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[Single] @StoopTheRapper ‘Paradise’ ft. L Terrel

You might say Stoop fell into music by accident. After providing vocals for some features in college, the artist quickly discovered his unique niche in the industry. He boasts a varied and versatile musical catalogue, with a specialty in his first love, Hip Hop, but also Pop, R&B and other genres.

It’s been an unquestionably action-packed career so far for Stoop with songs like his ‘All I Do Is Win’ Remix and ‘Tom Brady (Check His PSI)’ garnering over a million views on YouTube, performing highly on digital streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, and being featured on Barstool Sports, NFL Network, and more.

Stoop is also no stranger to obstacles and challenges, and many have been put in front of the artist during his career. Still, he always finds a way to overcome and strive forward, he is a credit to his unmatchable grit, resilience and determination.

Keeping busy, Stoop is also in the midst of producing his own show about his life, ‘Stoop’, that will feature some old fan favorite tracks as well as a multitude of new features. One song the artist looks to specifically showcase is entitled ‘Paradise’, which just dropped on all platforms July 23rd.

Things show no signs of slowing down for the artist, as this year is set to be yet another cornerstone of highlights in his musical career. He can be found on all social media platforms @StoopTheRapper and his albums and singles can be found under Stoop wherever you get your music. If you visit, you’ll even find exclusive freestyles, remixes and covers you can’t get anywhere else.

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[Video] Gringo Gang – ‘Hellpack’ ft Shawn Ham x Spacedad

Check out the newest offering from Indianapolis, IN group Gringo Gang as #33 aka Spacedad and Shawn Ham aka “The Big Shawn” collab with producer Juice Rose on this banger. Creative World Visuals dropped the film and made it a movie. Find this song on all music outlets! Tour coming soon!
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[Video] @Elektrohorse ‘Ride Like A Horse’

We should put “Country” song in quotation marks because this is definitely NOT a traditional Country song by any stretch of the imagination. But riding off the recent successes of Lil Nas X “Old Town Road” and Blanco Brown “The Git Up,” Elektrohorse thought this was the perfect lane for one of his singles. Check out the video for the song below and let us know what you think! (I bet I can guess your reaction.) This is a upbeat cowgirl booty shaking anthem that leaves nothing to the imagination that narrates a long night at a bar. elektrohorse drops a tone loc/ long ranger style vocal that makes everyone want to ride it like a horse. most people will think its very explicit but uts basically a long night of fun.

Produced by @elektrohorse
Mixed by @twandagod


MUBU BUBBLEEYE “Light It Up” Directed By @NoviCinematics

MUBU BUBBLEEYE “Light It Up” Directed By @NoviCinematics

MUBU Bubble Eye is back with another smoking visual this one’s titled ” Light It Up ” off his latest project Kush God Pt. 2 available now via . So peep the new Novi Cinematic presentation, and ‘stay booted up with the East Side of Chiraq’s Kush God on IG @bubbleeye_ and Twitter @_bubbleeye

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[Single] Loyal Lane ‘Fed Fee’

Loyal Lane out of the Mon- Valley area of Pittsburgh, PA has been making his mark in the music industry over the years. Known for his eclectic word play and passionate delivery, that makes you feel every bar. The year of 2020 put everything and everyone on pause, but not Loyal Lane. It gave him time to sharpen his craft and become even more dedicated to his music. Here in 20201 he is releasing his smash single “Fed Fee” produced by Hunndoooe. The two minute song is straight lyrics no hook, packed with punchline after punchline “By myself got dirty with the rock, this is free for all”. This is definitely one that all the hustlers will feel and can relate to; a banger that is set to take the streets by storm.


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[Single] Amir White ‘Cuddy Buddy’

Amir White is here with another studio release, “Cuddy Buddy” , and it is quite alluring! Following his February release of hit single “Maybe” with Universal Music Group, Amir White appears to be setting the bar at a higher level.

Teaming up with producer Sean Cannister out of Pittsburgh, PA to set the mood with a slow and steady tempo, creating an entrancing listening experience. Amir’s melodious voice and charming lyrics brings perfection to the track. This feel good track focuses on how that special person is perfect in ones eyes, how every flaw is loved and accepted. It’s timeless lyrics dives deep into the “new world” of love and sex without the actual spouse title, but with the “Cuddy Buddy” label.

Amir White continues to mature and grow as a stellar artist in the music industry. “Cuddy Buddy” shows that, with this radio ready hit comparative to any independent and/or major label single. Check out “Cuddy Buddy” now on all digital streaming channels as well as

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[Single] Quanie ‘Cut Flip & Move’ ft. Yo Gotti

Washington DC native Quaine AKA Legendary Quaine is back with his new single ‘Cut Flip & Move’ featuring industry great and legendary hip hop artist Yo Gotti.

’Cut Flip & Move’ is that new single we’ve been looking for. A track with a great trap beat that has lots of deep bass drops, super catchy lyrics, and dope punch lines that will have you hitting rewind and replay just to hear it again.

Quaine like many young black men in the trenches has overcome harsh obstacles and many a tumultuous trial and tribulation. But he soon began to see some of the advantages that mental resilience can provide if you remain positive minded and continue working toward your goals and dreams. So be sure to follow Quaine and the SMT brand today!!

LegendaryQuaine · Quaine – Cut Flip & Move Feat. Yo Gotti


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News Spotlight Of The Week

Welcome to Prison Riot Radio

Kwame Teague aka Dutch has been incarcerated for almost 30 years and while ensuring he remained positive and productive despite his circumstances he turned to writing and has over the years become one of America’s favorite authors. Along the way Dutch has aggressively searched for various outlets and platforms that not only allow but eagerly look for those incarcerated individuals whose voice has been stifled and allow them time and space to have their voices heard. Unfortunately, Dutch didn’t find many platforms doing such so he decided to make it his mission to find the right team to create it themselves.

That being said; allow me to introduce you to, Prison Riot Radio. the hottest and largest online platform powered by, ran by and focusing on incarcerated individuals past and present.

Alongside Professor CQuence and Dutch’s wife Jay Rene they launched Prison Riot Radio. A platform all about empowering incarcerated artist and giving a voice to the revolutionaries and those making a change.

Prison Riot Radio is a platform for incarcerated rappers to upload their acapellas and freestyles for free and get their skills in front of music industry reps and Insiders. But the site goes much deeper than that allow an opportunity for artist to learn about copyrighting their music, how to start the music publishing to get their publishing money, how to get their music on Spotify and Beyond. Also offered are fully produced tracks for $25. An artist can have a professional product available to the masses online. Remember all it takes is one hit and when you put your music out there the money is yours. Your album cover can even be done the $10 was top-of-the-line graphics.

For authors there are deals as well. Jay Rene will capture a few chapters free of charge to assist in getting a buzz for your unpublished book. This can even help you get publishing. We can also help produce an audio book for you complete with music and sound effects for $150 per book. For those of you who want their own podcast there is a platform for that as well. There is interviewing available for not only artists and authors but for those that have something to say about the conditions behind the G wall. Prison Riot Radio is the platform for the incarcerated voice. So, let’s use it, support it and share everywhere!!

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Don’t forget to catch the “Dutch” premiering on BET June 2nd, 2021


[Video] Louie Moe ‘Players Anthem’ | @1LouieMoe

Soaring high out of Louisville, Kentucky is none other than female emcee Louie Moe! On Monday (April 12th), the Louisville rhymer dropped off her latest video titled, “Players Anthem” on WorldStar. Garnering such great feedback from her release, the music video accumulated over 1 million views and counting.

Keeping up the female trend… Louie Moe of course taps a female director to bring her record to life. The Shanice Raynell-directed visual does just that — continuing to push forward the significance behind this female empowering anthem. The pro-feministic anthem encourages women to focus on themselves rather than being distracted by outside influences.

In the visual, Louie appears to be having the time of her life as she laughs, dances, and twerks her night away in a hotel surrounded by friends. You can also see scenes of Louie rapping to the camera in a stylish pink two-piece intermixed with scenes of her in Louis Vuitton pajamas. Throughout the record, Louie raps about not tolerating bullsh*t from anyone, particularly men, and quickly cutting them off if “they act funny.”

“You can’t be bae if you ain’t never blow da pistol, shooters get to shoot their shot, they better throw a missile,” she says.

Letting everyone know that she doesn’t mess around and that whoever is brave enough to shoot their shot better come correct.

Born on the West Side of Louisville, Kentucky, Louie Moe comes from a big family with six sisters who were all raised by her mother. At the tender age of 7, Louie began tinkering with music before her passion for the art grew. Listening to the music her uncle shared with her as a kid is one of Louie’s fondest memories. Growing up in the hood, Louie experienced both the pros and cons of it. Despite missing a significant amount of school due to her family’s frequent moves, Louie graduated from high school with honors.

Louie Moe’s musical debut came as her single titled, “First Day Out(Remix). Her first official video for “First Day Out” went viral without any kind of label backing or promotion. This is because Louie stands out from the crowd because she isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. She produces a vibe that is instantly relatable whether it’s upbeat or laid back, bringing more than sex appeal to her records.

Louie has always found music to be a source of healing, and she hopes that her music has the same effect on others. Louie’s motivation for making music is to be a voice that cures others. She wants to curate the go-to music that people can listen to when they need to escape.

Louie writes music that is both entertaining and true to her life and experiences. Her biggest musical influences are NBA Youngboy and Tupac, while her biggest fashion stars are Aaliyah and Rihanna. Louie’s key career goal is to be successful enough to encourage others to follow their dreams the same way that she did. Louie’s brand is known as “Da Army,” and it continues to expand daily.

Louie was most recently featured on Troy Ave’s Troy Ave Volume 1 and is currently promoting her latest single “Player’s Anthem,” which debuted recently on Worldstar. Louie Moe’s self-titled debut project, Louie Moe features a number of standout tracks, including “Player’s Anthem” listen here today!

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MUBU Bubble Eye is back with another fresh visual “Real Talk” where Drill meets heartfelt Bar’s, off his latest project Kush God Pt. 2 available now via . So peep the new visual and ‘stay booted up with the East Side of Chiraq’s Kush God on IG @bubbleeye_ and Twitter @_bubbleeye