Hope the Rapper – The Coming

New 3-song project by Hope the Rapper delivers inspirational message for the world to hear 

RALEIGH, NC – During these historic times in a nation where anger, fear, and reform are being voiced by millions, a very special artist has heard those voices and has come to help.  His name is Hope, but for this special project he would like to be called Hope the Rapper, and Hope “The Rapper” is here to bring the change America desperately needs.  A strong believer in the teachings of Jesus Christ, Hope speaks of a TRUTH this nation has selectively chosen to forget.  “Isn’t it apparent?” he asked.  “Just look at where we are now…the more America moves away from the TRUTH, the worse we become.  It’s not rocket-science and everyone is to blame for it”.   

Not strictly Christian or Gospel, Hope’s unique style of Hip Hop and Rap teaches a message that is intended to bring the listeners attention back to what really matters – GOD.  But be forewarned, this is not your Sunday morning song with a cup of coffee or something you’ll hear from the church choir before a sermon.  Hope speaks the TRUTH, and his mission is meant to shine the light back on the TRUTH. 

Hope partnered with Producer and co-writer, Michael “The Captain” of Artist Mill International in Raleigh, NC to create the collection known as “Emancipation.” As a new voice that needs to be heard giving a message that needs to be said, “Emancipation” is meant to really make you think.  “We want this to be a conversation starter.  We know this album is going to be the cause of a lot controversy, and we want that to happen because Controversy often is the Catalyst to Conversations about Change”.  Hope said. 

Released earlier this month, the lead single, “The Coming” is an awakening, characterized by smooth flow, creative lyrics, and artistic touches. Hope approaches the bible at a different angle, showing God as an artist.  Be sure to pay special attention to the lyrics Hope uses and his voice volume.   “I speak softly for a purpose,” he said, “I want the listener to focus because what I am saying needs to be heard”. 

“It was a fun song for the Captain and me” Hope laughed. “Don’t hate the player boys and girls, hate the game”. 


The entire “Emancipation” project will be available on all major digital platforms. To listen to Hope the Rapper’s music, please visit: 





“The Coming”