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@KunivaD12 x @McVayD12 x MRK SX – My Why

Kuniva and Swifty McVay of D12 recently dropped a joint album titled My Brother’s Keeper. This is the single they dropped off – My Why featuring MRK SX. Be sure to download the album on digital streaming platforms everywhere.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Sentenced to 24 months in jail

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Judge Engelmayer: Mr Hernandez, please rise. It is the judgment of the court you are to serve a term of 24 months in prison, with five years of supervised release. I impose 300 hours of community service when you get out, and a fine of $35,000. Mr Hernandez, the worst part is over. There is a great deal to be admired about you. You’re learned a hard lesson here. I wish you very very well. We are adjourned

Tekashi NOT being released today

Judge Englemayer declared that the rapper would not be getting time served in his case, stating that he needs time to come up with a more suitable sentence for Tekashi.

Transcripts provided by Inner City Press reveal that the judge told Tekashi, “Mr. Hernandez, I’ve given it a lot of close thought, including your cooperation. The following are my thoughts, & this is going to take a little while. You are in custody for 13 months. I agree you deserve a great deal of credit for cooperation. However, I cannot agree with your counsel that time served it appropriate. In my judgment, your conduct is too violent and selfish to make 13 months reasonable. You will not be going free today.”

He added, “For the better part of a year, you were part of a violent gang. So that there is no misunderstanding, here is a specific account of those act. First came Trippy Redd… You decided to shoot at a member of Trippy Redd’s entourage. Jordan fired into the sprinter van, in the Times Square area. It is a matter of sheer luck that an innocent person or people was not wounded or killed.”

New Album: Switzerland by @AudioFeen617

Though short, Champ gets his point across with this project. Switzerland serves as an album for the masses, giving us fun records like “Knock Em Dead” and bold records such as “Lookin At Me”. There’s no doubt that his creative wheels were moving, with the occasional use of autotune and melodies throughout. Being the 4th installment of his destination albums, this one is arguably the stongest.

Album Link: Switzerland

New Music: @Hot_Rapz – Bros For Life

The number #1 song in Rap/Trap & Hip-Hop Music by Hot Rapz – “Bros for Life” will be recieving a Music Video, to honor the fans who have all supported this single, “Bros For Life”.

“Bros For Life” by Hot Rapz featuring Scandlez & Nature, is the number #1 trending Hot Rapz. Heres the long story, short about the new official “Bros for Life” music video, Nature and Hot Rapz filmed in the NYC Bronx Projects & Scandlez filmed his scenes from Boston. LVXL the Producer , who has edited major Music Videos for 10+ years with the Lox members, edited the clips into a great, enjoyable lit & off the chain professional Music Video ! Coming soon this November on the 9th to YouTube, Vevo and more, get real hyped for the official, ” Bros For Life ” the music video, with Hot Rapz, Nature, and Scandlez.