#NewMusic: @TheRealAliVegas “Building Empires” prod. by @

When “Building Empires” one must be strategic on how one proceeds, as this can lead to success or failure. One must be fearless and at the same time build alliances that will help you successfully “Build Empires” that will stand the test of time.

Enter into the scene Ali Vegas, the savvy Queens emcee has quietly worked on building his legacy in the Hip-Hop game, by not mincing his words and calling it like he sees it! Now Ali Vegas gives us his latest offering “Building Empires” in which he calls on Little Vic to produce the soundtrack of his lyrical assault on the game. From addressing the flaws in the game, to letting the streets know that he’s ready to keep them safe behind the walls of the Ali Vegas empire. Ali’s lyrical tenacity is highlighted by lines like:

“Rappers is looking real B*tch/ but now that I’m back they gotta regain their focus like they was Will Smith/ The wrist sprinkled /fans writing letters to Chris Cringle/They say Veg is a real gift”

Proof positive that Ali’s movement is taking on the mindset of the Selma marches, as he continues to march forward with the intellect of Martin Luther King Jr., but the win at all cost views of Malcolm X.

Ali Vegas is building his empire… are you ready?

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