Alexia – Lemonade

New York singer/songwriter Alexia drops quarantine summer anthem ‘Lemonade’ 

If there’s one positive side effect of the global quarantine, it’s that people have learned how to be creative in entertaining themselves. For New York Pop artist Alexia, that time alone has been enlightening, and her latest single “Lemonade” is a fun summer song that perfectly captures the joy she discovered while being alone over the past few months. 

The chill bedroom-Pop vibe of the song offers a commercial sound to the world underneath fun lyrics that encourages people to let go of their anxiety and embrace this unique time of life.  

“I had taken a huge break from music writing because of the external and internal pressures of following a certain career path that distracted me from creating music,” Alexia said. “This is the first song I wrote during that time, and it’s just about letting go and having fun. In the time we’re in, I think of lot of people are trying to figure out how to go on, and I found that focusing on myself and learning how to enjoy my own company was transformative. I found that I really want to dive into music again, and this song is special to me because it is the song that represents all of that. ‘Lemonade’ is a song that everyone can dance to – even if it’s no longer at bars, but in your own bedroom. It has lightness but also really focuses on the time we have gone through this summer, finding ourselves and not focusing on the external world to define us.” 

Alexia’s sound and style is something that can only be described as diverse. She’s either singing super lo-fi Pop, cool-girl Pop, or writing ballads or dance hits. She takes all of those different genres and turns them into her own kind of genre and signature sound. She said the next songs she plans to release will be much different in tone and vibe from “Lemonade” with hints of R&B mixed with classic Rock or Drake-like smooth vibes mixed with the brooding energy of someone like Billie Eilish 

“I’m all about authenticity in the moment,” she said. “That helps me to be really genre-less. I don’t want to conform to a genre. I want to really evolve with the times and be completely transparent about my experience. I think I will always keep in mind a really strong melody, and I want my audience to know I’m putting my all into this. I really want to be a songwriter and get my name out. I love to collaborate, and if this opens doors for me to be able to work with other artists and be immersed in the art then that’s all I care about. I really believe in my natural ability as a songwriter and I just want to be myself and evolve as an artist.” 

Following “Lemonade,” Alexia said she plans on releasing another single she wrote during quarantine called “Growing Up.”  

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Zawles – Loose Woke

New EP ‘The G-Flow Symphony’ set to drop Aug. 12 from Toronto rapper Zawles 

The new EP from Toronto-based rapper Zawles is the perfect expression of an artist in his prime. After years of excellence in the music industry – with credits that include a song featured on the movie “Animal 2” starring Ving Rhames – Zawles has perfected his craft and brought together a project that features some of his best work to date. 

The EP is called “The G-Flow Symphony” and true to its name, it’s a powerhouse of flow from this highly acclaimed rapper. Slated to drop on Aug. 12, this seven-song project takes a harmonic approach with live instruments and a sound unlike any other. As Zawles describes it, “Imagine if there was an orchestra and an audience with people wearing tuxedos, and I’m in the middle wearing a hoodie and I’m rapping – and everybody loves it.” 

The first single that was released from the project was a song called “Loose Woke” which has been getting quite a bit of attention in the month since its release. It’s a song that examines police brutality and other ills of the world. With lyrics that challenge listeners to think beyond their immediate points of view, Zawles uses the song to encourage people to look to the future and address the issues of today instead of lamenting about the past. 

While “Loose Woke” is getting a lot of attention, Zawles said he’s particularly excited for fans to get to hear his favorite single, “Expensive Tastes.” With a throw-back vibe reminiscent of 90s Hip Hop, this mid-tempo anthem for the weed smokers of the world is the perfect song to showcase Zawles’ unique sound and style. He really rides the beat with his deep voice in a smooth way that elicits a swaggy vibe. The catchy hook will have listeners wanting to bounce and bop to the beat for years to come. 

“I ride the beat,” he said. “Whatever the beat is doing, I’m doing the same thing. Everything I write comes from that because it’s all about the music. And then lyrically, I’m writing things to create perspective.” 

It’s quite a journey for this young man who started his career in 2008 with his first commercial CD “Back Alive – The I’m Holding EP.” Featured on that EP was the song “Sinful Life” which was picked up by Peach Arch Entertainment to be the theme song for “Animal 2 

His first video, “I’m Holding” was also released in 2008 and featured a cameo appearance by the Drama King DJ Kay Slay in New York. Since then, he has released a number of songs and mixtapes with collaborations that include Royce Da 59 and Crooked I, among others.  

Zawles said “The G-Flow Symphony” is the perfect project to showcase his evolution as an artist, with songs that he knows will be both entertaining and compelling.  

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“The G-Flow Symphony” 

Rubee Stone – Dubai

East Coast Rapper/Singer Rubee Stone dreams big with new single ‘Dubai’ 

Rubee Stone is a fast-rising artist from Brooklyn, New York who has already been featured alongside big-name artists such as Skinny from the 9 and Jay Critch. And now, she’s set to drop one of her biggest singles of all time with the new song “Dubai.”  

The chill Hip Hop vibe is a departure from her usual fast-paced flow and as such, it makes people sit up and pay attention. As she daydreams about what the rich life could be like – a life that reaches its pinnacle in the luxuriousness of the city of Dubai – Rubee invites her fans to dream with her. It’s the perfect summer vibe that’s meant to be fun while also inspiring people to dream big and shoot for the stars. 

“It’s basically me talking about how I want to spend money and go to Dubai and have fun,” she said. “I’m young and have so much more to come, and I’m excited to share that with people. And this is one of those songs that the beat came on and I just started rapping and ended up coming up with that song so quickly.” 

Rubee worked closely with Yuri Tha Great to produce the single which is being distributed by Fully Focused Management. A video for the single will be shot in Dubai in mid-August, with Rubee fully realizing her dream by living large in the Middle East. 

That’s quite the culmination of a dream for this young woman who started dreaming of a music career at age 5. Growing up from the Bronx, she used to sing and write poetry at a young age, and as she got older, she started listening to Hip Hop and realizing that her two loves could be combined into something incredible. By age 12, she was writing her own songs and found her way into a recording studio. Throughout her teenage years, she developed a unique sound and style that combined her vocal ability with her talent as a rapper. Today, much of the music she creates features both of those skills.  

“I want my music to be known for the best music out there,” she said. “When people hear my songs, I want them to sing along and play them over and over again.” 

Rubee said “Dubai” is part of a bigger project that she plans to drop in August called “Out of Time.” She also said she’ll be bringing more videos later this year and plans to keep climbing the hill toward realizing her dream with even more music in 2021. 

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Paycheckk – Twerkfest

Southern rapper with poppin flow sets summer on fire with new single ‘Twerkfest 

ATLANTA, GA – Get ready to ride a hot new beat with the bouncy single from Atlanta artist Paycheckk. “Twerkfest” is the perfect kind of summer song that sets the stage for a good night out at the clubs. With its rapid-fire beat right out of the gate and its poppin vibe that’s reminiscent of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club,” this is the perfect single to showcase Paycheckk’s impressive flow. It’s a song that really takes the listener on a ride and doesn’t let go. 

Produced by Felton Pilate, lead singer of ConFunkShun – the same producer who worked on MC Hammer’s first two albums – “Twerkfest” is the kind of high-quality sound that cannot be ignored by the music industry. Inspired by good times in the strip club, the song has evolved into a vibe that goes beyond clubs into something that’s perfect for any upbeat occasion. 

“It has lots of energy,” Paycheckk said. “It makes you feel excited like when you’re at the strip club and you’re sitting there with booty in your face. But I think people are gonna be surprised when they hear it. It’s gonna really turn some heads. I’m a swag machine with natural charisma that can’t be stopped” 

Born in Oceanside, California but growing up between Atlanta and Indianapolis, Paycheckk was influenced by all genres of music. He spit his first bars at the age of 9 after hearing Tupac’s “Hit ‘em Up.” He is a high-energy performer and his songwriting talents are unmatched. His music tells the story of his life after doing a 10-year prison sentence. During his time on lockdown, Paycheckk penned his first album. And listening to his versatile style, fans can feel his street and prison experiences in every word and song.  

His first album, “Prison Diaries” was an underground hit released in 2019 with seven tracks under the label Sink oSwim Records. It received tens of thousands of streams from people in 57 different countries which left him hungry for more. He went straight back into the studio and recorded more hits, including his most recent single “Get Rich Now” which is the debut single from his upcoming album “Game Recognize Game,” set to drop in October. And now with “Twerkfest” lighting up the airwaves, the sky is the limit for this young up-and-coming artist. 

“My music is meant to inspire fans and motivate them to make money in the streets, but to do it the right way – legally,” he said. “I choose to highlight the positive things I’ve learned even during the darkest times. My music spreads positivity to the community by encouraging franchises, generational wealth, and leaving legacies for future generations. Paycheckk is about that paycheck.” 

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Diverse – B.B.Benson

New single from West Coast artist Diverse is sure to get listeners amped 

HAYWARD, CA – A new single from West Coast artist Diverse is bouncy and aggressive and fun –the perfect summer song for a year in which people are longing to have a good time. The feel-good vibes of “B.B. Benson” perfectly present this young up-and-coming artist to the world in ways that unabashedly show off his ability to deliver smooth flows with confident lyrics underneath an energy that is infectious. This song is guaranteed to get listeners amped. 

“When I’ve got something to say, I gotta let it go and let it flow,” Diverse said. “It took me 40 minutes to make this song because it just came out so easy. Me and my boy were in the studio working and after we finished a track we’d been working on for a while he asked if I wanted to make another one. I said sure, and he played me a beat that was super energetic. For some reason, it made me want to whisper which I do at the beginning of the song, and then I come on strong. I’m like water – I can adapt to anything and any beat and I’ll make it my own, and this song is a perfect example of that. Last year, I was doing more melodic and Post Mallone type songs, and this year I’m coming with the hot energetic tracks. I like big-ass crowds and mosh pits and that kind of stuff, and this song is perfect for that kind of energy.” 

Diverse first got his start in music at age 12 when he would watch his dad make beats in his studio. By high school, he had learned enough to start creating his own music and when friends and classmates started hearing his creations, they clamored for more. After graduating from high school, he and a friend would spend nearly every waking hour in the studio working on songs and experimenting with new sounds. He dropped his first mixtape in 2016, and then in early 2017 dropped his first album. More and more people began to take notice and he went on tour that year. His music began to be played on the radio and in the years since, he’s put up millions of plays on streaming platforms with his music.  

“Diverse isn’t just the name I go by, it’s the type of music I create,” he said. “It’s also my personality and how I hold myself which is different from other people. There are different races in me. I was a jock in high school but also loved drama. I was always different than anybody else and my music is a representation of that. I have different flows on this song – I sound like three or four different people instead of just one – but I’m always keeping it real. My music will always be that – talking about shit I can talk about and be comfortable with. I want to choose the best version of myself and show that to the world, and I want to inspire people to embrace that about themselves as well. Just be 100 percent honest – that goes a long way and that’s what I want my music to be known for at the end of the day. 

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B.B.Benson – Diverse (Prod. Parker)

Topnotch772 – We Made It ft. Beanie Sigel & JP

Former NFL hopeful uses pain to fuel passion for music 

VERO BEACH, FL – Inspiring the world is what Alonzo Phillips was made for, and his latest single “We Made It” is the perfect example of that. Featuring fellow artists Beanie Sigel and JP, “We Made It” is the perfect blend of energy and passion underneath lyrics that are timely and necessary for the current state of the world. 

“We’re putting some positive messages out there,” said Phillips, better known by his stage name TopNotch772. “Beanie’s verse talks about how he feels with what’s going on in the world today and it’s a little more mellow, and my verse comes at the same thing from a different perspective but it’s a little more upbeat. The overall message is that we’re gonna make it. And that’s the kind of music I want to make – positive messages that people can listen to when they’re going through something and they’re on the edge and they feel like giving up. My music is inspirational, uplifting and a little bit of street at the same time.” 

Those inspirational messages come from a life filled with a lot of pain. TopNotch first started rapping as an outlet for his emotions after his father was robbed and shot in the head. He and his father were very close and the loss was abrupt and deeply painful. He said he couldn’t turn to his mother during that time, either as she was addicted to drugs and wasn’t present. But Rap was just a side hustle that helped him emote, his real passion was football … and he was good at it. So good, in fact, that he was invited to the Buffalo Bills professional team’s minicamp. Though he didn’t make the 52-man roster, he knew he had the kind of elite athleticism to succeed at a high level and he pursued it hard … until yet another tragedy struck. 

While practicing with his professional indoor football team, he went up for a pass and came down wrong and snapped his tibia and fibula in half. The compound fracture had bones sticking out through his skin. The inner pain of his past was now mirrored by very real physical pain, and the two bounced off each other as he soon learned that his career as an athlete was over.  

“Pain is the reason I want to rap and share my story,” he said. “I know there is someone going through similar things to what I went through, and I know I can help them through music.” 

When he turned his full attention to music, TopNotch started gaining traction and making waves in the industry. He opened a show for Trick Daddy at a club in Cocoa Beach, Florida and has also opened for Yolanda Adams, Detrick HaddenTye Tribbet, Jessica Reedy and Fred Hammond. His previous single, “We Gotta Move” was on heavy rotation on multiple radio stations, followed quickly by more radio play from his song “Ain’t Nobody Mad.” Now with “We Made It,” TopNotch hopes to continue that success and expand his fanbase on more of a global level.  

“I’m never going down again,” he said, nodding to the meaning of his stage name. “No matter what it takes, I’m gonna stay up. I’ve lost people and I know how that feels, but instead of getting angry, I started writing songs, then doing shows, then next thing you know I’m opening for people like Trick Daddy. What got me started was pain and not wanting to find different unhealthy outlets for that pain, and I’m not gonna let anything bring me back down.” 

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Jamaal Marvel – Give It To Me

Jamaal Marvel releases timely new dance track 
‘Give It To Me’ 

SUWON, SOUTH KOREA – The only thing better than a dream is living it And though the transition from the world of dreams to reality may be difficult, those meant to dream will continue to dream, and those meant to live it … will.  

Jamaal Marvel is no longer dreaming. This rising star who hails from Virginia has a creative mind that finds its way into telling stories across multiple mediums – from novels to art to music. His music in particular has been drawing some attention of late, and his newest release “Give It To Me” is sure to put him on the map globally.  

The up-tempo dance track is the perfect song for today’s troubled world. With lyrics that inspire listeners to find healthy outlets for their stress, “Give It To Me” is the kind of groove that’s not only fun to listen to but also motivational. 

“People are going through so much on a daily basis,” Jamaal said. “There’s just wave after wave of stress – from relationships or jobs or children or debt or whatever. We’re all trying to overcome and survive. This is a song that shows the importance of stress release in order to get through and stay above water and control life. It gives people some examples of ways to do this in a fun way that many people can relate to. Basically, it’s about a person who is going through turmoil but is persevering despite what they’re experiencing, and at the end of the day, they can go out and grab a drink and go dancing and have fun. So it’s upbeat, it’s fun, and it’s uplifting in a way that promotes that kind of stress release.” 

Drawing inspiration from every decade of music – specifically the Funk of the 80s and the Heart-and-Vibe of the 90s – Jamaal continuously pushes his creativity to levels greater than before. This rapper/singer/songwriter/producer blends the best of all that is loved in Hip Hop, R&B, Funk and Pop into a sound that defines the word unique.  

“I’m a singer first, but I also rap,” he said. “When I make a song, a lot of times I think of whom I’d like to collaborate with and I try to make that kind of sound. So I think about J.Cole and Mariah Carey and Doja Cat making a track together – what would that sound like? I think it would sound great, so I try to make something like that.” 

While serving in the Air Force over the past decade, Jamaal has also been slowly developing his career as a musician. In 2012 while stationed at Luke Air Force Base, he began touring with a small group and performing at local venues. He released his first album, “Love & Imperfections” in 2013, and in 2015, he co-founded the fusion group Half Black, becoming its lead vocalist. The group’s album, “Evolution” debuted in 2016. In 2017 and 2018, Jamaal began collaborating with EDM artist Cadmium, creating singles that today have reached more than two million views on YouTube. This year, he has already released two singles – “Sucker” and “Future Love” – both of which have gotten some heavy play on streaming platforms. 

This year Jamaal has been busy creating even more music as a solo artist while also putting together a larger body of work. With two albums down and a second solo album set to be released in fall 2020, Jamaal Marvel is living his dream.  

“We are what we do, not what we say we want to do,” he said.  

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Blaq Pyrates – Steady Growth

Hip Hop soul group Blaq Pyrates drops new single Steady Growth 

CORDELE, GA – One of the hottest street performing groups in the country has flown under the radar for the past few years, but with the launch of their new single “Steady Growth,” they’re set to launch into global recognition. 

The group is known as Blaq Pyrates, and they have been performing in major cities all over the South and Mid-West for nearly two decades. Originally known as the Trapville Pyrates, the group has won multiple awards over the years and have performed in some of the country’s most famous venues. In 2016, they were the winners of the Sony Music Distribution Competition Tour, followed by winning three Independent Tone Awards in 2017 including Artist of the Year in both the Pop and R&B/Soul categories as well as Band of the Year in the Alternative Rock category. They also won Hip Hop/Soul Group of the Year in 2018 for their single “Problems.” Their success gave them opportunities to perform in places such as WME Music Hall in Louisville, Kentucky, Liquid Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia, Daiquiri Lounge in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the South By Southwest Mansion Party in Austin, Texas, among others. Blaq Pyrates also appeared on the Legendary Khujo Goodie’s album ‘Feed The Lions’ Volume One. 

The group has fluctuated from as many as six members at one point to its current lineup of four artists. It was founded by Ali “Obawale” Rahman in 2003. Joining him were his two brothers, Amin “Obayemi” Rahman and Karim “Obatunji” Rothwell. The three performed under the stage names Fetty Cash, Rasta Rudd, and Marty MacFly, respectively. Their cousin Hayward Hollingsworth, AKA Koolgi Kid, joined them as well. They changed their name to Blaq Pyrates in 2007, choosing to adopt the acronym that stands for “Brothers Linked Amongst Qualifications, Protect Your Riches Alias Through Extreme Status” and have since performed under this name In 2009, Koolgi Kid left the Pyrates to start another group & was replaced by neighborhood friend, Michael Childs, named Nephew Shawty. In 2010, Jeffrey Alexander, named Jonny Papez, was added to the group’s roster but would later leave in 2018 to pursue other venturesIn 2015, Kendale Gibson, named York ILL, became the last member to join the group creating the group’s current four member lineup as follows: Rudd, York, MacFly, and Nephew. In the fall of 2017, the group incorporated their own independent record label Blaq Pyrate Nation, LLC naming Fetty Cash as the CEO. Unfortunately, in the fall of that same year, Fetty Cash lost his life in the streets of Cordele due to gun violence. Since his untimely death, the group has created a fashion line as a tribute to their CEO and lost member, called Zódoq Mebenki™, named after Fetty’s alter ego “Zodoq Banks”. 

Their steady rise to superstardom over the past three years has brought them to July 2020 and the release of their new single “Steady Growth,” which features independent artist Vigilany of New World Renaissance. The music video for the song was filmed in New York City’s Times Square approximately one month before the devastating COVID-19 outbreak.  

“It’s a song with a classic Hip Hop beat and Trap undertones,” said Marty MacFly. “We consider ourselves a Hip Hop and Soul group, but this song has a little more hype and energetic feel to it. It definitely will, for sure, get you inspired. It’s the perfect song to showcase our progressive growth over time. It encompasses what we’re about and what we’ve been doing. The video with different shots throughout Times Square will definitely give people that feeling of energy and success.” 

MacFly said the group is excited to see what the next decade will bring for them. As soon as it’s safe to do so, Blaq Pyrates will begin performing publicly again, and he promises that fans can expect more of the excellent sound they’ve been known for across the years while also bringing new energy and styles to the table. 

“Our music is about pushing businessentrepreneurship, independent wealth, and the American value system of hard work and dedication,” MacFly said. “We have a new age type of sound with old school concepts. When you listen to us, you’re gonna hear something that sounds completely different than what’s out there, and you know when you see us — it’s going to be unique and eye-catching.” 


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Merch Store 

Zódoq Mebenki Fashion House 

BandupSMG – On My Mind

BandupSMG, with his unorthodox style and cocky delivery was born and raised in Chicago, IL. His ability to create catchy hooks, and a superb collection of flows, with the ability to bring real life experiences into his music, makes him potentially the next to blow. His style of cocky adlibs, diverse tracks, and real life experience makes him a tough act to follow.

Although his life is no act, he prides himself for being known for expressing true stories through his lyrics that anyone can relate to. His creativity and flow that can attract anyone makes him a great choice to perform for diverse crowds.

Bandup is ready for the industry, but is the industry ready for what he has to offer them? Good music, strong lyrics, true stories, and 100% dedication to being the best artist possible. Click here to stream this on all DSP’s!

To contact Bandup SMG for collabs or booking, email

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Instagram: @Bandupsmg