MGM MIKE MIKE – Stupid Genius

Recently Gulf coast rapper MGM MIKE MIKE dropped his project, Stupid Genius. 

Emerging from a wide open Hip-Hop scene rapper, MGM MIKE MIKE has broken through with a new take on what’s going on in the world today .

Having made appearances on Shade45 via Kay-Slay and the Mississippi Gulf Coast Radio – 94.5, MGM MIKE MIKE is prepping for interviews to take things to the next level. 

With his family being from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the Mississippi area, MGM MIKE MIKE has roots in the South that run as deep as his music.

“I spent the majority of my life in Mississippi which is different because of racism and just being at the bottom of nearly every statistical category such as education, obesity, teenage pregnancy, wages, etc. So anyone who makes it out, I feel like owes back to tell their story to help the up and coming youngsters make it out,” MGM MIKE MIKE said. “My brother set me up with a producer named Heartbeatz, out of Hattiesburg during a time that I was put in the middle of some BS. And I made my first song called Takeover, I created No Sleep Gang (NSG) And the rest is history!” 

Inspired by the late Nipsey Hussle, MGM MIKE MIKE maintains a constant connection to the streets. 

“I used the oxymoron just, based on who I am, for example, Malcom X is a stupid genius. Genius in so many ways. Speaking. Leading. Inspiring. But then the same person still put himself in a situation that allowed people to kill him.  Nipsey Hussle is another example,” he said. “NinoBrown305 gives his reality of the streets on two different songs on the project.

Combining the efforts of different producers like Heartbeatz, First Class Rossy, C-Sick, Richie Hardo, NFL Bigg Boy, Burns Beats and more, MGM MIKE MIKE says this is, “timeless music.” Combined with the efforts and work of well known manager and music businessman Smit BDM CEO, MGM MIK MIKE is creating timeless music that will reach the masses. 

New Music: Phyzikal Da King – “44 Shoot” | @PhyzikalDaKing

Fort Wayne, Indiana lyricist Phyzikal Da King is an artist of the people. His brand of rap balances the gritty realities of street life, from which he came, with a conscious narrative that highlights the ugly realities of systemic oppression in urban America. While the midwestern MC is definitively in a lane all his own, and you can hear it on this new record “44 Shoot.”

@Rockstarrodie – “Rockstar”

Recently Rockstar Rodie released the audio for his critically acclaimed and aptly titled track, “Rockstar.” 

The track traces Rockstar Rodie‘s past experiences on the road after having been on sold out tours with popular artists like Future, Kevin Gates and Chief Keef to name a few.

“Shout out to Future, he let me come rock out on his tour, I’ve been on tour with Kevin Gates, I was on the Chief Keef tour and I even did a solo tour last year,” Rockstar Rodie said. “I want everyone to know about the music that is out now, so I want people to check out the songs with Future that’s got 4 million views, Kevin Gates, OT Genasis and I got songs with a bunch of up-and-coming artists in Chicago. I got tracks with Money Man and a bunch of others, I’ve been putting in the work and I got the co-signs.”

Shunning any comparisons to rappers in Chicago and rappers in general, Rockstar Rodie believes his music is beyond the scope of what typical rappers are putting out. 

“I don’t even follow up in the rapper category, much respect to all the artists from Chicago but I’m a rock star. I don’t pay attention to any of the beef these cats are involved in, I’m more focused on the positive vibes and the music,” Rockstar Rodie explained. 

“Please don’t call me a rapper / I am more like a rockstar,” he raps in his lyrics of “Rocksta,r” echoing his thoughts of not wanting to be called a rapper. 

Rockstar is a feel good record a record that’s meant to motivate or even uplift whoever listens to it. The Rockstar record is produced by Ronny, he does beats for the stars and he’s worked from Keyshia Cole to Drake to 2Chainz so I was really happy to do an album with him – he co-produced this one,” Rodie said.

The new music comes on the heels of Rockstar Rodie undergoing a name change, to refresh his movement and brand.

“I changed my name from Joe Rodeo to Rockstar Rodie, I just felt it was time for a change, I had been doing music under that name for a while and I felt like this was more of an artist’s name,” Rockstar Rodie said. “I think the visuals are going to put a fresh face on it because everyone is trying to figure out what’s up with the song.”

Rockstar Rodie‘s “Rockstar is a release from Synergy Jaz Records and will be featured on his Rockstar Status album. 

Tyler J – “Revelation”

Marlin, TX native Tyler J had always struggled with depression and alcoholism, but it was the loss of his biggest fan, his father, that  came close to making him lose all hope. In fact, Tyler gave up on music altogether at one point.

“I lost my dad in August. He was my biggest fan.” Tyler says. “He always supported me from day one. Even though he wasn’t a fan of rap, I always felt like he was a fan of me.”

It was his faith though that guided him through the darkness, and inspired him to make this project, “Revelation”, forcing him to stay focused, both for himself and his dad.

With the support of some musical homies like Devin the Dude and Kirko Bangz, “Revelation” came together.

“I always struggled with balancing my faith and music.” He explains. “I would be doing really well, but then I would fall victim to the industry to the point where I felt like I needed to step away for good. When my dad passed away it got worse but my faith once again got me through it. I felt like it was the perfect time to tell my story and I feel like I did that on this album.”

Peep the Devin the Dude assisted video to “Everything’s Ok” and check out the full project here.

Arabb Redd – “Play It Safe” Ft. Chucky Trill

Today Texas rapper Arabb Redd releases his new video for the song, “Play It Safe” ft Chucky Trill. The track is produced by B Don And G Luck of G and B production and the video was directed by DJ Films Productions.
In the video, Arabb Redd is faced with the dilemma of whether or not to cut off a business partner that is potentially jeopardizing the whole movement. Inhaling heavy smoke and flipping his words while being surrounded by his constituents that offer advice Arabb Redd delivers an introspective visual for the ages.
After getting his start with friends in the 9th grade when his friend’s dad built a studio, a passion and desire to make music was born in Arabb Redd that still continues to this day.
“Back then life really hit me from adolescence to adulthood. I could be having a horrible day and this music really helped me calm down. When I started I didn’t take it as seriously and was trying to deal with life issues and going back and forth. Then a few years ago I really feel like I found what I wanted to do. I really started getting into the business, it made me want to give up at times, but it’s a field where if you don’t know and don’t ask noone will tell you.”
Also being born and raised on the Northside of Houston, Arabb Redd was inspired to take rap seriously after seeing one of his childhood favorites J-Dawg rap live in the studio.
“The first time I heard him rap, I was like, this is what I want to do. The way he was expressing himself it sent chills up my spine and we kind of just played with it and it always stuck with me,” he said.
For Arabb Redd, music goes well beyond wanting to be a rap superstar, its deeper than rap for red after seeing the impact that Nipsey Hussle had on his community.
“It’s kind of like my healing right now, and with each new song and the more I keep recording the deep and deeper I get, the more true I feel to myself. It’s really like a healing for me. Like I can fall in love with it,” Arabb Redd said. “I feel like I’m making the realest type of music – storytelling. It’s like a mood and that’s what I’m going for. I want it to be a vibe that hits home with all my songs and I think if you sit there and listen to it, I think that’s what it does. It’s not just for people who have money, it can touch all the races and people out there no matter who you are.
Going forward fans can look forward to Arabb Redd’s single, “Snitches” coming in July.

Ramel Shakur – “OK”

Recently Ramel Shakur released his new video for the single, “OK.” Based on a true events, this single takes you through the eyes of one of North Carolina’s most promising up-and-coming talents.

With an uncanny ability to flip his words, Ramel Shakur continues with North Carolina’s onslaught of the game after artists like Da Baby and J Cole have recently shed new light on the “Tar Heel State”

“I started rapping with big cuz and it eventually became a passion of mine,” Ramel Shakur said of his passion for rapping. “Its tough trying to make it out of Greensboro, I ain’t gonna lie. It has its pros and cons and the city is just like any place with crabs in a bucket. We could probably be a Mecca of music if we came together, but right now its a little bit separated. Having Da Baby and J Cole’s Dreamville, its really put a spotlight on us here and we have an opportunity to show the world what we got in Carolina.

Ramel Shakur has been through it all when it comes to the music game just like his song “OK” describes. Combining real life in his raps, Ramel Shakur is giving fans a raw take on his life.

Ok is based on true events and I had to take the time and broadcast it. I was just venting when I made it based on a true story, paid $500 like the chorus said. I was expecting one thing and got something totally different,” Ramel Shakur said. “I have a one of a kind sound, I have some R&B, some rap and it’s just a little bit of this and that – it’s just feel good music. I’ve always had some of the R&B sound and now I have a few records that I put together that are really going to take off.

Following up his album Made For This, Ramel looked back and reflected on the project thats really put him on the map the last few years.

“Before I quit my job to do music full time, I wrote the project Made For This. I was trying to get myself together and it was just me trying to figure out what I wanted to do. On top of that I have my series where every Monday I drops a song. Right now I”m on week 152, so we are approaching 3 years of a song every week.

New Video: TD Mr.Fox5 Ft. Amex Alex O & Mike Valli – “Choppa Dance” | @TDMrFox5 @ChefMikeValli @AlexSaddam

Atlanta’s TD. Mr.Fox5 is mostly known for his aggressive presence over hard hitting 808 filled tracks. Though, today fresh off the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, he’s giving his audience a different feel to vibe to when they first step back on the club scene with “Choppa Dance.” The new infectious Luney Tunez-produced track features Amex Alex O and Mike Valli. The music video is shot and directed by MI Visuals.

New Video: GEMINIJYNX Ft. LegendaryRella – “On God” | @GeminiJynX @LegendaryRella

Bronx, New York artist GEMINIJYNX is here to make a statement to his city. Releasing a blazing new visual titled “On God”, the instant kick off makes ears naturally gravitate towards the music. Directed by BOWMUGZ, the vibrant colors draw all eyes to this video, perfect record to put this on blast when at a party or even when cruising down the city streets. The extraterrestrial vibe is the hook, bringing us to another world both through the words and the beats. The eccentric beat feels otherworldly while the lyrics instantly get us wanting more. Rapping about reaching the top and bringing his team with him, this record embodies motivation and tunnel vision to reach great success. This is one you are going to press replay.