Janaesound – Diamonds

Portland Based Singer and Songwriter Janaesound Inspires
Fans with New Single “Diamonds”

PORTLAND, ME– Janaesound has an extremely robust musical background, and started her singing career at a very young age. From learning the ropes in opera music to being a part of the children’s chorus, she started to develop a passion for music extremely quickly. As she kept navigating through her own musical journey, she found herself often writing a variety of songs, including those of her peers. Once she decided she wanted to buckle down and make a career out of music, she never looked back. You’ll quickly come to realize how much of a work horse she is. Nothing worth having comes easy, and Janaesound will be the first to tell you the importance of hard work.

Once Janaesound moved to Maine, she opened herself up to a completely brand new market. Shortly after experiencing the death of her grandmother, she decided she was no longer going to be behind the scenes. Immediately, she plunged into the journey head first, and things quickly took off. She continued to perform at festivals in her community, and the positive response from each crowd confirmed she was doing exactly what she was born to do. “At one point, I felt like I had always been in the shadows. Once I started performing, I never stopped.” said the artist. Known for her dynamic vocals, her range goes beyond the average artist’s. She’s all about making “feel good anthems”, and cheering her fans up as she empowers them to overcome struggles and obstacles.

In most recent news, Janaesound released her new single, “Diamonds”, a few weeks ago. The song is a slow-moving, pop rock ballad, and details the obstacles she has overcome in her journey. “I wrote it in a dark period. But the song’s purpose is to encourage anyone on their journey, wherever they are. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, so I hope the song inspires people to realize this,” said Janaesound. The song has already raked in over 13,000 streams on Spotify alone in such a short amount of time. It’s also been holding steady on several radio stations in her area, which will quickly make her a household name at this rate.

Due to the song’s overall popularity among fans, she’s already booked more shows, as the demand for her music is hot. Admitting there’s not a huge machine behind her, Janaesound considers the single a huge win. She has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, which is inspiring for any fellow up and coming artists.

Up next, the artist has several more originals on the EP she plans to release by this fall. Janaesound has a goal of rolling things out once a month in order to let the world know exactly who she is. She even has a major show coming up at the legendary New York City Bitter End on September 29th, and plans to release another single on August 17th entitled “Break Me Down.

“My thing is that I’ll never give up. I never stop trying to make someone else smile. There’s so much going on in this business. My special gift is I’m persistent, driven and focused,” said Janaesound. As she continues to keep things moving forward, she refuses to give up. Janaesound can never be outworked.

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Tracy – Broken Record

Friends come together over mutual heartbreak experiences;
prepare to release new EP ‘Dear Diary’

LOS ANGELES, CA – There are thousands of women in the world who have experienced heartbreak and pain. LA-based friends Necia and Sabree are no exception. After years of singing in groups and whirlwind relationships, the two have come together to form a duo with the intention of creating music that will help women who have experienced similar life struggles. And their collaboration lives under the alter-ego Tracy.

“Tracy is a name and an identity that encapsulates this whole idea,” Sabree said. “We are both individuals, but our experiences are the same and we know that there are other women out there who feel the same. As we began to talk about these things, we thought about labeling this as a person who has been through all of these things. So Tracy represents a strong, independent woman. She’s highly sophisticated, highly beautiful and carries herself classy and strong. But the secret behind her is that she’s actually broken.”

Tracy will make her debut later this fall when the duo releases its first EP “Dear Diary.” It’s an eight-song project that Sabree said will explore heartbreak – not just the idea of being hurt, but the deep pains that can often last for a lifetime and that stem from poor relationships. So many women around the world deal with low self-esteem and identity issues because of experiences like this, and Tracy will speak directly to those women through music.

“We hope that women out there will hear the music and understand that they are Tracy, too, Sabree said. “We want them to hear the music and admit that they were Tracy, and now they’re whole and complete because that music has got them through it. The music makes them face the truth.”

The first single from the EP is called “Broken Record,” and is already available on all digital download platforms. The song details a situation in which you’ve given a person multiple second chances in a relationship, to the point that their apologies and mistakes begin to sound like a broken record. Sometimes we let that broken record to keep playing for so long in our lives that it leaves deep and lasting scars. But Sabree and Necia want those who hear their music to know that if they can overcome those experiences, others can, too.

It’s been quite a journey for the two friends. First meeting in college, the two bonded over a mutual love for dance and music. As they pursued their passions together, they eventually formed a group that for many years toured dancing and singing all across the country. After the group disbanded the friends stepped away from music for awhile, but their shared experiences with heartbreak eventually brought them back together and they decided to create Tracy. And as they prepare to launch their first EP, they know that their many years of experience in the business – including appearances on television and multiple stage performances – will give them an advantage as they grow their fanbase.

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Heartbreak kidd – Bring em Over

Heartbreak Kidd launches R&B track of the
summer with ‘Bring ‘em Over’

LOS ANGELES, CA – At only 18 years old, Louis Anthony is already a heartbreaker.

What started as a dare by his friends during his sophomore year of high school to record an album before graduation has blossomed into a full-blown music career. The young crooner from Los Angeles is making a lane within the industry already at a young age with his smooth,
airy R&B vocals layered over wavy beats. His style is the best parts of Chris Brown, The Weeknd and Bryson Tiller. And that vocal prowess is put on full display with his newest single, “Bring
‘em Over.”

After developing a following in his native town of Tampa, Florida, Louis – AKA Heartbreak Kidd – moved straight to LA his junior year of high school. Over the past year he’s been able to perform alongside artists such as Chief Keef, Famous Dex, HoodRich Pablo Juan and Trippie Redd. And his work with them, as well as his study of some of R&B’s greats, has helped him to develop a sound and style that is uniquely his own.

“I don’t label myself as a specific genre or musical style,” he said. “I just consider myself an artist who makes music to whatever beats I’m feeling at the time, when I hear them. If I want to go make a rock song, I’ll go make a rock song. If I want to make a summer R&B smash, I’ll make that. I don’t box myself into any category. I’m creative and have fun with it.”

His new single is one of those club songs that’s perfect for the summer. Much like the album that he created in response to the bet from his friends, the lyrics from this song dive into the relationships that are formed when friends are hanging out. The name of the song refers to that feeling when you’re out with some girls at a club or a party and you want to bring them back to your place because you don’t want the night to end. You want to keep the party going.

“It’s something everybody can relate to,” Heartbreak Kidd said. “Plus it’s a song that you can move to and that makes you catch a vibe. It’s catchy. It’s melodic and it gets stuck in your head. It’s got a wavy beat and it’s something that everybody can rock with.”

Since moving to LA, Heartbreak Kidd has started linking up with a series of producers, artists and engineers who are helping him craft his sound and style even more. Like many other artists who have taken similar journeys before him, Heartbreak Kidd is hoping to branch out into other forms of entertainment, as well. He loves fashion, for instance, and points to Lil Uzi Vert, Playboy Carti, A$SP Rocky and Ian Connor as fashion inspirations. More often than not, fans can find him repping Supreme, Bape, Section 8, or Off White in his outfits.

At the end of the day, both his fashion style and his music speak to one common theme from his life: Do what makes you happy in life.

“Live life for yourself and not others,” he said. “Believe in yourself even if nobody else does. Most importantly, speak positive things into existence, because the good energy will come back to you in a way you may or may not understand.”

Heartbreak Kidd writes all of his own songs and he wants his music to inspire others and make people feel something when they listen to it. Whether it’s relating to a breakup in his slow song “For Granted”, or getting them dancing along in the VIP sections to “Bring ‘ em Over”, he wants his music to invoke emotion.

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Arica Queen – Mr. Gimmie

Virginia Based Female Hip-Hop Artist Arica
Queen Plans to Go Worldwide

NORFOLK, VA- For people who enjoy music from Lil Kim and Rihanna, they’ll soon fall in love with hip-hop artist Arica Queen. The artist is a veteran in the music game, after receiving her start in high school. Since this point, she has never stopped writing songs or going after her goals. After being a featured artist on “Virginia Riot”, things have continued to take off for Arica Queen. In her own words, she hasn’t stopped “going hard” since then.

After her career really started to take off, Arica Queen mentions how things have been going well overall. Specifically in Virginia, she has continued to make good ground locally, as she has quickly become a household name. “In my area, they’ll mention me when you ask about well-known artists. My goal is to gain exposure outside of my area. I’m trying to take it a step further,” said the artist. In the meantime, Arica Queen is pleased with the trajectory her career is headed. She’s not afraid to put in the work that’s necessary to end up where she wants to be.

Arica Queen’s single “Mr. Gimmie” has been keeping the charts hot. Saying that her fans love the song would be an absolute understatement. And though the song was written for women, the artist has quickly discovered how much men love it as well! “When I wrote it, I wrote it for women. But, guys have taken a liking to it too. It’s a dance meets hip-hop song, and talks about the perfect man that women fantasize about. He’s just a fantasy, though, because there’s no man that does all of that,” said the artist. Right now, amidst all of the success surrounding the song, her team is also pushing the music video as well as local shows.

Arica Queen has a vision of taking her brand worldwide. She has conquered the Virginia market, and is looking to take her craft to the next place. “In my mind, in the future we’ll be able to perform, market and brand ourselves worldwide,” said the artist. For her, it’s about turning each beat into something that showcases how it makes her feel. She’s different from your average female artist, and plans to make herself a worldwide name.

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Shotta Sho – Gettin Dat Bag

Shotta Sho begins major comeback with new EP

BROOKLYN, NY – With no fear to speak his mind and the determination to go after his dreams, New York-based artist Shotta Sho is ready to take on the world. After two years of setbacks after a promising start in the music industry, he’s set to make his dynamic comeback.

The story of that journey is told through his new EP, “Minor Setback for a Major Comeback.” It’s a project that showcases his distinctive sound and catchy lyrics in a way that is making people sit up and pay attention. The combination of east coast hip-hop and reggae roots from his Barbados heritage makes a sound that is truly unique.

“My sound isn’t typical hip-hop,” he said. “Reggae and soul are infused into my music. My sound has an island feel to it – and it’s authentic because I grew up and went to high school in Barbados. That Caribbean music is what I was listening to when I was younger, as well as dance hall and reggae and Calypso. I combine all of those things with hip-hop influences. A couple of years ago I was going good and was on my way, but I got into trouble, which was a setback. I’ve been on a comeback ever since, and this EP talks about what I’ve been going through throughout that process. Now I’m free and this music shows what’s been going on.”

Shotta Sho was born in New York and spent his early childhood living in Brooklyn before moving to Barbados at age 9. From a young age friends and family were always calling him Sho – which is short for his birth name, Shomari. While living in Barbados, he got into a lot of trouble in and out of school – and combined with his love for the movie “Shottas,” he gained the other nickname Shotta. It was during those young years in Barbados that he and his friends started to dabble with music. He remembers fondly sitting around the table with friends, playing beats and coming up with lyrics on the fly. That passion for music never waned, and over the years he has spent a lot of time in the studio perfecting his unique sound and style.

“I want to be known for not being afraid to speak your mind and doing what you want,” Shotta Sho said. “I want my music to inspire people to continue to go after their dreams. No matter what you’re going through, just keep striving for what you want. That’s my story, and I promise you there will be a comeback.”

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“Getting Dat Bag”

Arita – Lovesick

ARITA – artist, model and media personality – launches Single from her Upcoming Debut EP album and lipstick line called ‘Lovesick’

NEW YORK, NY – Artist, model, actress and now makeup mogul – ARITA is a true all-around entertainer.

The New York-based artist, whose Caribbean upbringing gives her a unique sound and style unlike any other in the game, is putting her talents on full display in many ways under her explosive new campaign called “Lovesick.” It’s a brand that encompasses a new EP, single and lipstick launch this summer.

“I’m fascinated by Love – the many moods of love,” she said. “The heartaches, the heartbreaks, the good side, the bad side, the forever and ever, the abuse, the make-ups and the break-ups…I’m a bona-fide ‘love junkie,’ addict and dealer – all in one. So the name captures it all. I’m Love Sick!”

ARITA’s EP album explores those themes of love by way of a new sound. Known for her work as a Caribbean artist, she is well on her way to worldwide recognition, often being described as a “bit of Beyoncé mixed with Rihanna and a touch of Whitney Houston wrapped in island style.” This EP shows her transitioning into a more pop-heavy style of music that she loves. It still features that international/Caribbean flare, but is unequivocally inspired by some of the great jazz, R&B and soul musicians of the past who she adores, such as Etta James (her favorite artist), Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye. In many ways, she is fusing her originality with that Caribbean sound in a way that delivers a pop album laced with a mixture of reggae, dance hall, soul, hip-hop and R&B.

The title single, “LOVE SICK,” is a big-band, jazz, soul-infused song that features international dance hall artist Baby Cham, known for his massive hit with Alicia Keys, “Ghetto Story.” “LOVE SICK” is written by ARITA’s manager, Frederick A. Morton Jr., Founder and CEO of TEMPO Networks – the Caribbean’s leading media and TV Network and the collaborating artist Baby Cham. With Cham, ARITA explores the tricky love situation brought about by distance – being apart from the one you love, a feeling ARITA says can literally make you “sick.” The opening lyric says it all: “The sky may be falling, but once I’m in your arms, I don’t need no escape plan.”

“It’s about that longing and wanting to be with the person you love and the aches and pains it causes when you can’t,” ARITA said. The Love Sick music video, beautifully shot and styled in the fashion of the Harlem renaissance era, brings the song to life, captivating audiences when it recently premiered on BET Soul, BET Jams & BET Her.

ARITA’s music is just one aspect of her amazing journey to super-stardom. She is also a television personality on the popular Caribbean TV Channel, TEMPO, interacting with artists who inspire her, such as John Legend, who was the first interview she ever conducted on-air. She credits the superstar and multi-Grammy-award-winning singer/songwriter as her inspiration to launch her musical journey. ARITA is also a model/beauty aficionado and entrepreneur and is — along with the music — launching a new lipstick line. In the same ways that her new EP and single explore the emotions that stem from love situations, so, too, does the “Love Sick” lipstick line capture those emotions.

Apart from the beautifully striking and stunning colors, the main attribute of the lipstick line is its long-lasting feature. Like love itself, the lipstick endures – one application and anyone who uses it is good for the day. And, equally important, ARITA says, is “whatever emotions love is currently putting you through, you can find a shade to represent that.” From the fiery red, to the fierce black, to the purple representing the tragedy of domestic violence or the orange and pink for cancer awareness, the line is carefully curated to provide expression of that feeling.

ARITA will be promoting her single and lipstick line heavily throughout the summer, performing live at Sony Hall in New York City on July 7 with Life Jennings; at the Lincoln Park Festival in Newark, NJ on Aug. 2; at the Sounds of the City Festival at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center with Funk Legend Maceo on Aug. 9; and at the Hub City Festival in New Brunswick on Aug. 25.

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Love Sick feat. Cham Music Video Promo
Recent Live performance at BBKings
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Dtwahn – Shooter

Miami-based crooner Dtwahn aims to revive true soul
music with new single ‘Shooter’

MIAMI, FL – Truly good soul music is the kind of music that can make grown men cry. Darrius “Dtwahn” Watson is a young artist who embodies that kind of soul.

Honed from Liberty City, Miami, Dtwahn is the quintessential soul-reviving vocalist and talent. His smooth sound is reminiscent of 90s-era R&B and hip-hop, and this fashionable crooner is bringing a whole new sound and style to the industry with his new single “Shooter.” It’s a song that he says revives soul music in ways that fans haven’t seen for decades, creating a fusion of hood and harmony into one love song that identifies with the “ride or die baby”’ mentality.

“My music has energy and it’s vibrant,” he said. ‘I hope when people come to my shows they can have a sonic experience – a melodic meditation or experience. I want people to know me  for being that R&B sensation, that soul reviver … someone who has music that will prick the hearts and make them love again. I’m the love boy who is singing about true love and relationships. I’m not afraid to hold your hand. Chivalry is not dead. I really believe in honoring your woman and your family and that those different kinds of things matter most! And ultimately, I think we need to get back to that in soul music. That’s the kind of music I grew up with and it’s the kind of music that made me want to be a musician. When I saw entertainers who could sing and the effect they would have on an audience – like Michael Jackson who’s known for making men cry and women faint – it was powerful. That’s a powerful gift, in my opinion.

”Dtwahn is an educator by career and a burgeoning community activist with a commitment to mentoring inner-city youth and community development. He is always staying actively engaged and informed of initiatives that can help the community, with the hopes of always being able to pay it forward. He understands the value of the “village” that he said helped raise him to become the upstanding man he represents today. In essence, he is an urban gentleman who connects with the products of his environment through creating songs that relate to the hood and the harmony of surviving the good, the bad and the ugly.

“What makes me unique is the musical influences that surround me and the melting pot that is Miami,” Dtwahn said. “There’s a lot of diversity here. You hear the Latin flavor here. You hear the Caribbean style and the Creole Kompa style from Haiti. All these mixes and flavors were part of my upbringing and you hear them in my music because they have influenced me. That sets me apart in and of itself. You’ll hear R&B flavor and swag in the vocals, but there’s a reggae vibe and tone to it as well. Even with my debut single ‘One and Only,’ you get that island feel.

And that’s because of the melting pot of Miami. The music scene here is amazing. There are so many great things happening, and I’m definitely in the beginning stages of tapping into that. The stage is my stomping ground, and my music is something that I feel is very spiritual and physical. That’s what good soul music does to you.”

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“BETTER THAN YOUR Man” ft Dezzy McFly”

“Right Now”