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98 Chamberlain – Missed Ya Chance


Currently 23-year old Texas rapper 98 Chamberlain is gearing up for the release of his new project Missed Ya Chance scheduled for release on July 21st, 2021.  The 12-track effort is a reflection of his life having been born and raised in the Oak Cliff of Dallas, Texas.

“This is a reflection of my life over the past year as I transitioned from finishing school and getting that degree I promised my mom. The album talks about the ups and downs of my relationships with women, the pursuit of music while taking a more unorthodox path and some of the challenges that come with being an artist in school in an industry with little representation for people with similar stories. I’m reminding listeners that you can be yourself and still be great.” 98 Chamberlain said in a statement to the press.

98 Chamberlain was brought up around music as a young kid and began taking his own career more seriously in high school.  After high school he continued to make music and while in college he met his On Go Academy crew.

What began as a hotbox freestyle session evolved a lifelong friendship with producer Condo and artist Stunnamansam, two artists he still works with to this day. 

Since that moment in 2017, 98 Chamberlain and Condo have developed an exciting chemistry as an artist/producer team, releasing multiple projects including Sleeper Pick and Wilt.  

Leading into the project, 98 Chamberlain released the first two singles “Wheelchair Jimmy” and “4 The Gang”  which were presented to fans in a double video.

The project which will be distributed by Beat Stars also includes guest production from Yung Icey (credits: Future, etc.) and a feature from Flee (a rapidly-ascending artist from Queens, New York). 


Lexy Panterra – “Booty On Her” Ft. Trina

Today recording artist Lexy Panterra drops “Booty On Her” featuring legendary Florida rapper Trina. Most know Lexy Panterra as a larger-than-life online personality with a loyal fan base of over 9 million followers reaching an impressive 500 million views and 1 billion impressions across platforms, but her music is taking off with a rabid following of supporters and fans.

As an international singer, songwriter, actress and dancer Lexy Panterra collaborated with powerhouses DJ Snake, Major Lazer, Marshmello, Louis Bell, Lil Yachty, Shaun Frank and Prologic to name a few. But now is her time to shine after her singles “Where Do You Go” and “More Than You” both charted on Billboard’s Top 100.


Rolling with the momentum of her supporters, Lexy Panterra‘s “Booty On Her” ft Trina is a certified “Summer baddie anthem” according to Lexy. Featuring an infectious chorus, a catchy drum beat, and hard-hitting verses by Lexy Panterra, aka “Virgin Lex” and the original baddie herself, Trina, the “Diamond Princess,” this song is the perfect mid-Summer release for parties, clubs and kickbacks.


“I got this fire ass record and I was like, this is definitely a song I want to do because of the whole workout booty record thing. Like I am the queen of the booty shaking music so I was like I’m just going to make a record, that is not someone else’s music and that way I get to promote my own music and do my own dance to my own song.  So Booty on Me was born and then I was like, damn I need a feature,” Lexy Panterra explained. 

The song was produced by Matt Nadler and Dutra of Murda Beatz and will be accompanied with an official video set for release August 27. The visual, which was filmed in Miami and brings an energy unmatched by most videos on the market, shows Lexy Panterra and Trina being Summer Baddies with a beautiful Miami backdrop. 

“I hit up my booking agent Dolla and he knew Trina. He was like, she would be really dope on that record. So that’s when we did the collaboration. I went to Miami, shot the music video, met her and all that and it was great, became really cool and I’m going to see her again in Miami this month, which I am excited about to promote the record a bit. I came up with the idea for a music video and we just got it done and then Maxim came around and I was like, I want her on the cover because I want to push this record so I want to make sure that she is on the cover with me.”

In addition to “Booty on Me” ft. Trina, on (July 23rd)  she will perform at Summer Unlocked festival in LA, which will serve as the kick off to a string of performances that will carry her through the remainder of the year, including a tour with the rap legend Trina herself in October.


The single comes to us off of her long-awaited album which is set to release at the year’s end titled Money, Sex And Love Songs.


The album will display Lexy’s versatility as a true musician, including a mix of hits from “Virgin Lex,” Lexy Panterra’s fun and care-free alter ego, who is responsible for the more upbeat, fun, Hip-Hop songs, as well as ballads from Lexy Panterra herself. Displaying her chops as a singer in acoustic form, a side not enough people know about her yet, Lexy Panterra is eager for fans to hear more of her music. 


In addition to music, Lexy Panterra has immersed herself in the world of podcasting with her podcast called, Baddie Vibes. 


“We talk about everything from relationship to business moves. I mean, just gossip, everything you know. We just conversate and if you are interested in my brand, you know, that is something to look into and as to what makes a baddie and a hot girl and a boss and all that, all those good things. I think and talk about a lot of relationship topics because I write a lot of music about my like relationships, it is usually based on that. And you will find some juicy stuff I come out with, I think I have interesting topics on relationships” Lexy Panterra said. 



Nickoe – “Crack Babies”

Today Mississippi artist Nickoe delivers his new poignant single, “Crack Babies.” The new single has been resonating with his fans across the South as the visual showcases Nickoe’s cool demeanor and laid back flow while also showing the trials and tribulations of hustling. 
Singing and rapping at the same time, Nickoe is pictured posted up with his hood, on the porch, in back alleys and he even showcases his acting talents in a few scenes. 
“The single that I’m running with now is called Crack Babies, I dropped a video probably a month ago, it’s doing pretty good on YouTube with the views. It’s a single that’s just expressing coming up in the neighborhood where I’m from. If you listen to the song, you would probably get a better understanding of what I’m saying.  It’s the reality of stuff going on in Mississippi,” Nickoe said. “Most of the time the music is just how I’m feeling, so I guess I make music for myself but I know there are certain types of songs that fans want to hear. It’s just different styles of songs. I might make something for the clubs, or more for just riding, it just depends on what selection of the beat I have at the time. If it makes me feel some kind of way, or I get some ideas from some beats I just try to come up with something I know people will like.
Representing West Jackson specifically, Nickoe was originally a football prodigy at Mississippi State taking the field with a countless number of players that made it to the league including Dallas Cowboys QB, Dak Prescott. But ever since an ACL injury changed Nickoe’s trajectory, he’s been all in on music, focusing on feeding his soul with music that resonates with his peers and fans and that draws on his influences from artists in the 90s and early 2000s like the Hot Boys, Master P,  UGK and Three 6 Mafia.
“I got a pretty loyal fan base around here, I really don’t know how far it spreads, but it’s spreading now, it’s working itself. But I’m always interacting with them, they’re pretty supportive,” Nickoe explained. “We’re getting picked up on a lot of shows lately because we just started back putting out a lot of music, and putting it back in everybody face so yeah we’re getting booked a lot, and a lot of features; a lot of appearances and stuff.” 
Focusing on reality music, Nickoe has an uncanny ability to tap into what he knows the fans will love. Rapping about what’s going on in his city, Nickoe paints a picture with his lyrics that his fans in Jackson and well beyond can relate to personally. 

“The reality of the music is what the fans like.  I guess I rap about what’s really going on in life, what’s going on in my life and around me, what’s going around in the city and where I’m from, you know, it’s just the reality,” Nickoe explained. “It’s probably like every other neighborhood with poverty and every other hood, it’s just the same; crime, you got to stay out of the way. The good and bad came with it,  just neighborhood stuff.” 



Kavan – “Alright”

Today critically acclaimed photographer, videographer and imaginative visual director Kavan also known as Kavan the Kid has delivered the new music video for his song, “Alright.”

The cryptic visual pictures Kavan on a flight gone wrong in a somewhat dystopian and hellish visual that not only shows Kavan’s creativity as an artist, but also his immense capabilities as both a visual director and editor.

“Essentially the main reason I always wanted to do a plane crash is because I don’t really have any fears in life besides that. That’s the one way I don’t want to leave this earth. So I was thinking, why not put it in the video? I wanted to show that element of it and I love the idea of seeing the terror in people’s faces,” Kavan joked. “Cause you don’t know how people would respond in that situation. When the demon arrives, the premise behind it is that she’s essentially the person who’s taking me to hell. And she’ll also have a recurring role throughout like multiple videos.”

Using CGI and other visual mesmerizing effects Kavan new “Alright” visual sets him apart from the typical rap videos you see on a day to day basis. 

“This project is going to be a seven track EP when it’s done. And every video ties into the last one, it’s just going to be one long movie if you watched it straight through,” Kavan explained. “So each video is a direct sequel to the one before. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean the lyrics will always be like that. The first three songs all tie in before they become more individually focused, more just stand alone songs, but the narrative is still constructed through the visuals.”

When asked if this hellish and cryptic visual is something that lauds or promotes devil worship, Kavan explained that the visual is more about how darkness is prevalent in life. He believes in positive motives and ideals and does not promote evil in any way, but also doesn’t want to shy away from the fact evil is so prevalent in our world. In the project he explains the visuals will cover both positive and terrifying moments. 

“If anything it’d be the other way around. I don’t support that. I don’t mind playing into the imagery because of the aspect of, if something that has always felt so prevalent in my life. I always feel like darkness is right next to me or something, right next to me, but it doesn’t mean I want to be that or anything, if anything, I resent it, but like I can’t get rid of it,” Kavan explained.


New Video: Chino Nino Brown – “Big Dawg” | @ChinoNinoBrown

South Carolina rapper Chino Nino Brown releases a music video for his new single Big Dawg.” Directed by Visionary Art Group. Watch below via YouTube.


New Video: Kevo Sabe – “Target” | @KevoSabe

Louisiana native Kevo Sabe releases his new visual titled “Target.” Watch the SS Filmz-directed video below and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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Jimmy Bolt – “Yacks On Me”


Jimmy Bolt - "Yacks On Me"
Jimmy Bolt – “Yacks On Me”

Today H-Town rapper Jimmy Bolt drops the visual for his new track “Yacks On Me,” a title which is a play on the phrase “racks on me.” Continuing with his theme of incorporating “y” in everything he says, Jimmy Bolt delivers “Yacks On Me” ahead of his new album set to drop July 30th. In the visual Jimmy Bolt can be seen riding in a Ferrari, flashing money and smoking out with a host of sexy ladies.

The single itself is already picking up on the club and party scenes as day parties and Summer vibes are in full swing in the Lonestar state and regional DJ’s have picked up on the record adding it to rotation.

“We got the y’s again, it’s y’s forever manm, Yacks On Me is dropping July 2nd! It’s a smash, it’s a hit and this whole song just tells me and just tells the whole world that the yacks in me, but it is also on me too. You know what I am saying? So, it is super pressure,” Jimmy Bolt explained. “We just shot the video out Houston, fuckin Ferrari, downtown, bad bitches of course and driving that Ferarri. We got a house like a live ass mansion. We had a drone pilot, I have never seen a guy, fly drones, so crazy and fast.”

Raised in a musical family, Jimmy Bolt is a natural when it comes to creating and visualizing the feel to his music and the industry has taken notice after his collaborations with Lil Keed, SSG Splurge and co-signs from OG Louie the XIII, Rubi Rose, Gunna, Lil Baby, Trippie Redd and more.

“Music was just something that I was always around and heard. My pops was in music, he was a band instructor, so I always heard all types of music from Jazz to Pop, to Rap to Rock. So I’ve always been around it and had an ear for it. Around four or five years ago I just started doing it, so it went up from there”

Following the release of his new single “Yacks On Me,” Jimmy Bolt will be performing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with Rod Wave and Moneybagg Yo for Summerfest at Raising Cane’s River Center in one of Jimmy’s biggest shows to date.

“I have a huge show with Rod Wave and Moneybagg Yo coming up in Louisiana that I’m prepping for and I just spent a few weeks out in LA with my team recording, filming and just vibing out in LA to get the music together, I can’t wait to hit the stage for my fans aka the Yang,” Jimmy Bolt said.

“We call our fans the Yang – not the gang – but Yang. It’s a whole fan club and the whole lit crowd of people that are always gonna tee-up and wear the merch and just catch the full vibe,” Jimmy Bolt said. “Get ready Yang, this is our year, we gonna drop this crazy shit and show y’all something that you’ve never seen before. Real life yock star ish, on Yod.”

In addition to the show and album, Jimmy Bolt is focused on developing several artists that are signed to his Yellowland imprint.

“I’m YEO, I’m the boss, it’s all coming full circle, and it’s time to go crazy. I got my two artists that are harder than a b*tch and we’re gonna start pushing. I’m not here cappin, my shit it is authentic you know, you see it,” he laughed.


New Mixtape: UTG Yoppa – “Dealers N Associates” | @UTGYoppa

South Carolina native UTG Yoppa releases his new album titled DNA (Dealers N Associates). The 13-track project includes guest appearances from Blacc Zacc, Hall of Fame, Hardhead Quak, and Ray Jefe. Listen below via YouTube or on any music platform.


Comrade Chris Launches Groundbreaking NFT Art Gallery In Partnership With Steve Lobel

Today progressive photographer and cutting edge digital media specialist Comrade Chris of @Akashic_Photos is breaking the mold with a one of a kind art gallery.

Shedding light on visual artists and curators, Comrade Chris’s new gallery features a variety of amazing work across the Hip-Hop world. In addition the gallery also has a built in recording studio and cannabis dispensary – the first of its kind ever.

“I have been on the forefront of NFT art and I turned that work into a crypto gallery. The gallery which is a collaboration with Steve Lobel and his partners, has combined the first dispensary, Hip-Hop gallery and recording studio in one location – there’s never been anything like it,” Comrade Chris said.

“Currently I’m working on merchandising art work, doing deals for DMX’s estate, all while being a dad, and executive content managing a boutique. I’m also helping artists get to the next level, so I’m staying busy.”

Asserting that he is one of the best to ever do it when it comes to freelance photography, Comrade Chris spoke about how he has captured some of the biggest moments ever in Hip-Hop.

“I have managed to capture some of the biggest moments in California Hip-Hop in the last four to five years and that includes unreleased pictures from the only concert that Nipsey Hussle headlined before he died,” Comrade Chris said.

Comrade Chris was bred in Houston but resides in Los Angeles California, and built his empire alone after moving to the West Coast without knowing anyone.

“I’m from Houston Texas but I live in Los Angeles. I came to California and I didn’t know anyone but I had some photography skills and I was able to make a career for myself out here,” Chris explained. “I want people to respect the shooter. There’s a whole lot more that goes on behind the artwork than just clicking a button”


New Mixtape: Sensai Doog – “Off The Scale” | @MisterZone4

Springfield, IL native Sensai Doog teams up with Traps-N-Trunks for his new mixtape “Off The Scale.” The 15-track project includes guest features from OBB Yayyie & DoeDoe NBAMG. Stream via Audiomack or on any music platform.