shot by Nico Nel Media.

Jizzle Buckz and Lil Stl have been trailblazing since they touched down on the scene and in St. Louis. The video shows fans and haters just where they come from and their current blueprint to takeover. The honest bars and trippy production is sure to keep audiences tuned in.

MItch 3600 x Casino FBG – “Lenox Mall” (Video)

If you’re tired of the mumble rap-singing and want to hear real street rap with a catchy hook, Saint Louis’ Mitch 3600 has you covered. 

The Midwest- native who created a buzz with his club anthem, “Money” featuring Boosie is back again with one of the Future-protege, Freebandz Casino. The two heavyweights linked up in ATL and for the boasty and flashy new single, “Lenox”.

Named after the popular Atlanta luxury mall. Casino says the concept behind the record, “We just wanted to do a fun song for people to ride out to. Something energetic for the clubs too.” 

Mitch says what makes his music different from a lot of artists is his truth.

“I rap about how I’m living and everything that’s real to me.  I want to be a voice for the streets in my city and beyond.”

Watch the new video below.

Watch “Lenox Mall” now.

#NewMusic JGE Retro – Monopoly$ @JGERetro

“Monopoly$” is the latest release from JGE Retro. It’s a fun track that’s sure to bump all summer and was produced by Jayson ‘Jay’ Cole & Starstrukk Productionz.

If Determination and hard work is the key to success, than there is no doubt that JGE Retro will succeed. Retro has became one of the most sought after groups in St. Louis. The Duo was created by Shad and Lil Shawn; both St. Louis natives who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

The group focuses their time on building a relationship with their fans. Rather its face to face, phone, email or social networks, Retro and its team make sure to connect with fans as much as possible. They have quickly became trendsetters in music, fashion, and everyday life styles of young adults, sending the message that its cool to be a ‘Reirdo’, it just means you’re different from the rest.

Shad, is known as the laid back lyricist of the duo. His vocal delivery is strong, forceful, yet flashy. Growing up in the industry and watching the success of the St. Lunatics under his fathers (T-Luv) management, Shad knew right away he wanted to be an artist. His plan is ‘To kill the game in every aspect.’

Lil Shawn, on the other hand is like the energizer bunny always coming up with something new and ready for anything. His lyrics are fun and relatable with a smooth delivery. Looking up to his uncle ‘Nelly’ and his music career, Lil Shawn found his passion for music. At the age of 13 Lil Shawn’s mother passed away causing him to live back and forth between different family members. His mission for the group is to create timeless music and to connect with fans all over the world by combining an ambitious blend of every music genres.

To Lil Shawn and Shad ‘JGE’ Stands for ‘Jackie Gabrielle Entertainment.’ Jackie is the mother of Lil Shawn and Gabrielle is the mother of Shad. Retro was later added to separate their name from other members of the JGE organization. Retro comes from their love of retro shoes and clothing. The group loves to find old styles and make them new trends rather in music or fashion.

Dink – Can’t Be True

St. Louis, Missouri rapper Dink addresses the passing of his brother with his new single, “Can’t Be True”. Using an eye opening, blunt approach to the subject, the Midwest artist also aims to make his brother proud by vigorously pursuing his music career. Peep the full video below.

#NewVideo Nino Lucas – Dirt On My Name @Banklan4lyfe

People, a lot of times, like to throw dirt on other’s names. All you can do in life is brush it off and be yourself. Don’t worry about others and stay focused. This is the mindset of St. Louis / Tampa rapper, Nino Lucas. In his Talvo directed flick for “Dirt On My Name”, Nino flips out on those that try to smear his name thru the mud. Watch the video here.

Tank The Machine Serves The Real on Tankavelli 3 | @tankofficial

Tankavelli 3

Tankavelli 3

DOA’s very own Tank The Machine shifts from summer’s heat to the ice cold bars of winter with the visual for his latest freestyle Tankavelli 3. Directed by upcoming Midwest film lord, ImageYouMedia, Tankevelli 3 shows the emcee in his rawest form; a bar spewing monster livid and ready following each stanza.

Paying homage to Tupac from beginning to end, Tankavelli 3 celebrates the everlasting impact Hip Hop icons have had on millennial rap music while bolding asserting the uniqueness of a new generation of emcees.

Tank The Machine’s album Dream Journal will be available this Fall.

Q-Sko – Over You [Audio] | @Skodamann |



An intense blend of old school Hip Hop with new school elements, Midwest rapper Q-Sko shines through the competition with his new single Over You. Produced by Ice Starr, Over You tells a tale relatable to most millennial men; the back and forth struggle between love and hurt and the trust issues that always seem to arises in relationships. A topic seldom discussed by male art, Q-Sko opens up on the track, uncovering a vulnerability unseen in most rap artists.

Born in Chicago but raised in St. Louis, Q-Sko started rapping on his grandparent’s sunporch in Chi when he was a kid. The young emcee would spend hours recording himself onto cassette tapes, honing a talent that would continue to blossom as he grew older. After his mother was diagnosed with cancer and the death of his older brother in 2013, Q-Sko quit rap and found himself lost in the street life. But a vision of his older brother in a dream called him back to the rap game and led to the release of his 2016 EP Tears of A Hustler.

A raw storyteller and truth seeker on the beat, Q-Sko’s Over You validates him as an artist to watch in 2017 and provides listeners with a feel-good, vibey track to ride to all summer.

Follow Q-Sko online:




St. Louis Underground Music Artist of The Year Bates Releases Whole Thing Single | @bates_stl



Coming with a fury unmatched by other female emcees, Midwest Hip Hop typhoon Bates is back with her new single Whole Thing. The first track from her highly anticipated summer album Strange Woman, Whole Thing is a burst of creative energy; highlighting the versatility of her flow and her innate ability to go for the jugular with every bar.

Hailing from St. Louis, MO, Bates rose to fame after navigating her way through the indie music scene for years and being award ‘Best Female Artist of The Year’ at the 2015 St. Louis Underground Music Festiva (SLUMFest). In 2016, Bates’ swept the local music celebration, winning ‘Best Video’ for her visual Tell Jesus, ‘Best Female Hip-Hop Artist’ and became the first woman to take home ‘Artist of the Year’ in its ceremonial history. This flood of affirmation led to the success of her 2016 album For Colored Folk, described by The Riverfront Times newspaper as “a navigation through spiritual, social and political minefields — a crossroads of intersectional issues that she attacks head-on while aiming straight for the gut.”
Produced by Kay GW, Whole Thing is the epitome of lyrical sensation; tapping into Bates’ deep, emotional flow and reality base, conscious lyricism. The first single from her upcoming album Strange Woman, Whole Thing continues to place Bates in the face of the esteemed listeners, providing clarity on the beat and an elevated display of rap clairvoyance.

Join Bates this summer during her #NaturallyMe campaign, the road to Strange Woman, by following her online: