Big Cheeko – “Been Pimpin’”

As he prepares for the release of his new EP with “Block Barry White”, Atlanta’s Big Cheeko gives us a preview of what’s to come as he sets free the video for track two on the project, “Been Pimpin”. This one, along with the rest of the project, is produced by Matic Lee, and shows off the smooth side of the Soul God.

“Block Barry White” came about by my homie & producer Matic Lee. I’m known to have a deep, smooth voice when I rap, and had been recently really into blaxploitation films, so we decided to put it all together in music form”, said Cheeko on how the project came to life.

In the visuals for “Been Pimpin’”, Cheeko carries that larger-than-life persona out to the streets, where we catch up with him pullin’ up on a fine female, where he gets out for some convo and spits that game that gives her no choice but to hop into the ride.

Look out for “Block Barry White” wherever you get your music, on June 19th.

Austin Haze – “Beef For What”

Goldyard’s Austin Haze returns with another solo release, “Beef For What”, fresh off the heels of his most recent, “Ride Home”. Living the motto, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, Haze links with Justin Padron on the production side, who provides an upbeat, syth-based vibe that rains down positivity from the jump.

“This song is about not holding on to shit that gets you down, stresses you out or makes your life worse” Haze said. “If you know you’re above the bullshit and in your own lane, there’s nobody left to beef with” he went on to say.

We all need a reminder sometimes that there are bigger things out there to focus on. Austin Haze does a good job at letting us know that, while at the same time giving us a feel-good track that we can move to.

Stay tuned for plenty more on the solo front, as the Atlanta artist is only getting started!

Salma Slims – “AKA Salma Banks”

Once Salma Slims got her chance, she hit the runway, took off and never looked back! Her new video “AKA Salma Banks” is a clear representation of that, as it features the Atlanta rapper in full boss mode. There’s no need to sound the horn or ring the alarm for her either, because she’s letting the world know, “from the hood to the suburbs”, exactly who she is, what she does and how she does it.

With her prowess locked in, Slims puts an emphasis on being the baddest, and director Dalia Dias captures her extreme self-empowerment and confidence as she shows off her drip. Don’t put her in a one-dimensional box either, because not only is she supermodel material, but her flow is damn near flawless here, which only helps solidify her as an individual in a game full of carbon copies.

For Salma this is the ultimate case of putting her money where her mouth is and cashing in, because the next time you mention her name, you’ll be sure not to forget to add the Banks!

Flee – “Ooo Wit Da Left”

Coming off of the success of his latest drop, “Grimey”, GhostGang’s Flee looks to keep things moving with his latest single, “Ooo Wit Da Left”.

The Queens native hits his “James Harden, Euro-step” in the smoothest manner, over a subtle backdrop, as he weaves through the paint with a braggadocios flow in-tow. Putting everyone in check, he gives us a mental preview of what he’s holding in his closet, from Valentino to Margiela, it’s nothing but high-end, designer fashion. Dressed for the part, his player personality shines through as he lets the ladies know exactly what time it is.

It’s evident Flee has no plans to slow down, not only putting his name in the ring for NYC’s best, he’s aiming bigger with each release and has the game looking back at him as next up.

Boaz – “Ain’t No Way”

Coming off the success of his new album “Hope Dealer”, Pittsburgh artist Boaz returns with his latest video off the project, “Ain’t No Way”. A visually artistic piece, the veteran emcee keeps it solo, letting his wordplay be the forefront for the stand out track.

With his motivation intact and a piano-driven backdrop, Boaz lets it be known that he will not be forgotten, and no matter the circumstance, he’ll always overcome them to make his name ring bells forever. With plenty of stripes earned in the game, he proves here he still has a lot more room to add to an already impressive career.

Austin Haze – “Ride Home”

Atlanta artist Austin Haze breaks free from his group Goldyard for a solo effort that finds him taking a “Ride Home” down the infamous highway 85. Lost in his mind, his thoughts take a backseat and come to life thanks to the help of director Renn Brown, as he heads further down the road.

“The song came to me on a long car ride home, back to ATL with my girl getting on me about texting and driving while in traffic”, Haze went on to say, “the video represents me fading off into my thoughts while driving and seeing how those play out.”

Haze shows his diversity on this one, stepping away from putting in bar work, to harmonizing over a synth-wave sound provided by producer Justin Padron. Look for this to lead to a solo project later in the year.

Flee – “Grimey”

Queens, New York artist Flee jumps into R&B mode and puts all females on notice in his latest single & video, “Grimey”. Linking with Texas producer Wiardon, he preaches the exact reasons why you can’t be his girl in the smoothest way possible.

The song’s chorus tells the tale with Flee stating, “Grimey, you did me grimey, Gucci snake cap, you slimy”, which leads us further down a story of deceit, gold-digging, and social media mishaps, giving him all the more reason to make the track. The GhostGang representative also makes it clear where he’s from with NYC lingo like, “I can’t cuff you, you treesh. I don’t love you, capeesh!”, then caps things off with what’s sure to be the infamous moment of the track by saying, “I just did that swaggy, I feel like Diddy!”.

Consider this an anthem for everyone that’s been done dirty in the past and if you haven’t, take this as a lesson to keep away from the “Grimey” ones.


After taking a hiatus in 2019, with the exception of his feature on Logic’s “OCD”, Private Club/Rostrum artist DWN2EARTH is making up for it in 2020 in a big way. Coming off his recently released single “Ice On Me”, he looks to take us higher with his new song/video, “MOONROCK”.

You hate to use the word vibe over and over again when describing someone’s music, but that’s exactly what EARTH provides, and this one doesn’t fall short. Backed by a catchy pack of synths that sound like they’re fresh out of a video game, the Atlanta native cuts figure 8’s over top that all-but beg you to nod your head throughout. You’d be hard-pressed not to light one up and join him on another planet from the start, and by the time you get there, you’ve probably already put this on repeat for another go-round.

While we’ve come to know EARTH’s creations to be his own, we don’t always know what to expect, which in his case, is a great thing. Not only does he always deliver, but he does it in a way that progressively moves music forward. With his high falsetto pitch and other-worldly sound, DWN2EARTH’s future in the industry certainly holds its place as the MOONROCK among a pack of bright, young stars.

DWN2EARTH – “Ice On Me”

The mystifying DWN2EARTH returns, fresh off of his feature on Logic’s recent single “OCD”, with that new freezer he’s calling “Ice On Me”. Carried by his soothing falsetto tone, backed by deep 808’s throughout, DWN glides over his own production, which has an infectious melody of its own. With the intentional over-saturated statements of drip and the ability to play the part of Mr. Steal Your Girl, the Atlanta artist is in go-mode from the jump.

He continues to do a great job at making it impossible not to catch a vibe every time he blesses us with his work. He’s also attached his own trippy visual to this one that definitely helps create a space that makes you feel like you’re inside the music as you watch.

While DWN2EARTH remains a bit of an enigma, his creative nature speaks for itself, giving his fan base just enough to hold them over until the next go-around.

Caleb Brown – “Moment”

21-year-old Baton Rouge native Caleb Brown’s patience is about to pay off, as his “Moment” has finally come to the forefront of everything he’s been working towards. Backed by his DJ Khalil produced track, Brown’s latest single is brought to life with the help of GT Films behind the lens of his new video.

“I feel like I finally got my moment” is more than a statement by the Rostrum Records emcee, it’s the overall theme of the way he carries himself throughout the song, and you don’t need to look any further than the video for evidence of that.

Set up in a mansion he could only dream about as a kid, Caleb brings his family together to break bread and make memories, while they enjoy the finer side of life. He also takes time to reflect on what it would be like to have a conversation with Nipsey Hussle, calls out some politicians who did more harm than good, and drops his Caddy top for a ride with a fine female companion.

While Caleb Brown’s dreams of making it have arrived, he’s merely halfway up the mountain, with a promising climb to the top ahead.