Cuban Pete drops the Renaissance Man mixtape on today, his birthday, as a gift to everyone who has stuck by him throughout these last few years.

The title takes its name from Cuban’s first interview proper by DJ Iceman for Rhyme Junkie.

It wasn’t until several months later that it was pointed out that the title and cover may have been subconsciously influenced by Hell Razah (who did a project called Renaissance Child), the head of GGO of which Cuban is part of. Which is why Cuban asked Razah to do the intro for the project.

Some people have already referred to it as AOTY so take a listen and decide for yourself. Whatever you think of it there is no denying it’s a strong project with no skipping.

Each track has separate artwork (included in the download from the C75 Live bandcamp site only) so that each artist and track gets the shine it deserves.

Physicals are available on CD and are limited edition with only 75 being produced.

Stream the project below and download/order physicals HERE:

Renaissance Man by Cuban Pete

Watch the first video that was done for the project ‘Spoils Of War’ below:

C75 Live
C75 Designs 

Voyce360 x Cuban Pete Drop a Fresh Track “All That” @C75live

Cuban Pete, seasoned artist from the UK,  links up with New York powerhouse Voyce360 to give fans “All That”.  The new single is produced by B. Dvine and will be featured on both Voyce’s forthcoming album “Voice of a Revolution” and on Pete’s mixtape “Renaissance Man” dropping early July.  “All That” gives listeners soulful sounds mixed with classic Hip Hop beats.  The catchy hook is sure to be chanted by fans worldwide!

Listen to “All That” below.

All That by Voyce360 x Cuban Pete


Grant Body-P! is distinguished Journalist, Presenter, Radio Personality, and Host representing the show RePPiN4U on Wild 1 Radio, which airs in Hong Kong, UK, and LA.

“I take pride in the fact that my show only showcases the freshest Hip Hop heat from established and upcoming talent. We also give listeners exclusive interviews and themed shows once a month for listeners to create the playlist inspired by 90’s cable channel, The Box Music Television You Control”. -Grant Body-P!

The show airs every Tuesday, three times a day at 11pm in Hong Kong, UK, and LA on Fans and listeners can also catch the encore presentation on BDSIR Network every Wednesday at 8pm EST, and 1am in UK.

Many listeners inquire about the name of the show and how Grant came up with it.  He mentioned the show being named after the Black Milk track “RePPiN For U” off the album “Tronic”.

“This dude asked me, “What’s the answer to this hip hop cancer?”
I’m so hungry for real sh!t it feels like I’m fasting
They told me, stop living in the past, get past it
The Golden Era it would never come back
Told him, I hear what he’s saying and I’m tryin’ to be a crutch to hold it up
But I know what I contribute is not enough so…” -Black Milk

Grant recalls how those lyrics resonated with him and it only made sense to name his show RePPiN4U.

“Those words are true and most likely be underrated in the annuls of Hip Hop History. I know that I alone cannot bring the true essence back, it needs a combined effort from fans to DJs to everyone in the industry.”   –    Grant Body-P!



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#NewVideo Tysxn Rxmain and Mr. Jaeger – Payroll @trillstars1

Tysxn Rxmain gears up to release his latest tape, “Shitting On Last Year”, teaming up with label mate Mr. Jaeger for a heater of a track &and visual titled “Payroll”

Shot, directed and edited by Ay Hay (Co- directed by Mr. Jaeger), the video spans for just over 2 minutes with a burst of energy and sauce. This is wat sets FTW apart from other UK acts and is sure to impact stateside. The video definitely holds replay value to the fullest.

#NewVideo Danya Black – Warning @imDANYABLACK

“Warning” is the first release from Danya Black’s forthcoming “Bird Of Prey” EP. It is a mid tempo, 808 heavy, trap style R&B song about love at first sight. The track was produced by Toani The Maven and the accompanying visual comes to us from So Cinematic

Danya Black is a versatile vocalist, songwriter and producer hailing out of South London, UK. Coming from a Caribbean background she grew up in a household with as much a varied musical taste as the flavours in the food she says. Although having developed a varied palette in music, the one common thread that always held ground for me was message and meaning.

“My mom always emphasised the importance of good lyrics” she says, “As I started to venture out into my own musical explorations I must say it has always been a necessary ingredient for me, BARS!“. “That’s not to say I don’t appreciate something ratchet to turn up to we have a couple of those songs in the ‘stash’ too, it’s just that music is more than just a soundtrack to our lives it’s also the almighty curator that pokes at our consciousness and effects our mood and in turn our actual behaviour. Anyway, enough about that! My music, as well as having a message, issa vibe!”

Danya Black Social Media Links:






Youtube :

#NewVideo Versatile E (@e_versatile) – The Rude Awakening

Rude Awakening

“The Rude Awakening”, Versatile E’s second single for 2017, has landed with stylishly shot scenes within London. Verse is clearly aiming high and is making sure that anyone who has not been paying attention has no choice but to now. Having emerged from a small hiatus with the “All Around You” single early in the year, this new selection continues to prove that the UK rhymer is here for some time to come. Now prepare for “The Rude Awakening” from Versatile E.