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New Single: “Antidepressants” By RYLEY


RYLEY is an emerging artist who came out of 2020 hot with his first single Private Island (ft.Santez PMMG). His inspirations with the music industry include Juice Wrld, XXXtentacion, The kid Laroi, Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino and so many other rappers who also have the ability to turn rap into a more emotional genre. RYLEY is currently coming out with an expected EP setting to drop this year, but in the meantime get ready for antidepressants, RYLEY is a rapper and pop artist trying to reach those who have been through depression and those going through heartbreak. He is an artist trying to hit the hearts and the feels of people who have experienced the same emotional trauma so enjoy!


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New Single: “Soul Glow” by @SashaDnise

Sasha D’Nise is an Independent artist on the rise. With her success of her most recent released live EP called “The Live Pre-Album”, she is eager to drop more of her music and visuals with the release of her official first Full Album as Sasha D’Nise coming this spring of 2021.
Her first single “Soul Glow” was released May 5, 2021 which is about loving yourself and being confident in who and what you are. “Loving yourself is taking care of yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally, and I hope our young people get the message”, says Sasha D’Nise. Her struggles growing up, battling with self-esteem issues and lack of confidence and seeing this same struggle in other young girls inspired her to write the song.
A $500 award goes to the best “Soul Glow” challenge video that is to be posted on IG and tag Sasha D’Nise. Contest starts May 5th and ends May 23rd. Download Sasha D’Nise.
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New Album: Introducing Carson Cook by @CarsonCook3


Carson Cook is a talented and well spoken songwriter and artist out of Kansas City Missouri.  Recently he has just released his debut album properly titled “Introducing Carson Cook”.  Not only is he a wordsmith but he has substance in his records and conveys a message in each and every one of them.  Check out this ten track project and great body of work from the young artist and follow him on his social media links located underneath that for up to date music news and info on Carson Cook along with his upcoming releases too.



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The History Between A$AP Yams & @YammyGangBeats


We all know the great A$AP Yams and his musical talents but what most forget is in a short span of time how many lives Yams touched and inspired before his untimely demise.  A young A$AP Brandon being one of them, the Rodriguez family used to take care of him and took him in when he moved from Mississauga.  Mama Yamborghini became like a mother to A$AP Brandon and grew him up as one of her own.  Yams acted as a mentor and older brother almost to Brandon and with Yams being so musically talented at a young age, he taught his ways of producing and playing instruments to Brandon and molded him into the producer he is today.  A$AP Yams’ presence was so powerful, his knowledge vast and truly went before his time.. This is just a story to show everyone how impactful Yams was not only to Hip Hop but to his community in general.  Rest In Peace Yams!!


A$AP Brandon’s Social Media Links:
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New Single: “Beautiful End” by @BRI333OFFICIAL



Bri 333 is a fairly new songwriter and singer from the Chicago area and is truly proving her talents along with each one of her single releases.  The newest record being “Beautiful End” which she reflects on a little about duality, sexuality, acceptance, and growth.  Her voice and tremendous work ethic really separate her from the rest.  Check out more about Bri 333 below along with following her on her social media links below that.


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New Video: “WTFU” by @OfficialBee13

Brandon Jones , known professionally as BXIII, is an American singer, songwriter , producer and dancer .
Which composes and arranges his own material to express his artistic view on the many controversial topics of today.  His newest visual release for his record “WTFU” also known as “Save Me” is some memorable visuals and one of his best videos to date.
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New Video: “Speed Ballen” by @Sourmouth100


Pieced together from his live, on air performance where it was first debuted the native Hip-hop/Rap artist, Sourmouth went full Tom Petty in his ridiculously satirical, lyrically offensive, and musically spot on remix to his 1989 Grammy Award Winning hit, Free Fallin’.


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New Music: “Stick Around” Freestyle by @Truesunali (feat. @TommyJefe )

True S.A. also known as True Sun Ali is back with his newest music release which is a freestyle entitled “Stick Around” featuring Tommy Jefe as they both spice up and do their thing on a dope 50 Cent track entitled “Part of The Game”.  Stick Around Freestyle is just the start for True S.A. as far as new music releases go this year, he has a lot in store for his fan base and his career in this industry as a whole.  Check him out and keep an eye out! 

More Music From True.S.A
Instagram : @Truesunali  @Tommy.Jefe
Facebook: @OfficialTSA

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New Video: “Save Me” by @IamJayDay


Jacob Wirth better known in the industry as Jay-Day is an upcoming rapper and singer from Jefferson, Wisconsin.  He is really growing into his own as an artist and true music creative.  He has recently released two very pivotal videos, one for his record entitled “Under The Stars” featuring Marcus Porter and his most recent visual release titled “Save Me”.  Both videos hold tremendous substance and depth and really portray Jay-Day to be the versatile music artist that he is known to be.  Check out both videos and follow Jay-Day on his social media links located underneath that for up to date music news and info on the Wisconsin artist, Jay-Day.



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New Single: “Keeping It G” By @KidK2013

Released today is KidK Official’s newest single entitled “Keeping It G”.

The modern era of music has given way to enigmas and artists of all shapes and forms who break the norm of what we have come to expect as far as what an artist truly is.  Available now on all digital streaming platforms via the link below.
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