International Artist(s): @KingKODFtr – Sixteen Pandas in the Summer. (Panda/Summer Sixteen Remix)

Heavily Underated Rapper KOD (King Of Deception) from Liverpool drops Sixteen Pandas in the Summer, A Remix of Desiigners Panda and Drakes Summer Sixteen Dropping pure rawness with an aggressive style KOD describes his come up as a Rapper in a close nit scene, troubles with dealing with crazy women and his altercations and beefs on the way. Make sure you go and check his other stuff aswell especially MURDEROUS THOUGHTS Ft KOD CTWO & THE SURGEON & His GROUNDWORK FREESTYLE on HDVSN.

I doubt you would find another artist from Liverpool who can quite pull off the style KOD can, so check these tracks out right now.

K.O.D – Sixteen Pandas In The Summer