Yung Juko x Boosie Badazz – “You Know How That Go”

Lafayette and Baton Rouge come together on Yung Juko’s slapping new single, “You Know How That Go” Ft. Boosie Badazz. Juko’s melodic, sing-song rhyming style offsets Boosie’s down and gritty spitting pattern perfectly in this ‘straight for the streets’ hood narrative. Video was shot by Chuck StarFilms.

Yung Juko first burst on to the scene a few years ago with his street smash, “Trust Nobody”, which went on the garner over 5M views. He followed that up with “Learn From the Streets” which drew another 1.5M. Juko has been quiet for a minute, or so we thought, but in truth he’s just been in that lab cooking up bangers. You know how that go…….

#NewMixtape @Official_Juko YNFA (Ya Next Favorite Artist)

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After a whirlwind year spent recording, shooting videos and hitting the road for radio promo with Bigga Rankin, Yung Juko unleashed his debut project, “YNFA (Ya Next Favorite Artist)” on the front page of My Mixtapez. Hosted by Bigga Rankin himself, who recently came on board as a co-manager, this project is eight solid, no-feature tracks of Juko’s signature rap-ish R&B that will keep ya head nodding from start to finish.

Featured are hits, “Trust Nobody”, “Learn From The Streets” and the soulful “Pray For Me” which combined, have garnered Juko close to 3.5 million views on YouTube. “Trust Nobody” also had the good grace to chart on two Billboard charts, hitting the Top 5 on both.

Be sure to look for the kid if you are out and about at SXSW next month and until then, give “YNFA” a spin or two. It will definitely be time well spent. Listen to the project below.

#NewAudio @Official_Juko How That Go

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Yung Juko drops one more single before the release of his debut project, “Y.N.F.A. (Your Next Favorite Artist)” which Bigga Rankin graciously offered to host. The two have spent weeks on the road together doing street and radio promo and killing it everywhere they go. Juko’s YouTube views now stand at over three million views and his Spotify game is on point with a good number of those streams coming from overseas. Catch on to Yung Juko‘s latest single “How That Go” asap.

#NewVideo @Official_Juko Pray For Me


Lafayette singer/songwriter Yung Juko is back with “Pray For Me”, a visual in which he puts all the cards on the table; defying doctors’ predictions that he would never walk, growing up walking differently due to the congenital deformation known as Spina Bifida and the ridicule that came with it, and realizing that he had a talent for overcoming odds which would serve him well as he embarked on an entertainment career.

“Pray For Me” is Juko’s bravest video to date. There are no clever camera angles to hide his disability. In fact, he challenges the haters with his head held high. I can feel the hate / I can see the hate / and the sad thing is, it’s in familiar faces” he sings from the steps of a beautiful local church.

So, is R&B ready to embrace a disabled singer? Well, Juko’s first ever video, “Trust Nobody” has over 2 million views since it’s end of May release and his second, “Learn From The Streets” visual is nearing 300,000 views in just over 2 months. Watch the video below and witness his skills.