KAIZER – Bleed @kaizeratl

KAIZER’s “Bleed”is a music video inspired by classics of the horror film genre such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and A Nightmare on Elm Street. In ‘Bleed’, KAIZER plays the part of a tormented soul, struggling to escape from a haunting past.

KAIZER is a recording artist, producer, and creative mind intent on disrupting the status quo by pushing the boundaries of music and art to their furthest limits. Born in South Africa, KAIZER moved to Atlanta at a young age, where he witnessed the impact of southern hip-hop and trap on popular culture. Inspired by the avant-garde, KAIZER’s music is a stylish blend of genres designed to both captivate and challenge his audience. His latest work titled ‘The King of Bones’ was released on February 29, 2020.

Manny Marzz – Another Day @iammannymarzz

“Another Day” is the first single released from Manny Marzz’ EP, “I’ve Been Better”. Now, an official video backs said release and it is officially available below on YouTube.

Manny Marzz is a young artist from Maryland with a unique spacey and ambient sound that sets you in a mood where all u want to do is relax and enjoy life. Started making sounds in 2017 and is still on his journey to success within the music industry.

∞ŁINK7*† – 505 @oftheh20

∞ŁINK7*† (INFINITY LINK SEVENTH STAR CROSS) is the link between time and space; a hero amongst the people. Fall entranced by the subtle, chilled sounds of “505” on Spotify.

Ev♢ – Delete @evsorrow

Ev♢ is a visionary and will never fail to evolve. Ev is evanescent, so enjoy it while you still can. Here’s the latest drop, “Delete”, a song revolving around the emotion of moving forward and letting the past be deleted.

Nash Nation – Calm Down @Uknomania @Nashnation

“Calm Down” is a gritty hip-hop record from the streets of New York. The song has received amazing feedback from reaction channels and everyday people from different walks of life. Nash Nation and U’Kno Tha Don are bridging the gap from everyone else’s musical offerings.

Nash Nation is a hip-hop artist originally from New Jersey and U’Kno Tha Don from Brooklyn, NY. The blending of different styles collectively makes a match made for history. This is just the beginning…

Breezo Finesse – Pressure @speakerblast508

Music video for the song “Pressure” by Breezo Finesse, TeoGang Kobe, & J. Rose apply major “Pressure” in their joint release visual. The song highlights some of the struggles growing up in Massachusetts and how they relate to most cities around the world.

Growing up in the small poverty stricken once famed whaling community of New Bedford, Massachusetts wasn’t easy! Breezo overcame adversity by teaching himself to make beats and then writing vocals over them. In doing so it kept him away from the streets and out of trouble. The “Pressure” artist produced his first beat on an app on his Sony Erickson flip phone and wrote his first song to it in 2009 at just eleven years old. He was living in Norfolk, Virginia at the time due to his mother moving the family for work. Taking an immediate interest in creating his own beats and songs, Breezo sensationalized the idea of being a superstar. He then continued writing songs and making beats.

Growing up he had a very vivid imagination often acting as a radio personality or performing in his room for an audience of 3,567 hangers and miscellaneous items on the floor and in the closet. He recorded his first song in a professional studio in 2011 at thirteen years old. Two years later at fifteen together he and his older brother put together their own home recording studio, which has been renovated over time. Some of Breezo’s greatest musical influences are Ace Hood, Gucci Mane, Mike Jones, Meek Mill, Drake, J. Cole, Nas, Speaker Knockerz, Lex Luger, and more. He models his career after Speaker Knockerz due to the similarity of them producing for various artists as well as producing and engineering their own music as well. He has done a number of shows around Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York City (Brooklyn). Breezo opened for Lil TJay at Club 4 Play in Providence, RI and Montana of 300 at the Middle East Restaurant and night club in Cambridge, MA.

Breezo has worked as a pizza delivery driver for a local pizza shop named G&S Pizza, as well as a New England based franchise named Papa Gino’s. As well as working as a Personal Care Attendant for his Maternal Grandmother before her passing in 2017. Breezo currently works as a part time Tech in the operations department of Gillette Stadium home of the New England Patriots of the National Football League, and the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer. Breezo’s family doesn’t come from a long line of generational wealth however, he does derive from an extremely hard working and talented family and he intends to use those genes to bring financial freedom and eliminate the hardships for generations after him going for their dreams and becoming successful.

Augxst – Phases @iamaugxst

Indulge in the emotionally driven song, “Phases”, from Augxst on Soundcloud.

Augxst was born in Worcester, MA in 1998. His time with his biological parents was short as he was put up for adoption and moved to Templeton, a small town outside of Boston with a population just over 7,000 people. Growing up in this small town Augxst was raised around rock and country music but discovered his love for rap and hip hop at fourteen years old. At age seventeen his biological mom died causing a multitude of emotional troubles. This was the beginning of his musical journey. Augxst is heavily influenced by the near by Toronto wave, as well as Skizzy Mars, tupac, blackbear, xxxtentcion and NF. He has found himself in his music, and you can hear it in every word he writes.

Prodbysia – Monday Evening @prodbysia

Prodbysia & SIAYUH’s “Monday Evening” is a wavy melodic trap about life’s luxuries featuring Cuu Josama.

Messiah Sherard aka Siayuh & Prodbysia are producer & artist born and based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 2017 in his last year of high school, he was inspired by the eccentric & eclectic styles of Death Grips & Flying Lotus that he decided to give producing a shot & it stuck ever since. Since then he has collaborated heavily with the local scene with acts such as Dragonfly Cutter, Young Dutch, Budi, Josama and many more. Late fall 2019 and early 2020 is when he decided to start officially rapping a long with producing to further enrich his artistry even more.

ERN&COMPANY – Still Alive @ernandcompany

“Still Alive” is an interesting gaze into the musical mind of of ERN&COMPANY. Assisted with vocals by the lovely Akenya Seymour (known for her work Chance the rapper, Noname, etc. Laced with smooth flows and a unique style with production to match the vocals. It is quite catchy off the first listen. Really good work developing a unique side to this.

ERN&COMPANY formally known as ErnCobain is a rising artist in Chicago and has been reinvented and reintroduced. ERN has been featured in every lyrical lemonade cypher to date and has an extensive catalogue with one of the best and most well known producers in Chicago, C-Sick. He is currently releasing music every week gearing up for his debut album, fully produced by C-Sick named Company Policy.

Gxnuine – U Was The 1 @iamgxnuine

“U Was The 1”, a single from Gxnuine, has released is touching on the thoughts of past relationships. While having gone through horrible breakups, rough childhood, no money to barely being able to eat some nights Gxnuine is still able to see the brighter side of things. He has a taste of sad NBA youngboy mixed with J.I prince of new york. This piece of work he created is only 1.45 minutes long. Gxnuine believes that leaving songs short gives an opportunity in the future to possibly go back to that song and add a feature or leaving it short creates a want for more.

Gxnuine or Ty Gxnuine has been steadily focusing on his music career. While still learning the importance of vocals, engineering, mixing, mastering etc. However he is still attracting some attention and putting out quality songs. He recently released a song featuring Famous Dex which has gained over 15,000 views while it only being on his SoundCloud, although Gxnuine only having a short verse on it, the style an flow carried well matching Famous Dex. Gxnuine also has an upcoming release with TommyIce who is also having a break out year! The work ethic of Gxnuine has carried him to where he is at today. Long nights studying music theory, understanding rhythms and flows is transpiring him into a full blown artist. Ty Gxnuine might not constantly release music and the reason behind that being his creative process being so vast. Gxnuine truly loves his supporters an genuinely loves to see the people around him succeed. From long nights in the studios in NYC to long nights in his room in a tiny town in Vermont no one knows about, Gxnuine is just a kid with a passion.