Augxst – Phases @iamaugxst

Indulge in the emotionally driven song, “Phases”, from Augxst on Soundcloud.

Augxst was born in Worcester, MA in 1998. His time with his biological parents was short as he was put up for adoption and moved to Templeton, a small town outside of Boston with a population just over 7,000 people. Growing up in this small town Augxst was raised around rock and country music but discovered his love for rap and hip hop at fourteen years old. At age seventeen his biological mom died causing a multitude of emotional troubles. This was the beginning of his musical journey. Augxst is heavily influenced by the near by Toronto wave, as well as Skizzy Mars, tupac, blackbear, xxxtentcion and NF. He has found himself in his music, and you can hear it in every word he writes.