Kaimera – Wasteman @6Slumlord

“Wasteman” is one of Kaimera’s older tracks. It’s been remastered and re-released countless times in order to really perfect the sound. Here we can hear his distinct, relaxed voice and unique flows perfectly mixed in with more modern production from his mysterious producer, SSV2.

At 18 years old, hip hop artist and East Van local Kaimera is carving out his own spot in the music world. With an upbringing wrought with demons, his music takes up the bits and pieces that were chipped off of him growing up. With a distinct relaxed voice and darker production, his soundscape is one you would hear both as an anthem to the streets and the tones you’d hear at the depths of hell. With a more upbeat sound coming from tracks like “Wasteman” to a more evil and grimier piece such as “Horns Over Halos”, his versatility has only barely been shown and many will see that his ability to song write is much greater than it seems. Currently spearheading a new wave in the genre, Kaimera is bringing originality to a recently over saturated scene.