Memphis Maccie – Juice ft. Taye Levell & Ja’Ryan

Memphis Maccie brings West Coast and South together in new album ‘Tale of Two Cities’

PORTLAND, OR – Much like his new album, Memphis Maccie is an artist whose style tells the “Tale of Two Cities.” Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, his Southern grit is a prominent feature on his music, but couples in unique ways with the West Coast style he’s adopted after having moved to Portland, Oregon.

“Tale of Two Cities” is his third project, but the first with any kind of financial or promotional backing. It’s a project that introduces his unique sound and style to the larger world, while also laying some background of who he is and where he’s from in ways that will relate to a wide audience.

“I grew up in Memphis and lived a lot of years gang banging there,” he said. “But I’ve moved to Portland, which has a completely different sound. So now I’m bringing the West Coast and the South together into one project. I’m a Southern dude with West Coast beats who’s putting Southern rap over the top. And within that I’m very versatile, gritty and graphic. I can give you a picture of what’s going on. My sound can be explicit sometimes, where you cringe in a way, but it’s also very truthful. All of my lyrics are based in truth.”

It’s that realism that Memphis Maccie said he’s hoping he becomes known for as more people get to know his name and become familiar with his music. He wants people to know that when they listen to his music they’re going to get more truth and facts and real-life situations, occasionally mixed with metaphors for real-life scenarios.

“I believe that you have a responsibility when you’re rapping and people are listening to you,” he said. “You have a responsibility to tell the truth, not just some bullshit music to listen to for a while and ride around to and perpetrate a whole different lifestyle. That only lasts for as long as that one song. True truthful music can last for a lifetime and you can take it wherever you go.”

That mindset is one that was developed within him at a young age as he watched others around him build careers within the music industry. He said he has fond memories of growing up around Beale Street watching artists such as BB King, Isaac Hayes and Al Green embrace the idea of realism in their music and literally build a genre around storytelling. As a teenager he remembers hearing Bone Thugs N Harmony, and when he first tried to spit lyrics as fast as they did, he got a lot of encouragement from friends and family – which eventually led to him pursuing music as a full-time career.

“Tale of Two Cities” is due for wide release across all digital distribution sites on Oct. 15.

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D1 – T.U.T.T

Chicago rapper D1 turns up the temperature with new single ‘T.U.T.T.’

CHICAGO, IL – It’s time to turn of the up the temperature, and that’s exactly what Chicago-based hip-hop artist D1 does with his new single “T.U.T.T.”

The high-energy hype song that’s sweeping through Midwest clubs is the perfect vibe for having fun and jamming out at a party, or even just by yourself in the living room. It’s very upbeat with a catchy hook and a sound that perfectly represents this up-and-coming young artist from one of the country’s best music cities.

“I wanted to have fun with it,” D1 said of the single. “A lot of my music is serious, and when I first finished making this beat I thought I didn’t have a purpose for it. I thought I’d just put it out as a beat and someone else could use it. But the more I listened to it, the more I liked it. I started putting some stuff together for it just to see if I could call it a song. But then I thought of the hook out of nowhere, and I liked it so much that I decided to run with it. After I got the hook, the song pretty much wrote itself. I, of course, wanted to make sure it sounded good as well as being well-made. But then I just had fun with it. And the response from my fans is that it’s different, but in a good way. I’m pretty sure no one has ever heard this sound before – it sounds different, but it’s fun.”

D1 is the kind of artist who embraces that reputation of being different. It’s the foundation for his stage name, in fact. Originally D1 was meant to represent the fact that he’s in his own division – like a Division 1 college athlete. And certainly he said it still reflects that his music is in a class of its own. But he hopes that it has grown larger than that. He wants his music to really shake up the way people think of their lives.

“I want my music to be known for people who aren’t afraid of being out of the box,” he said. “I want it to be fun and funny – like I want you to laugh – but I also want you to relate to it and understand the message behind it. I want it to help you heal, or to be inspired or motivated, but through all of it, to have fun. I’m a funny person and my personality is way extroverted. I can be very charismatic and goofy and I like to make people laugh, and the point of my music to make people want to have fun and enjoy life.”

Part of that attitude has come from a life that hasn’t always been fun. Growing up, D1 didn’t have a lot of friends. He was bullied in school and wasn’t always treated well by his family at home. He started writing poetry at a young age as a way to get his pent up emotions out. When he went to a summer camp and took a music class one year, that poetry turned into song- writing – the rest is history.

“I have had some struggles, but that ultimately has made me a more humble and grounded person,” he said. “My craft has evolved along with my personal growth. I have been dealing with adversity for a long time now, but that hasn’t stopped me from having faith in my music and my career. And through it all I’ve come out fun and extroverted. And my music will always show you that I do not know when to give up.”

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O.G. Charlie Frank$$$ – Never Have To Question My Love

OG Charlie Frank$$$ drops new single ‘Never Have to
Question My Love’

HOUSTON, TX – Music that has staying power is music that’s well put together and has substance to it. OG Charlie Frank$$$ is the kind of artist whose music will be around 100 years from now because it not only has substance and quality, but it also has a timeless quality to it that’s reminiscent of some of the legends of the industry.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, this hip-hop artist is one of the industry’s most highly regarded trendsetters. He’s the kind of artist who takes the legendary sounds of the past and fuses them with new-wave sounds of the future to create truly original music that will still be impressing fans for years to come. He first influenced and pioneered the mid-1980s sounds of hip-hop throughout Houston, alongside other legends like Mr. Scarface and the Safoolz. In the mid-1990s he introduced a new style of music he calls “screw music” or “slab music,” collaborating with the iconic DJ Screw. And by the 2000s he was taking those sounds and melding them with his own unique style to create a fad that swept the nation through his work alongside Sauce Walka and Sancho Sauce.

Following those decades of success, OG Charlie Frank$$$ is ready to release his newest project – a 15-track EP he’s calling “The OG.” It’s a project that will talk about his experiences with life and the game, his time on the streets and even some of the politics of the world. Of course the project reflects his unique perspective on life while dealing with the realities of the world in ways that anyone can relate with.

“The thing that sets me apart is my perspective,” he said. “I have a distinct perspective about life. From my experience from the streets I have a different insight about things that a lot of other artists couldn’t talk about. A lot of my songs are stories from my life, but sometimes I’ll just dibble and dabble and do stuff for fun. But mostly I’m talking about life. And that’s because I want my music to be known for its authenticity and real-ness. I want my music to have a shelf-life where 100 years from now you can pick up my album and feel that experience all over again. That’s what I love about ‘70s music – you can pick up anything from that era and it still makes you feel the same way.”

The first single of OG Charlie Frank$$$’s new EP is a song called “Never Have to Question My Love.” The song features a sample from a Biggie song. OG said he took a Biggie riff and put a little “Southern flavor over it.” Ultimately the song is about infidelity and the stuff people go through in a relationship to prove their love, even when they mess up sometimes. The overall vibe of the single has a ‘90s swing to it, and OG said it’s just some “feel-good, throw-back music.”

In addition to his new music, OG Charlie Frank$$$ has a record label under Street Playa
Entertainment with his Greatest Hits CD coming out very soon, something for fans to look out for. He also has a clothing line called Strydgees – which means “warrior spirit.”

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MANi$H – Ain’t Playin

MANi$H announces himself to the world with new single
‘Ain’t Playin’

LOS ANGELES, CA – A new sound out of Southern California is here from artist MANi$H, and his unique sound and style is one that cannot be ignored.

His new single, “Ain’t Playin,” is an announcement to the world that he’s here to stay and his brand of music is legitimate. With a flow reminiscent of Ice Cube or Busta Rhymes, MANi$H rails against the haters while declaring to the world that he’s going to deliver a high-quality sound that will not be pushed to the side. He’s bringing it hard with this single, and anyone who isn’t ready for the real deal should prepare themselves because MANi$H “Ain’t Playin.”

MANi$H said his music is inspired from growing up in a single-parent household by a very young mother who attempted to provide the best ways she knew how. His music is about providing a mannish perspective of all of life’s opportunities by pushing forward. MANi$H was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in a variety of places along the West Coast – from Southern California to Alaska. In addition to his single mother, the streets became his teacher – and he spent time in youth detention centers and foster homes, where he learned how to hustle his way out of situations and catapult himself beyond his inflicted environments. Along the way he developed a passion for music, and has maintained a focus and determination to be the change he wants to see. Today he lives as a coach, teacher and mentor to those he surrounds himself with.

“My stage name has a two-fold meaning,” he said. “I have a real aggressive and mannish delivery and perspective, but my niche is to keep people on point and help them appreciate that we can’t allow ourselves to slip. We’ve got to stay on our toes at all times, staying on our ‘man shit.’ That’s the consistent message throughout my music. It’s a reminder to understand that you’re going to encounter things in life that will cause you adversity, but if you remain unwavering and maintain your composure and self-dignity then you will always be a man first.”

MANi$H has a unique sound and delivery that is easy for fans to understand. He enunciates his words in ways that cut through to the core and challenge listeners to sit up and pay attention. Anyone who listens to his new album will be able to have a solid understanding of what he’s talking about, even when he uses metaphors to paint pictures of his deeper ideas. And those ideas are in-your-face and to the point, because MANi$H isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind. Even when he changes up his wordplay and messes with syllables, his message is very consistent. Combine that with modern beats and a diverse sound, and his new album is sure to have people begging for more.

“Ain’t Playin” is currently available for download on all digital distribution sites. He plans to follow that up with an album called “MAN-i$H,” slated to be released on Oct. 6. To listen to MANi$H’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:

Bryan SM – Gang

 After creating a major buzz off of his new project Pains & Gains, Bryan SM drops major street anthem “Gang” giving the hood a fresh sound. From the hood to the streets, Bryan SM delivers a dope performance in new video keeping it raw and uncut, Gang is Bryans break out song that is taking him to the next level. From the quick switches to the squad behind him Bryans makes a bold statement with this new video. Follow @BryanSm_SSR

“Pains & Gains”:
“Yeah Yeah” (Sinlge)

INA (ImNotAnime) – Move Around (Official Video)

Hellabandz Management Group’s newest signees “INA” (ImNotAnime) debut their new music video “Move Around”.

Shot by @FTYStudios

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Twitter: @Im_Not_Anime

Wes Jamell – Its A Go

Wes Jamell Showcases authenticity and Originality
with New Single “It’s a Go”

MAYSVILLE, KY – From out of Northern Kentucky – just a few miles down the road from Cincinnati – comes a versatile new rapper and artist named Wes Jamell. This one-time budding basketball star has been shot, stabbed and seen several sides of the street life, but through it all still managed to graduate college – in large part due to basketball, and its that struggle and journey that he has taken to the center stage with his music.

His most recent offering to the world is a single called “It’s a Go.” It’s a personal song full of aggression – with four minutes of straight bars that are so intriguing they literally pull you in, forcing you to give the track your attention. Though the song doesn’t have a chorus, Jamell said anyone who hears the song will be just as entertained in the 4th minute as they were the 1st.

“When I originally made the song I was hearing a lot of sneak dissing and hating going on,” Jamell said. “So this track was specifically made for them nig*as and bit*h-as* nig*as like them. It’s definitely an aggressive track, but the fans won’t fully get to know me until they witness my versatility as an artist. My versatility is something I believe the industry and my growing fan base will definitely be attracted to and appreciate. I’m a very solid dude, yet I have a heart that’s more genuine than most, feel me?”

Jamell said he can’t remember a day when music wasn’t a part of his life. From the time he was a young kid he was surrounded by family members and friends who loved to sing and rap. By age 11 he was writing his own raps and studying some of the greats from 2Pac, Bone Thugs N Harmony, & 3-6 Mafia, to 90’s R&B from R-Kelly to Jodeci, while still being inspired by some artist of today. But to Wes, ORIGINALITY IS KEY!

One of the first songs he dropped a couple of years ago when he first started taking music more seriously was a track called “My Niggas,” which speaks upon him being shot and some other life-or-death situations he and some of his close friends have endured.  His city loved the song because they were aware of the authenticity behind it, & quickly attracted to his movement.

“I’m from a small-a*s town, but as far as drugs and all that go I was brought up in the less- fortunate part of the city, so drugs and violence has always been around me,” he said. “It’s very hard to not become somewhat a product of your environment, even though it is possible. But with all the negativity I try and keep my music as positive as I can without sugar-coating things. As a city, we are kind of in the middle of nowhere – being like 45 minutes from Cincinnati and maybe an hour away from Lexington, which are significantly bigger cities.”

Eventually, Jamell said he hopes to put together the kind of career that will allow him to support the people around him – his loved ones and those who have believed in him every step of the way. This new single is the next step toward making that dream happen. The song is available now on iTunes, Spotify and all other major music-sharing platforms – as is a mixtape of the same name, “It’s a Go.” Next in motion is music video for the single that will be shot by Cole Bennett, a videographer who has been taking the professional industry by storm – shooting for the likes of Kevin Gates, Lil Pump, Lil Skies, Lil Xan and Juice Wrld, just to name a few. Bennet said he really liked the song and that “A dope visual to it will definitely set things off,” which Jamell said helps him to believe that he’s up next.

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Freako Bandeedo – Thought You Knew

Seattle Based Hip-Hop Artist Tells His Story in New Single “Thought You Knew”

SEATTLE, WA – The Pacific Northwest has been home to Freako Bandeedo, and he plans to make definite waves in the region. Originally from Texas, the artist spent a majority of his childhood being surrounded by music. His father played in a huge Mexican band, which mesmerized Freako. He was always some part of the mix, from going on tours alongside his father to dabbling into playing trumpet. This introduction into the industry paved the road to success ahead of Freako Bandeedo.

After moving to Atlanta, he found himself gravitating toward the city’s style of hip-hop music. He began listening to T.I. and 50 Cent, which played a big role in his transition into rap music. “Once I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I started making beats with my friends from school. The cool thing about coming from a background in Hispanic music is that once I learned how to make music my own, any other style wasn’t hard to pick up. The only thing that differentiates is the language,” said the artist. In the midst of figuring out his footing, he never let any hate or negativity get in the way of pursuing his true dreams.

Freako Bandeedo’s Soundcloud page consists of a full roster of his mixtape songs. He’s excited to soon release his first official professional song called “Thought You Knew”, which tells the story of him rising above certain people who initially doubted him. “It all started out as people not believing in me. I’ve been sticking to a story of who I am, where I am going and how I’m gonna get there. The song is very hype,” said Freako. All of his songs illicit the same positive reaction from his fans no matter what the style is.

Fans will want to look out for the upcoming release of “Thought You Knew”, as well as the music video. As Freako is always working toward his goals, he’s already working on his next project. He knows the quality of work that goes into making it big, and he’s not afraid to put those hours in. “If you have a dream, no matter what it is, if it makes you happy, then you should pursue it. Let the hate come, be strong with it, and don’t let it get to you. You want it, you will get it.”

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CodeBoy Sai – Feel This


NEWARK, DE — CodeBoy Sai releases his “CODE LIFE” project to introduce listeners to the C.O.D.E. way of life. “CODE LIFE& paints a picture vividly of what millions of today’s youth navigate through every day. The struggle between enjoying life and handling their business, whether that’s working a job or going to school… CODE LIFE inspires people to accomplish their dreams and goals regardless of what others say. C.O.D.E. – Capable of Destroying Everything (that tries to stop you) – is the motto to live by, encouraging people to accomplish all of their dreams, regardless of the opposition.

“College-Party Life” based artist, Code Boy Sai, linked up with producer FAXONLY to create his first solo album released on all major streaming platforms. After working side-by-side with FAXONLY for six months, they released “CODE LIFE” on June 22. CodeBoy Sai strives on the CODE brand being a platform for teaching youth and the world to go for it, no matter what the dream is. By using his businesses, social media, and now music, he tries to motivate others through every outlet possible.

“As a kid growing up in a small state like Delaware, I had to have the CODE

mentality all the time.” CodeBoy Sai stated. “From starting businesses at 14 years old to starting a national campaign to end the effects of absent fathers at the age of 15 (We Need Our Fathers), to now going after my dreams as an artist while pursuing my degree, I want to show the world and today’s youth that every dream is possible.”

CodeBoy Sai has released a video for one of the top tracks on “CODE LIFE,” called “Banjee.” He has also recently filmed a video for track No. 2, “Feel This,” and is preparing to release in time for the “Back to School” anthem for college students. “Feel This” is an anti-hater anthem letting haters know it is OK to like something someone else does.

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Banjee Music Video:

Janaesound – Diamonds

Portland Based Singer and Songwriter Janaesound Inspires
Fans with New Single “Diamonds”

PORTLAND, ME– Janaesound has an extremely robust musical background, and started her singing career at a very young age. From learning the ropes in opera music to being a part of the children’s chorus, she started to develop a passion for music extremely quickly. As she kept navigating through her own musical journey, she found herself often writing a variety of songs, including those of her peers. Once she decided she wanted to buckle down and make a career out of music, she never looked back. You’ll quickly come to realize how much of a work horse she is. Nothing worth having comes easy, and Janaesound will be the first to tell you the importance of hard work.

Once Janaesound moved to Maine, she opened herself up to a completely brand new market. Shortly after experiencing the death of her grandmother, she decided she was no longer going to be behind the scenes. Immediately, she plunged into the journey head first, and things quickly took off. She continued to perform at festivals in her community, and the positive response from each crowd confirmed she was doing exactly what she was born to do. “At one point, I felt like I had always been in the shadows. Once I started performing, I never stopped.” said the artist. Known for her dynamic vocals, her range goes beyond the average artist’s. She’s all about making “feel good anthems”, and cheering her fans up as she empowers them to overcome struggles and obstacles.

In most recent news, Janaesound released her new single, “Diamonds”, a few weeks ago. The song is a slow-moving, pop rock ballad, and details the obstacles she has overcome in her journey. “I wrote it in a dark period. But the song’s purpose is to encourage anyone on their journey, wherever they are. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, so I hope the song inspires people to realize this,” said Janaesound. The song has already raked in over 13,000 streams on Spotify alone in such a short amount of time. It’s also been holding steady on several radio stations in her area, which will quickly make her a household name at this rate.

Due to the song’s overall popularity among fans, she’s already booked more shows, as the demand for her music is hot. Admitting there’s not a huge machine behind her, Janaesound considers the single a huge win. She has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, which is inspiring for any fellow up and coming artists.

Up next, the artist has several more originals on the EP she plans to release by this fall. Janaesound has a goal of rolling things out once a month in order to let the world know exactly who she is. She even has a major show coming up at the legendary New York City Bitter End on September 29th, and plans to release another single on August 17th entitled “Break Me Down.

“My thing is that I’ll never give up. I never stop trying to make someone else smile. There’s so much going on in this business. My special gift is I’m persistent, driven and focused,” said Janaesound. As she continues to keep things moving forward, she refuses to give up. Janaesound can never be outworked.

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