oh2kenzo – actin up @prodztf

oh2kenzo’s “actin up” was made to be very catchy and get the listeners attention right from the hook. With very relatable lyrics discussing the ups and downs of a relationship, the artists use their good vocals and strong delivery to make the listener feel the emotion in the song.

oh2kenzo is a hip-hop duo hailing from Halifax, the east coast of Canada. ZTF, 22 and Laffin, 18, have been collaborating on music for the past 2 years. From hard trap, to melodic upbeat vibes, to R&B, to even pop music, this duo is capable of making a hit. They engineer their own vocals and songs, as well as make most of their beats. Both of these young upcoming artists come from musical backgrounds as both of their fathers grew up playing music. They’ve been surrounded by music their whole lives.