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VersaKyle – “Thick’fil-a” (Single)

VersaKyle whose versatile is on the break of reaching listeners on all platforms in a major way. The lyricist, pianist, singer, producer, engineer, writer, & designer who have Puerto Rican and African roots that is determined to change the game. VersaKyle graduated with a major in mass communication and a minor in business marketing with a master’s in business administration. VersaKyle’s college labeled him Campbell University’s “Rock Star” known for his music and turning up the parties as a known Dj on and off campus. VersaKyle is originally from the Bronx, NY, who then transitioned to Newport News (Bad News) Virginia. He is far from your average underground/indie artist and creates bold music that everyone can relate to but can use his catchiness to bring other vibes as well. VersaKyle shows great confidence in his music but has an overall humble and genuine demeanor. His music amongst his peers reflects his desire to “revive music in general”. VersaKyle gives credit to major influences from Artist back in the days to the current Artist whose music carries content and authenticity.

On Cinco De Mayo (May 5th), 2019 VersaKyle dropped his hit single called “Thickfila” produced by, Yung Glizzy that became a catchy sensation in no time! VersaKyle’s creativity, word play, “Chick-Fil-A” punch line references with a fun dance club feel made this a true Anthem Hit. VersaKyle also created “Thick-Fil-A” merch with a unique logo that the artist designed himself which illustrates the women’s thickness represented as the letter “T” along with a unicorn symbol in the middle representing VersaKyle’s unicorn brand. “Thickfila” has been going viral on Instagram & Tiktok followed by his #Thickfilachallenge being done by all demographics, ages, culture & most highlighted the Thick community. VersaKyle’s love for “Chick-Fil-A” definitely shows great evidence that this was a strategic and catchy way to bring the two elements together to musically form a new fun interactive vibe. With several of people on social media doing his #Thickfilachallenge VersaKyle’s impact and influence shows that he is on the right path to greatness!


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