The Yukon Interview

A lot has changed in a year for you. Your numbers are sky rocketing across the board, how does it feel to finally see some praises from your hard work?
It’s a surreal feeling to finally see this thing taking off. Before it was just me & the homies envisioning everything happen. Now ppl from all over fuck with the movement. All the long nights & sacrifices paying off & just shows to always bet on yourself you can do whatever you believe in.

Auntie House, Lifestyle and Chances seem to be your fan favorites so far. What’s your favorite record from your most recent ‘Triangle’ project?
My favorite record from my project Triangle is lifestyle. It’s like the perfect vibe to turn up & be yourself . That’s the type of effect I want to bring everytime.

What’s next from Yukon?
What’s next from Yukon is a new level. You’ll see & hear more from myself . Thanks to my team we’ve been able to put a lot of things together like meetings with big companies, interview after interview . Just everything to get heard & let these folks know we got a spot in this industry. Better music for sure. Been working with different artists & producers . Everyone will see once I drop new material.

Any collabs on the way or anyone you want to work with in particular?
Yeah a lot of Collabs on the way & still in the works! I got this record with lougotcash from queens, ny I feel that’s gon go crazy .
I want to work with drake , future & juice wrld for sure. Like really sit in the lab & make record after record.

What do you want your fans to take from your music?
I want everyone that listen to my music to take my experiences I speak about & be better than me. Be inspired, where I came from to where I’m going. Know your worth & the world is yours.

We see you picking up the controllers with a lot of people, most recently Kenneth Faried “The Manimal”. Who is better at 2k, you or Kenneth?
I’m better at 2k between me n Kenneth. He don’t ever play that shit so it’ll be a easy win for sure lol.

TuPac or Biggie?
2pac. I feel like he gave everything he could while he was still here . With the messages he put out through his music & interviews. & how he branded himself. Opened up new lanes for us as artists , that we can’t just be put in a box to do 1 thing.

We’ve noticed your name up on a few Times Square billboards! That’s got to be an amazing feeling to have your name up there for a few weeks recognizing your music right?
Amazing feeling for sure . I definitely didn’t to expect that to happen when it did . Confirmation that I know my purpose. I’m working harder to stay up there & be on more billboards.

Outside of music what does Yukon do for fun?
Outside of music I be hooping or streaming on Xbox . Thats fun for me . I might step out once in a while to go to blue flame or follies, get some wings chop it up with my people.

If you could only go to one Atlanta food spot for the rest of the year, what spot would that be?
One spot in Atlanta I would get food from for the rest of the year is kelz kitchen. Everything in the menu good as hell , never had a bad experience.

New Video: Yukon – “Lifestyle” | @Yukoni8v

Yukon returns today with a brand new visual for “Lifestyle” from his Triangle album. “The hook makes it self explanatory. It’s about being young and having fun. Texas known for having the best drank. When I was on that heavy, that’s where I would go to get it/that’s where it came from,” said the Connecticut born and Atlanta raised artist. Watch the LVTRKevin-directed video below.

Yukon – “Auntie House” (Video)

The Connecticut-born, Atlanta-raised artist Yukon returns today to unleashes the official video for hit new cut, “Auntie House”.

A standout single from the project, listen as Yukon channels a versatile and catchy sound throughout, all while hitting close to home as he depicts his story. Be on the lookout for more from Yukon and make sure to follow the young artist/influencer on social media.

Watch “Auntie House” Now.

Yukon – “Triangle” (@YukonI8V)

If you are unfamiliar with Yukon allow us to properly introduce you. The Connecticut born and Atlanta raised artist returns today as he looks to make an impact on the scene with his new project offering titled, “Triangle”. A unique sound can be found across the project, listen as Yukon channels a versatile and catchy sound throughout with records such as ‘Auntie House’, ‘LifeStyle’, ‘Chickens’, ‘Madonna’, ‘Empty’. Flexing across 12 records, Yukon delivers a project worth listening to and a new artist you need to keep your eyes on. Be on the lookout for more from Yukon and make sure to follow the young artist/influencer on social media @YukonI8V